Here’s Where To Buy Deep V-Neck Undershirts

During the non-summer months, my undershirt style of choice is the deep v-neck undershirt.

Most of the time I’m wearing a collared casual shirt, where I leave the top one or two buttons undone. Even though I’m not a hairy guy (thanks Mom & Dad!), I still manscape to keep the chest hair trim, and so any exposed hair is fairly minimal.

For more information about manscaping & the best grooming tips, check out these grooming-related articles.

I generally like a deeper v-neck undershirt so it doesn’t show, or shows very little. Stylistically, this is my preference and certainly one shared by many fashion conscious people. Most stylists or fashion consultants would agree that your undershirt should not show.

Now I’m not telling those who wear crew neck undershirt that you’re doing it wrong, because I’m a big believer in individuality and personal preference.

I’m just saying that’s what I do.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

So I’m glad that this reader wrote in with his question about deep v-neck undershirts because now I get to have a central place here on the site that identifies these types of undershirts!

The Question

Hi Tug,

Love your site.

I was hoping you could recommend 2 or 3 high quality brands that have pretty deep v-neck undershirts.

I’ve looked around and many seem to have a minimal drop in the v-neck cut.



Where To Find Deep V-Neck Undershirts

Hey Jason,

Thanks for stopping by my site and sending in your question!

There are a good number of deep v-neck undershirts available, however the immediate ones that come to mind are:

Thompson Tee

Thompson Tee makes unique and effective sweat-blocking deep v-neck undershirts. Underarms have built-in patented Hydro-Shield underarm pads to stop sweat marks and stains from showing through or ruining your outer clothing.

Where to buy: (best selection) | Amazon

Thompson Tee deep v undershirt
Thompson Tee deep v undershirt

For more information about these types of undershirts, please check out my sweat-proof undershirts guide.

Tommy John

Tommy John, a classic, high-quality menswear brand offers a deep v-neck in 3 fabric styles:

  • Second Skin: 90% MicroModal, 10% Spandex. Colors: white, black
  • Cool Cotton: 86% Pima Cotton, 14% Spandex. Colors: white, black
  • Cotton Basics: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex. Colors: white

Where to buy:

tommy john white deep v-neck undershirt
Deep V-neck undershirt (Tommy John)


RibbedTee offers two styles of deep v-neck undershirts.

  • Retro Fit 50/50 & Tri-Blend: Relaxed fit
    • Colors: White, heather grey
  • EVO TENCEL: Fitted
    • Colors: White, tan, heather grey

Where to buy:

tan deep v-neck undershirt
RibbedTee EVO TENCEL Deep V-Neck undershirt


Deep v-neck undershirts made from modal & lycra. Available in white and color they refer to as invisible — which is really beige (tan, nude).

Where to buy:

Underfit deep v-neck undershirt
Underfit deep v-neck

Sloane Men

Sloane Men sells undershirts in several different body-tone colors including sand, scotch, and smoke.

Where to buy:

Deep v-neck from Sloane Men
Sloane Men: Smoke colored undershirt

TASC Performance

Here’s a bamboo (viscose from bamboo trees) deep v-neck undershirt from tasc performance. It’s called their BamBare comfort deep v.

  • Fabric weight: 140gsm
  • Fabric blend: 53% organic cotton / 43% bamboo viscose / 4% elastane
  • Colors: white

Where to buy:

tasc bambare bamboo deep v-neck
tasc BamBare bamboo deep v-neck undershirt


2xist has some pretty deep v-necks — though they call them t-shirts instead of undershirts. That said, they are undershirts.

Where to buy: |

2xist Pima Cotton deep v-neck
2xist Pima Cotton deep v-neck undershirt


C-IN2 calls their deep v-neck undershirt a core v-neck t-shirt.

Where to buy: amazon


Asos sells deep v-neck t-shirts, but they can be worn as undershirts.

Where to buy:

ASOS muscle fit t-shirt. White deep v-neck. Product ID: 1664200

Collected Threads

Boutique undershirt brand Collected Threads has been selling deep v-neck and deep scoop neck undershirts for a very long time. Check them out.

Where to buy:

Collected Threads jT Modal deep v-neck
Collected Threads jT Modal deep v-neck

I’m sure there are others, but those are the ones that come to mind. Does that give you a good starting point? 

Do You Know of Any Deeper V-Neck Undershirts?

If so, tell me/us about it in the comments section below.

Note: I’ve combined the content and prior comments of multiple deep v-neck undershirt articles into this article for historical purposes.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

39 thoughts on “Here’s Where To Buy Deep V-Neck Undershirts”

  1. The ASOS Deep v-T-shirts seem to have disappeared from their website. I’m glad some people managed to find them after I posted about them. Hopefully it’s just temporary but it’s been at least a month now

    • hey jim, yeah ribbedtee is closed atm. but, i have heard some rumors that the undershirt & underwear products may re-emerge under new ownership and brand.

      so, you may want to jump on their waitlist if you haven’t already done so (:

  2. Mrdavis carries a deep v-neck and was one of the only brands I could find that goes up to size XXXL. They also go down to XS.

    They carry four colors: black, white, gray (darker and textured-looking), and tone (which is sort of a light beige). There are two fits: tailored and traditional.

    I got the traditional for my husband and he feels it’s still pretty snug for his preference. That said, it’s an undershirt and he is wearing it like a t-shirt. I guess it’s more clingy than tight – it would probably stay tucked in well. It’s incredibly soft and stretchy, so even with the snug fit he said it is very comfortable. I need to get a few more because he wants to wear it constantly, even to sleep.

    They’re currently $25 each plus $3 shipping, or $22 with free shipping if you subscribe. Apparently free shipping and 11% off if you buy 3. Free shipping also if you spend $49+ or if you include a mask in your (they also have underwear dress socks). Free priority shipping if you spend $99+. That’s all for the US, not sure about elsewhere. They also accept PayPal.

    It took me a while to find this, buy shipping was pretty quick and my hubby is thrilled with how deep the neck goes. He has a broad neck and most v-necks choke him. I hope this helps someone else. :)

    • thanks nicole — yeah, i definitely know about mr. davis and their deep v-neck undershirts. thanks for the reminder.

      i’ll see about adding them to this list (:

    • heya fred, thanks for the update about shirtless undershirts. i’ve just updated the article accordingly.

      have you found any other other deep v-neck undershirts not listed here in this article? if so, let me know about them!

  3. Hello Tug,

    thank you for putting together such nice website. Couple of questions for you:

    my hubby is tall (6’1) and very slim. I am looking for long slim feet deep v-neck. I think he would prefer pure cotton.

    which of these companies would you recommend?

    many thanks

    • heya sabina,

      good to hear from you and thanks for your question!

      my recommendation would be to get a “fitted” deep v-neck undershirt for your hubby, because there really aren’t that many longer deep v-neck undershirts that are unfitted (slim or relaxed fit).

      that said, there are many brands available that are making fitted deep v-neck undershirts, that are also longer cut.

      the main brands (ribbedtee, underfit, tommy john) on my favorites page have fitted deep v-neck undershirts:

      outside of that, you could also checkout collected threads.

      that said, none of the brands above offer a 100% cotton deep v-neck fitted undershirt.

      if you’re looking for 100% cotton, and not some blend of cotton/spandex or other fabric blend, you may want to check out the 100% coolwear supima cotton undershirts from ribbedtee.

      the v-neck on the coolwear supima undershirt is not as deep as the brand’s other deep v-neck undershirts (evo tencel, retro fit), but the v-neck is deep enough to stay hidden with 1-2 buttons undone, depending on the shirt.

      if you’re ok with cotton/spandex or other fabric blends like micromodal, tencel, etc., then any of the brands i just listed above would work for you.

      hope it helps (:

  4. I just ordered 3 ASOS deep V. A little over $10 each, half the price of these others. They shipped from Spain so it took a few weeks and arrived 3 days passed the day they said they would. No tracking number for my order, but they came. I like them and will order 15 more.

    • thanks for that info brad!

      glad you like the asos deep v-neck t-shirts. $10/each is a great price.

      what size did you order, and how long are they from hps (where shoulder meets the collar trim) to the bottom?

      • I ordered size Large. 29″ Their website wouldnt allow me to order more than 10 at a time. This time there is a tracking code. Im guessing this second order took about a week to ship, free shipping, no tax.

      • Hey Tug,

        I’m trying to decide between the ASOS Deep V, Collective Thread’s JT Modal and Ribbed Tee’s Retro Fit V-neck. I said before that I need three buttons open but that’s not really true, two buttons open is all I really need :). I also like a close-to-body fit and long enough that it stays tucked in! I like the pricing of the ASOS, however would you be willing to give an opinion on one of these three?


      • heya ben,

        good to hear from you buddy!

        can you point me to the asos deep v-neck that you’re thinking about, via posting a link here in a reply?

        ribbedtee retro fit is not close body fitting (or fitted), so i would say that’s not the right one for you unless you want to buy a size smaller. the evo tencel from ribbedtee is fitted, and deep v-neck.

        collected threads has always been known for keeping the neckline of the undershirts hidden, so i think that could be a good choice.

        point me to that asos deep v-neck, and i’ll take a closer look (:

      • I own a collected Threads model. It is very clingy and it is very long. I am only 5’7″ and what I do not like is how long it is. So if you are tall this could be the one. IF is a deep neckline. So it will not show with 2 open buttons.

      • heya ben,

        thanks for that info! oh man, that deep v-neck looks like a great option — especially for $10.

        hell, i’d likely try that asos first, and go from there.

        my only nit is that it’s only available in white, and not other neutral colors like grey/heather grey or tone. not sure about the weight either, but i have a suspicion that it’s light enough to wear as an undershirt.

        other than that, i think that asos deep v-neck t-shirt looks good!

        buy it and let me know what you think of it (:

      • Hey Tug,

        I think I’m going to steer clear of Asos shirts, for the time being. I came across another page or your’s indicating that Asos shirts are “short undershirts” which is definitely not what I want. I struggle to keep my undershirts tucked in. That’s one of the reasons I invested in some Under Armour undershirts a few years ago, although they don’t offer a deep v-neck option so I’m not going to re-up with them. Here’s the page where you discuss “short undershirts”. If I’ve misunderstood something please set me straight. Thanks!

      • heya ben,

        that might be true for some asos t-shirts, but that deep v-neck t-shirt looks a bit longer.

        the model is 6’1″, and if you look at where the pant line is in the photo, it does look like the shirt is a bit longer than some of the ones i’ve seen in the past.

        now, i’m not sure how much that shirt will shrink in the wash, but it does have 4% elastane (spandex) so it might not shrink too much.

        anyway, for $10, it couldn’t hurt to try it (:

      • Hey Tug,

        So I went ahead and ordered some of the tight fitted deep v-neck shirts from Asos. I’m wearing one as I write this, for trial purposes. I am 6′ 1″ myself as well. Here are my observations:
        1. The shirt is long enough to stay tucked in.
        2. The v-neck opening is not deep enough to allow for two buttons to be opened on a dress shirt. The collar band on the undershirt is visible, even when fully tucked into pants.

        Long story short, I think I will need to return these and invest in a shirt with a deeper v-neck, perhaps the Collected Threads JT Modal or JT Original. The good news is that Asos seems to offer a solid return policy.

        Please Let me know if you have any thoughts. Thanks!

      • heya ben!

        ok, that’s great information about the deep v-neck from asos.

        man, from the photo you’d think it would be deep enough — but proof is in the pudding.

        thanks so much for sharing your feedback about the asos deep v-neck. keep me posted on the other products you try in this category (:

      • Hey Tug,

        I ordered 3 gray JT Modal shirts from Collected Threads, Inc. today. I’ll post on my opinion of them once they come in.


    • Based on this article and Brad’s reply, and on what I could access in the UK, I ordered some of the ASOS shirts.

      I’m very happy, and grateful, so thought I should ‘pay it forward’ with some feedback…

      At GBP 6 each they were less than half the price of anything else mentioned here that I could find in the UK, and and I got a 15% discount code as a first-time shopped. I ordered 7 to get free delivery, and since returns were free and easy via a local shop I had nothing to lose.

      I ordered on Good Friday and despite it being Easter they turned up three days earlier than scheduled on Easter Monday, which is a public holiday here. I was surprised at how small they were in the package and they are nice and light, quite thin, and soft, much more like an undershirt though they are advertised as a t-shirt.

      I am 6’3″, 210 lbs, 42-44 chest and ordered large. They are a perfect fit.

      Someone mentioned here that the V wasn’t deep enough. I haven’t worn them with an unbuttoned casual shirt yet, but they are plenty deep enough to go under my work polo shirts fully unbuttoned. I only need the V deep enough to not hide my Jerusalem Cross pendant. But the V looks very deep to me. Will update you when I’ve tried them with a ‘going out’ shirt!

      I got black as they were the only colour in stock, but there is also a sage green one that looks very nice. Thanks for the heads up

      • good stuff there steve!

        thanks so much for taking the time to come back here and share your thoughts about the asos deep v-neck lightweight t-shirts!

        sounds like you found a winner, so i’m super happy they worked out for you.

        thanks again (:

  5. Hey Tug,

    I am 6,3 and wear the Macy’s brand Alfani Men’s Underwear, V Neck T Shirt XL … the few I had for awhile are prefect, long which is the most important aspect because I hate re tucking them in because I mainly use them for an undershirt. The good one’s I had were made in Canada, but new ones I got which were made some where else (being nice by not saying where) are to short and they are the same XL.

    Since I use them for undershirts I don’t want to pay a ton … Alfani are around $8.00 a shirt so I can get a pack for around $20.00 some dollars. What brand of under shirt V Neck XL shirt can I get for a solid price and that is not to short?


  6. Tug – I ordered some Tommy John undershirts a couple months ago based on some of the comments I read on your site. These are amazing! I can’t believe how slimming, light, and comfortable the shirts are. I also found that I perspire much less in these undershirts. The fact that they stay tucked in all day is so important to me. I am a professional who wears a dress shirt and tie every day. I have since thrown out all other undershirts. I will never wear anything other than Tommy John undershirts ever again. They are the best!

  7. I wanted to reply to the recent post on this website about a visitors purchasing experience here at Tommy John. Unfortunately, at the time of his purchase, we were not set up for international shipping. We only had US shipping capability> He was correct in that the cost was 5x more to ship a package to Hong Kong. I want to clarify that their were no additional fees added to the shipping quote I responded to him with, it was the actual USPS price.

    Please contact us before your order, if you don’t see your country on our shipping tool and we will make it accessible for your order to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

    On a more positive note, our international demand is increasing and we are adding new countries every week. Tommy John recently released 2 new Vnecks with a deeper V and a new line of underwear at


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