Big Brother UK: Darryn Lyons Six Pack Abs via Contouring Plastic Surgery

Ok, so I know this has nothing to do with undershirts, men’s shapewear, or anything else I normally write about here, but I thought it was worth talking about nonetheless.

This just might be coincidental, but I’ve been curious about this very topic – that is – using plastic surgery to help sculpt your abs.

See, I’ve been working out pretty regularly over the years and although I’ve done a fair job of shaping up parts of my body, other areas like my abs still need a lot of work.

I know I have decent definition underneath my stomach’s body fat because I can feel it, but it’s just been really tough to shed that excess fat on my upper and lower abs, as well as the impossible love handles.

I am thankful I have my slimming/shaping undershirts to help with this on occasion when I want to wear a more fitted overshirt, but man it would be awesome if I just didn’t have to wear them at all!

Darren Lyons invested in Body Contour and became co-director after being so impressed with his ‘fake abs’ surgery

So I’m perusing the news recently, and came across the story about UK Big Brother’s Darryn Lyons’ revealing that he got contouring plastic surgery (assuming some targeted liposuction) to strategically remove the excess fat in certain areas of his stomach and leave him with impressive six-pack (maybe eight-pack) abs.

Here’s a quick excerpt from the article I read:

The pink mohicaned Australian said on the show last week that he reckoned it could become as common place for men as breast augmentation was for women.

This is despite most online viewers of the show calling the look ‘bizarre’, with many saying he looked like he was in fancy dress as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

The £4000 procedure sees fat sucked out of specific areas of the torso to make it look as if the patient has super-toned abdominal muscles without ever hitting the gym.

On Darryn, it makes it look like abs stenciled on a barrel.

I saw a similar surgery several seasons ago on Dr. 90210 (yes, Mrs. Tug made me watch it) but the results weren’t as pronounced as Darryn’s.

With all that said and although it’s interesting, I’m not a big believer in me personally getting cosmetic surgery if I can accomplish the majority of it naturally with diet and exercise.

I’m totally cool with the idea of going under the knife to correct things you can’t fix naturally, but the cost of those kinds of surgeries makes it pretty difficult for someone on my current moderate blogger’s salary.

What do you guys think?

Would you entertain getting this ab-contouring surgery?

Or what do you think about wearing an undershirt that had a six-pack contoured into the front of it?


5 thoughts on “Big Brother UK: Darryn Lyons Six Pack Abs via Contouring Plastic Surgery”

  1. If I could find someone do to it, I would not hesitate. I’m in my 50’s and “manopause” strikes regardless of how much bodybuilding I do. Since certain PED’s are illegal in the US (thanks to our current vice president who is an ignorant, petty, self-centered A-Hole…The Politicians need all the testosterone they can get, maybe they would work for the people instead of against them if they did!)…I have a good body underneath the excess suet so I would not look as extreme as this guy. When you get to my age, you need every trick in the book if you still want to have sex with good looking women, period!…

  2. This was a really fun, informative and exceptional site to accidentally run across. Good work, Tug and you’ve gotten another ‘sticky’ viewer.

    This surgical procedure has great results if you have the body type for it and find an experienced surgeon. For example, I should have asked who drew the picaso pictures in my surgeons office, before allowing her to do my nose job. Oh well, better than what it was, I guess.

    This “Big Brother’s” stomach is too pronounced (although, if the surgey is new he cold siple be swollen. Expect a good year before you’re fully healed) and looks absolutely ridiculous. I’ve seen leaner, smaller guys have it done and while it didn’t look at “etched” … it certainly showed some definition.

    It has promise… that is if you do it with the intent to stick to a workout and diet regime that will not only keep your results, but further them along.

    It isn’t, obviously, a cure all. Then again, fat cells removed with lipo cannot come back — so if you’re determined… it could help further the goals.

    Just saying…. :-)

    For a cartoon character, you’re looking good already… screw the knife or eraser!

    • hey jason, thanks for stopping by and offering up some feedback! i really appreciate it.

      yeah, overall i’ve stayed *reasonably* in shape even though i have not fully committed to a specific diet or 100% regular workout routine. i believe in moderation in all things, so i try to eat reasonably well, work out semi-regularly, and that seems to keep me from blowing up like a balloon. i know if i really put my mind to it, i could trim down 10 lbs pretty quickly.

      the one thing that has always worked for me keeping weight off is eating every 2 hours. i did that for about 1 year, and i dropped a good amount of weight (because i was overweight at that time). i just need to start doing that again.

      anyway, before i would consider going under the knife (or suction tube), i’d want to make sure i put my best foot forward with better eating and more exercise.

  3. The results of this surgery are truly bizarre and look awful. He now appears to be a fat guy with rectus abdominis etched into his belly. Getting lean on your own may not be easy but it isn’t complicated. The answer is always diet and exercise. TUG, don’t even consider this nonsense for a second!

    • no doubt nick. i does look quite strange on darryn. you don’t have to worry about me getting a surgery like that.

      if i really put my mind to it, exercised more often than i do, and watched what i eat a little more carefully, i’m pretty sure i could lean down and get a good amount of definition in my abs.


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