Undershirt For Under T-Shirts (Wide/Deep Crew Neck)

If you’re in search for a wide/deep crew neck undershirt to wear under a t-shirt so the collar of the undershirt doesn’t show through, this reader’s email may be of interest.

Hi Tug,

I’ve recently discovered your site, and for years I’ve been trying to find the perfect undershirt for my needs.

I wear a dress shirt only a handful of times a year. Therefore, 99% of undershirt recommendations are useless to me.

For the times I do wear a dress shirt, I’ll be ordering a Mr Davis skin tone V-neck to try out. But, my daily needs are much different.

My undershirt needs are purely for pit stain management.

I wear T-shirts frequently.

Noting the above, the undershirt I’ve been searching for has the following characteristics:

1. Wide/deep crew neck so that it’s not seen beneath T-shirts with wider crew collars

2. Short sleeves so that they’re invisible beneath T-shirts with shorter sleeves

3. Desirable qualities, such as good feel, proper fit, quality fabric with breathability. But honestly, if I can find something that meets criteria 1 and 2 I’ll be ecstatic.

Can you provide a recommendation or two for me from all your undershirt testing?


Wide/Deep Crew Neck Undershirts

hey michael,

good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your question!

based on the requirements you’ve stated, i’d say your best bets are:

  1. collected threads (link)
  2. shirtless undershirts (link)

outside of that, you may want to visit a site like asos or urban outfitters and look for “scoop neck” or “wide neck” t-shirts (:

that should get you started with some good options!!

Crew Neck Photo Examples

collected threads scoop neck undershirt

Another photo example of crew neck.

diesel white wide crew neck t-shirt from asos

diesel white wide crew neck t-shirt from asos

Michael’s Response

Thanks for the reply!

I’d already ordered some Asos and UnderShirtless, they’re both en route.

Hadn’t heard of Collected Threads, so I love what I’m seeing on the website.

They’re the first brand I’ve see that actually mentions short sleeve length in their undershirt product description!!

I hope I love them as much in person.

Thanks again,

Got Pit Stains?

If you wanna learn more about pit stains, and how to prevent or remove them, make sure you check this article.

2 thoughts on “Undershirt For Under T-Shirts (Wide/Deep Crew Neck)”

  1. I recently purchased the JT original invisible undershirt. I found the sleeves too long. It wasn’t possible to wear it under a t-shirt without the sleeve peeking out from underneath.


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