Crew Neck Undershirt Showing Under Sweater? 👍 or 👎

Will it be a fashion disaster if your crew neck undershirt or t-shirt shows a little collar under the sweater?

Here’s a fun style-related question from a reader who is worried about breaking a style rule.

Hi Tug,

When I wear my crew neck undershirt under a particular crew neck sweater, the undershirt is exposed at the neck.

As such, does this mean my sweater has too large of a neck hole, or my undershirt has too small of a neck hole?

Is it acceptable for the undershirt collar to be showing?



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Wearing A Crew Neck Undershirt Under Crew Neck Sweaters

Heya Bob,

Good to hear from you and a great question indeed!

To be really honest, I don’t think it means either of those two, but it does present a bit of a styling quandary.

That is to say, if you are going to stick to the crew-neck style t-shirt or undershirt, my recommendations would be as follows:

crew neck undershirt under crew neck sweater
White undershirt showing under the sweater. Is this look ok? photo credit:

Match Undershirt or T-Shirt Color With Sweater

If you’re going for a layered look, I’d suggest finding a crew neck undershirt or lightweight t-shirt that matches or contrasts well with your crew neck sweater.

A stark white undershirt can only match under certain colored sweaters.

Undershirt or T-shirt Larger Neck Opening

Love a clean, unlayered look?

You’ll need an undershirt or lightweight t-shirt that has a larger neck opening that won’t show at all.

A good direction here is either a scoop neck undershirt like the ones from collected threads or possibly go for something like Ryan Gosling wore in Only God Forgives, which was a wide-neck undershirt/t-shirt.

Show A Little Collar

Don’t change a thing if you don’t bother about showing a little collar.

In fact, white undershirts actually look good stylistically under a crew neck sweater.

Summing It Up

Hope that information helps buddy.

Let me know if you have other questions and keep me posted on what you wind up doing! Sound good?

Do You Have Any Style Advice for Bob?

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7 thoughts on “Crew Neck Undershirt Showing Under Sweater? 👍 or 👎”

  1. Personally my wife loves my look when i have a hint of my undershirt under any shirt. Makes her want to rip my clothes off, so all is good!! ;)

  2. I wouldn’t worry too much about it, an undershirt peeking underneath makes a great layering look. If you’re really worried about it showing- I would opt for V neck or an undershirt with a wider or lower neck as mentioned but again, nothing to lose sleep about :)

  3. I wouldn’t stress over it. It’s OK to show some shirt. I personal have worn crew tees under crew and v neck sweaters. It’s not something that will detract from your look. I only recommend going without a tee in warm weather where you’re expected to show more skin and want to avoid overheating. Stay stylish!

  4. This is a good thing. Part of your shirt should always show underneath your sweater at the neck opening, 1.) because layering is good, and 2.) if it doesn’t, it looks like you’re wearing a sweater with no shirt on underneath, and that’s weird.

    Don’t think too much about it.


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