Corwear Undershirts. Everything You Wanted To Know

For those curious about CoreWear slimming undershirts, here’s some information that you may find helpful.

CoreWear Product Details

  • Website:
  • Price: $69 (3-pack for $179, 5-pack for $289)
  • Fabric: 90% Nylon / 10% Spandex
  • Style: Men’s shapewear, men’s slimming undershirt
  • Collar Styles: Crew Neck, V-Neck
  • Colors: White, Black
  • Capabilities: Slim your waist, improve posture, transform chest, define muscles
  • Construction: Seamless body, reinforced seams & neckline, breathable fabric


CoreWear slimming undershirt. White, crew neck
CoreWear undershirt. Posture support, Temperature control, lower back support
CoreWear slimming undershirt. Black.

CoreWear Product Video

Additional Info

CoreWear slimming undershirts seem very similar to the now defunct men’s shapewear brand Equmen. It also resembles the Equmen copy-cat brand SVELTE by Sully. SVELTE’s website is no longer active, though it appears to still be available for purchase on Amazon.

The brand boasts an impressive 100-day trial. If you’re not satisfied with the undershirt for any reason, you can return it for free.

The CoreWear website shows over 250 reviews (and growing), with an average 4+ rating.

The reviews begin in February 2019, but the website was registered in September 2019. I’m not exactly sure what to make of that.

The brand may have offered their undershirts under a different website or a different brand name. Or, possibly there is something else going on.

I can’t seem to locate any privacy policy, phone number, or physical address for them, but I’ve been in contact with them via email, and so far they have been responsive.

Have You Purchased a CoreWear Undershirt?

I haven’t tried one of their products yet, but I’m hoping to get one. When/if I do, I’ll update this article.

If you have any personal experience with CoreWear undershirts, or have purchased them from, please tell us about it in the comments below.

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25 thoughts on “Corwear Undershirts. Everything You Wanted To Know”

  1. Hi there, I’ve been trying to chase them up regarding an order which is now over a month late.
    No one seems to reply to the customer feedback online form or their customer support email address (tried 3 times now).
    Do you have any contacts or phone number that would enable me to follow up with them?

      • thanks nathan (:

        looks like jack from corewear will be able to help you!

        be sure to come back here and keep us posted on how everything works out.

      • Hi Jack. Thanks for that.

        I’ve sent a couple of emails to that address. But I’ve just sent you another one now.

        I look forward to hearing from you.

        Cheers. Nathan.

      • Hi Jack; I’ve sent a couple more emails to you; no responses.

        Do you have another way for me to contact you.

        As I have no shirts – I’ve paid for them and now no one will reply to me… (it’s been over 3 weeks since my first email and no reply) beginning to sound a little concerning.



  2. Hell Tug,

    First want to say great website. I had a similar experience as Garrick. I bought the 3 pack. After trying one I decided I wanted to return them. When I reached out to corewear to return them they sent me an email asking why I didn’t like them.

    If I answered they would send me a return label. When I did another question. Answered that. Six questions latter still no return label. I sent an email stating I had answered all the questions and I was supposed to get a return label. Email back was just answer this last one.

    Very shady company. I disputed through my credit card company and there reply was I wasn’t willing to cooperate to initiate the return. I gave up at this point. Have 3 shirts in medium if someone wants a deal.

    What I found through this experience. Returning and getting your money back. Good luck. Exchanging sizes probably easy.

    All there questions were centered around trying a different size.

    • heya scott, thanks a ton for sharing your feedback with me/us here.

      it really is unfortunate that you had that experience trying to return your corewear undershirts :(

      i’ve notified my contact at corewear, and pointed her to your feedback here. hopefully she or someone from their team will be able to help you.

      crossing my fingers we can help you get some resolution.

  3. Hey Tug. I did in fact purchase a larger size in the compression tank top. Once they issued the refund, I figured…why not give it another try. I had previously purchased a compression tank from a different brand and after comparing the two, corewear does offer superior quality.

  4. I was completely shocked by how good these shirts were. Better than anything else I’ve tried.

    USPS did make a mistake when delivering the order, but Jack from CoreWear helped me get it sorted out really quickly.

  5. How are these shirts different from Athlio branded shirts on Amazon? The Athlio shirts seem to have a similar fabric composition and they’re like 85% cheaper.

    • heya klc, thanks for stopping by.

      the athlio compression shirt looks like a typical light-compression athletic shirt (polyester / spandex).

      this corewear shapewear undershirt (nylon / spandex) is designed for slimming, shaping, & smoothing. it would be more like a high-compression undershirt, with special construction to shape in certain areas.

      also, this corewear undershirt has a near identical design to the former equmen shapewear compression shapewear undershirts. equmen & now corewear have specially placed ribbing on the back designed to provide some posture improvement.

      that said, i’m not going on record saying that this corewear undershirt *does* provide posture support (by pulling your shoulders back somewhat) — i’m just stating that’s what these brands claim that ribbing is supposed to do.

      bottom line is that the corewear shapewear compression undershirt & athlio compression shirt are designed for entirely different purposes.

      if you’re looking for shapewear for men, there are other shapewear undershirts that are not as expensive as this one.

      you can find more options here in my men’s shapewear section:

      • Hey Tug,

        We’d love for you to checkout some reviews on our website. Lots of positive comments on the posture improvements CoreWear gives.

        There are cheaper options on the market, but we’d argue that none are as good (or have the reputation/reviews) as CoreWear.

  6. I purchased an undershirt from Corewear in Feb 2020. I followed the chart to select my size.

    When I received the shirt, I noticed how tiny it was. Overall, it wasn’t really what I expected. I never wore the shirt. I placed it back in the packaging and contacted the company so as to return it.

    The first response was to explain that there were special instructions for initial wear that they neglected to include in the package. When I reached out to again request a return label, they responded by reminding me about the special initial wear instructions.

    When I explained that I simply wanted to return the item and be refunded, they sent me a return label. I mailed the shirt back and monitored the tracking.

    Weeks after the return delivery was confirmed, I still had not received a refund. Once again I contacted the company. I was told they never received the return. When I explained that usps tracking confirmed that the package had in fact been delivered to an individual at the company address, they simply stopped responding.

    I cannot comment on the shirt’s performance because I did not wear it. I cannot say the quality was bad…it seemed fine from what I observed.

    I CAN say, however, that they DID NOT stand by their refund guarantee. They got their shirt back and KEPT my money.

    • whoa, that sucks garrick.

      first, you shouldn’t have had to go to all that trouble to return the corewear undershirt. after you contacted the company, they could have told you about the initial wear instructions, but also continued to help you with your return request.

      at that point, you could have either given the undershirt a try, or just return it as you originally wanted to — all without having to have multiple interactions with them.

      of course it is possible that their receiving/shipping staff never got the return shipment, and brands don’t normally monitor all potential incoming packages.

      but, if packaging tracking indicates that the shipment was delivered, a brand should never question it. they should just refund you no questions asked.

      i’m disappointed to hear that corewear did this, as that is neither good customer service, nor a business best practice.

      maybe they’ll see your comment here and offer to make good on your return & refund request. let’s see (:

      • Hey Tug,

        Jessica from CoreWear here, I can confirm the refund was issued once the tracking showed the refund as delivered to our facility. Although we did never receive the package, the tracking reflecting it being delivered was good enough for us and a refund was issued!

        We’ve since received another order from the customer with no return required this time.

        We appreciate customers keeping us honest and are glad that everything worked out and we received another order :)

      • thanks for letting us know garrick! jessica from corewear mentioned that as well in early october.

        did you wind up buying another size? jessica mentioned receiving another order, and implied it was from you, but just curious if it was.

        if so, and you did receive a corewear compression shirt, do you have any feedback that you’d like to share here?

  7. Hi Tug,

    We founded CoreWear in January of 2019. That’s why the reviews start in February of 2019.

    We registered the domain name and transitioned there in September of 2019 as we found it to be a more fitting domain name.

    Our privacy policy can be found on the checkout screen as that is where information is collected.

    All customer service is done through the Customer Service email listed on our website. We don’t currently offer customer service by phone.

    Let us know if you have any other questions and thanks for the review!

    Best Regards,

    • The customer service is phenomenal! Sarah answered me in a very personable and friendly way just hours after my request!
      I cant wait to get my shirt tomorrow!

      • good stuff andrew. ok, keep me posted.

        be sure to send me photos when you get the corewear undershirt — you can get my email address on my contact page (:

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