Coregami: Comfortable Tuxeo Shirts

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a tough time finding button-up shirts that not only fit well, but are also comfortable.

There’s been tons of hype about custom tailored shirts, especially with the increasing popularity of sites like Blank Label, Indochino, Black Lapel, Knot Standard and others that make ordering them super simple.

While custom tailored shirts do fit your frame better and compliment your physique moreso than a traditional off-the-rack shirt, there’s one inherit problem — them being truly comfortable to wear.

For men with a slim or athletic build (wider shoulders, narrower waist), custom fitted shirts are usually a good alternative. But, for us guys that are more average built, the minute you sit down, move around, or cross your arms, the shirts start to feel constricting.

Why? Because most custom shirts are made with non-stretch woven fabrics. So while you’ll look super duper and dapper standing up, you’ll likely be feeling frumpy and frustrated while sitting down, trying to suck in your gut.

I own two custom tailored shirts that are handsomely made. But do I ever wear them? Nope, because I don’t feel comfortable in them other than when I’m standing up.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

This is the #1 reason I generally buy standard cut button up shirts that offer a more relaxed fit in the chest & mid section.

I’ve always been surprised there aren’t more long sleeve & short sleeve button-up shirts made for men with lycra (spandex, elastane) in them. I now have a total of 4 button up shirts that are made with stretch fabrics, and they are not-so-surprisingly my favorite shirts to wear.

While I don’t have the opportunity to sport a tuxedo shirt all too often, I’ve generally had the same experience with tuxedo shirts as I’ve had with button up shirts. Simply put, lack of comfort.

Coregami Comfortable Tuxedo Shirts

I was pretty excited when I got the following email from the founder of Coregami (link):


I just googled moisture wicking versus cotton and your site came up. Had a chance to browse through your forums. I should have visited your site sooner.

Chances are, you get a million emails a day. I bet you have never heard of “Performal” wear before. That’s because I made it up.

I’m a violinist in Dallas, Texas. I HATE my formal wear.

After two years of research and development, I have created “The Most Comfortable Tuxedo Shirt in the World”.

I knew it would be difficult to get the word out. No one has ever seen such a thing! But I put it in the hands of some of the best musicians in the world. After countless rounds of testing and prototypes, it is finally available.

Don’t believe the hype?

Come check it out:

Kevin @ Coregami

The Gershwin Tuxedo Shirt

  • Website: (link)
  • Price: $119.99
  • Fabric: Fortissimo Polyester Power Mesh, with 4-way stretch
  • Features: Ergo shoulder design, Softer-than-butter front pleats, Flat seams
  • Fits: Regular, Slim
  • Care: No dry cleaning necessary. Just wash/dry with like clothing

Gershwin Tuxedo Shirt Photos

coregami-comfortable-4-way-stretch-tuxeo-shirt-sleeve coregami-comfortable-4-way-stretch-tuxeo-shirt-front  coregami-comfortable-4-way-stretch-tuxeo-shirt-back


How to wear undershirts

7 thoughts on “Coregami: Comfortable Tuxeo Shirts”

  1. I have ordered this tux shirt for my husband. I understand that many guys do not have a need for a tux shirt very often, but performing musicians do. In any case, I just stumbled upon your site and thought I would let you know that they have just come out with a dress shirt. It is called the Bernstein. No pleats, etc. same fabric and design sensibilities. Some of your subscribers might be interested.

  2. I like the look of this, but limited use for the average guy. If they made a normal dress shirt though….. Tug, you mentioned you have “4 button up shirts that are made with stretch fabrics.” Where are those from? Thanks.

    • heya chris, i have the following stretch button up shirts:

      1. (3) calvin klein (96/4 cotton / lycra spandex) that the wife found for me on amazon. (link), (link2), (link3)

      2. (1) “eligible” brand short sleeve stretch button up shirt. it says it’s 100% cotton, but absolutely there is spandex/lycra in it. made in turkey. no “rn” number on it

      3. (1) rnt23 jeans brand (link) long sleeve stretch button up. 73/24/3 (cotton / pa / spandex). “pa” is an abbreviation for nylon/polamide yarn

      i got #2 & #3 a long time ago, but they are two of my favorite fitting and nicest looking stretch button up shirts. i checked the rnt23 website, but they don’t seem to be selling any button up shirts with spandex (lycra, elastane)

      i’ll be doing some more digging around on amazon and other sites to track down short & long sleeve stretch button up shirts to see if i can track down anything else.

      to be honest, i wish there were a single website that only carried men’s clothes with stretch (or rather clothing that had lycra, spandex, or elastane) to make it easier to buy the type of clothing i find most comfortable.

      many of the denim companies are making men’s jeans with stretch in them, so that’s a little easier to find, but i still have a bit of a hard time tracking down only those shirts that have stretch in them.

      • Thanks for the links. The problem I have had in the past with these kinds of shirts is the wrinkles.

        I used to own a fair number of shirts from Express that had spandex in them and liked the stretch element but have been phasing them out as my time for ironing has disappeared (and their sizing never seemed to fit well for me either). At least a few of the ones you’ve listed state wrinkle free though.

        If you haven’t already checked them out you should look into what Mizzen and Main have been producing. I only have one of their “Blackmon” shirts but have been thinking of getting more.

        The fabric is great and I like the fit. Only downside in my opinion is it’s not a true white. It’s more of an “off-white,” but as long as you don’t put it next to a true bright white it’s not particularly noticeable.

      • thanks for that recommendation chris.

        yeah, i’ve heard of mizzen+main before. maybe from their kickstarter or i received a pitch from them or their pr.

        honestly, i’m not normally the guy who’ll spend over $100 on a shirt or pants. especially from a company that sells direct to consumer. maybe the only exception has been a couple pair of bonobos slacks that i’ve purchased in the past.

        other than that, i mostly look for shirts/pants that are under $100 — dunno why, it just how i am programmed (:

      • I agree the cost is steep. Not the usual price range for my shirts either, but in this case I figured I would give it a try and see if it was worth it for travel. They’re nice but whether it’s worth the cost is debatable.

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