Copper Socks That STOP Bacteria & Athlete’s Foot

If you’re in search of copper socks that look great, stop the growth of bacteria, and fight against athlete’s foot, look no further.

The Socks No. 1513 have created a stylish men’s functional dress sock, infused with 18% copper fiber.

Why Copper Socks?

The team over at Socks No. 1513 have picked copper (over silver) for the following reasons:

  • Copper(CU) is the only metal that can remove up to 99.9% of the bacteria in fibers
  • The Copper(CU) ion destroys the cell structure of the microorganism and strongly suppresses the propagation of bacteria
  • Excellent antimicrobial ability by inhibiting the growth of germs. This blocks odor from bacterial feces
  • Copper is one of the most conductive metals, which means that it also provides advanced EMR electromagnetic shielding
  • Provides a heat-retaining & temperature regulating function, thus copper socks will keep your feet at the perfect temperature

Socks No. 1513 Details

  • Kickstarter (link)
  • Price: Starting at $7 USD/pair
  • Colors/Styles: 11 available
  • Fabric Blend: 70/18/10/2 (Organic Cotton, Copper Fiber, Polyester, Spandex)
  • Sizes: US 7.5-11, UK 7-10.5, EU 40.5-44 


Copper Socks from The Socks 1513 The Socks 1513 offers Copper Socks

Kickstarter Video Transcript Highlights

Hi, my name is James Lee and I’m the creator of The Socks No. 1513.

Our feet consist of 30 joints, 52 bones, and 19 muscles. We walk an average of 5,000 steps per day and about 62,000 miles in our lifetime.

As such, our feet have long been the center of our body rhythms — a so-called second heart — and we have a duty to make sure our feet are pleasant and clean.

The Socks No. 1513 started from thinking about how we could treat our feet better, and was made from a total of 1,513 sampling operations.

These copper socks are antibacterial, have a deodorant effect, heat retention functionality, EMR electromagnetic shielding, and an anti-static effect.

How Our Socks Will Keep Your Feet Comfortable

Let’s take a look at the functions of The Socks No. 1513 one by one:

Heat Retention

After testing our copper socks compared to non-copper socks under an infra-red light for 10 minutes, our socks stayed 6 degrees warmer — maintaining their temperature better than normal socks.

Odor Management

Comparing odor levels, our socks shows a notably reduced odor measurement level over regular socks after 2 hours of testing.

High Conductivity

The excellent conductivity of our socks also prevents static electricity — something that contributes to more discomfort, atopy, and dermatitis.

EMR Shielding

Our socks utilize Copper(CU), one of the most conductive metals on the planet to provide exceptional electromagnetic shielding. See our Kickstarter video for how our copper socks reduced electromagnetic activity from a cell phone from 285 to 0.

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