Copper-Infused Pain Relieving Compression Wear from Tommie Copper

I L-O-V-E learning about new products, and if those products are also very cool, I get even more excited about them!!

So, I’m sure you can appreciate that I got pretty intrigued/interested in the Tommie Copper compression wear line of products that claim to help relieve pain.  Here’s the email I received:

My name is [name removed], and I work for a company called Tommie Copper.

We design copper infused compression wear that helps with inflammation, swelling, and joint pain. When I saw your website, and I thought you would be the perfect person to try out our gear.

Tommie Copper is the leader in innovative copper compression wear that is designed to be comfortably worn all day by athletes and non-athletes alike who want relief from everyday aches and pains. All Tommie Copper products are manufactured in the United States utilizing a patented Therapeutic Copper Compression (TCC) technology that combines copper infused yarn with an exclusive multi-directional recovery process.

The line currently includes sleeves for the elbows, knees, calves and ankles as well as a line of compression shirts for men and women. I was wondering if you would be interested in trying out some of our products & doing a review.


Rules to wearing undershirts

If you can believe this – it wasn’t the compression undershirt that interested me most – it was the copper-infused, pain relieving knee sleeve.

Like many other active young athletes, I pretty much put my knees through hell when I was a kid doing sports. So much in fact, that I’ve had problems with my knees ever since. While one of my knees is in pretty good shape, the other isn’t and I have pretty bad stiffness/arthritis in it and it aches and causes me discomfort every day.

It hurts most when I have been sitting for a while, having it bent for a period of time – like now when I’m at my computer. Surprisingly, if it’s straight for long periods of time (like when I’m sleeping), I don’t have a problem.

The bottom line really is that my knee hurts nearly every day, and if a product like this can offer me even temporary pain relief, without me having to take medicine, well then Tommie Copper will have customer in me for life. I’m a true skeptic, and because my knee pain is real and NOT in my head, I will be able to tell, without a doubt, if this stuff really works.

After a quick email exchange, I got confirmation that the company is sending a sample compression undershirt and knee and ankle sleeves for me to try out.  As soon as I get the lot, I’ll be wearing them daily and will report back here. In the meantime, here’s some information about the products:

Product Details

  • Brand: Tommie Copper
  • Company Background
  • Description: Copper infused, pain-relieving compression wear. Combines the benefits of revolutionary compression fabric with patented copper infused yarn
  • Manufactured: Made in USA (Yeah!)
  • Products: Men’s and Women’s Compression Shirt ($44.50), Knee Compression Sleeve, Elbow Compression Sleeve, Ankle Compression Sleeve, Calf Compression Sleeve (all priced at $24.50), Compression gloves ($29.50)
  • Video Testimonials:

Product Photos


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  1. Tommie Copper gloves as seen on TV and in advertisements, work as intended as they come with excellent features at a reasonable price. So, where to buy Tommie Copper gloves? The good news is that we can either pay a quick visit to local retailers or do online shopping to get our desired pair with ease.

  2. Do you have whole leg stockings? I have some edema in both lower legs but my right knee has an old sports injury that is not getting any better. I thought of buying the ankle, calf, and knee sleeves but wanted to ask this first.

  3. I need two or more for my guy where can i buy them at, I’ve looked for them at Wal-Mart, Walgreens,for the shirts can’t find them there. I don’t do credit or debit cards so what store has them in stock? Size looking for is large,please,please,he needs them bad he’s a retired military Navy SEABEE and he’s 100% disabled veteran… His birthday is soon and this is what i want to get him for his birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I am looking for some copper infused compression fabric, I want to make a body wrap for my dog. I only need a yard and a half. Do you know where I can get the fabric? No one makes this thing. She has arthritis and joint pain. Any connections I can get would be greatly appreciated.

    • heya maggimay — thanks for stopping by my site and posting your question!

      i really don’t know where you can source copper-infused fabric in such a small quantity.

      my recommendation would be to find an inexpensive compression shirt (or shirts) from copperwear, tommie copper, or any other company making shirts from this type of fabric, and do a little creative cutting and sewing.

      you may also be able to find sample yardage of fabric with copper yarns in it on sites like alibaba or aliexpress. good luck and keep me posted (:

  5. Dear

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  6. At 69 yr of age things are starting to show wear and tear. Lots of pain in lots of places. I’ve been seeing tv commercials related to copper infused compression products. Can you recommend my best choice??? Please…

    • hey barrie — good to hear from you and thanks for your question.

      to be honest, if you’re looking for copper-infused compression wear, then i don’t think you’ll be displeased with tommie copper. i cannot comment as to the quality or effectiveness of the “as seen on tv” copperwear or copper fit products.

      i’ve been using my tommie copper knee sleeve for a long time, wearing it pretty much every time i work out, and i’m very happy with how well it’s held up, and i do like the mild compression support it provides.

      that said, i cannot comment on whether or not the copper offer any pain relieving characteristics. i have a feeling that the compression is what helps vs the copper.

      if anything, the copper content helps keep the sleeve from getting odorous/smelly (antimicrobial), but i’m not fully convinced it (the copper) helps with pain itself.

      i’ll have to try other non-copper knee sleeves to be 100% certain though.

    • kathy, the knee brace from tommie copper likely won’t help your knee any more than any other compression knee sleeve.

      my recommendation would be to consult with your knee surgeon and ask what kind of post-op knee support they recommend.

  7. I’m bone on bone would the knee sleeve help that knee also other knee is about the same plus a lot of arthritis in both knees would it help

    • shadta — if you’re truly bone-on-bone, then wearing a compression knee sleeve really isn’t the solution. you should consult a knee doctor or physician for medical advice.

      compression itself may offer temporary relief, but if that’s the case, then any compression knee sleeve will provide that.

      i’m a big fan of tommie copper products, and love that they are made in usa, but i can’t honestly say that the copper fibers in the product offer any specific benefits that i can actually observe. though, if you check out the reviews on their site, there’s a pretty impressive list of customer reviews saying the products are helping relieve pain.

      as one with pretty severe knee pain as well, i still have not found anything that legitimately lessens the pain.

  8. Do you know if you can buy Tommy Cooper products other than online?
    Like in a store? I really want to try the knee sleeve on. Not sure
    on what size I would need. Thanks.

    • hi sheryl! thanks for stopping by and posting your question about tommie copper (:

      as far as i know, and based on their website, the only retail location for tommie copper is currently here:
      74 S. Moger Ave, Mount Kisco, NY 10549

      if you’re curious about the knee sleeve sizing, then you should look at their women’s knee sleeve sizing chart. it instructs you to measure 5″ above your knee, while sitting. take that measurement, and locate closest size on their sizing chart.

      hope that helps!

      if you do decide to get the knee sleeve, be sure to come back here and let us know if the sizing chart worked out for you.

      • hi karen — wow, thanks for sharing that additional information about where to buy tommie copper.

        i’m a bit surprised to learn that you can buy it at walmart. do you know exactly which product you can buy for $9.99??

        i’m thinking that walmart is probably selling copper wear ( and not tommie copper. copper wear is an “as seen on tv” product, and i don’t think tommie copper is. most of the commercials i’ve seen for tommie copper are the ones that montel williams does.

        you can buy tommie copper at:
        you can buy copper wear at:

        two different companies selling athletic gear made with copper-based yarns. though, it would appear that copper wear is just a copy-cat of tommie copper. though, i’m not certain which actually came first because was registered as a domain in 2007 and was registered in 2010.

        as a side note, copper wear is offered by Tristar Products, the company behind many other As Seen on TV products like abcoaster, abroller, power juicer, genie bra, etc.

      • you can not buy tommie copper at Walmart…they have the copper flex, not tommie copper. I must say, I got the tommie copper capris and love, love, love them. I felt better in minutes. They helped my knees and hips, both are bad and I don’t want to have the replacement surgery. So I am doing everything I can to feel better. Physical therapy helps the muscles and tommie copper capris and leggings help my joints. At 57, being able to work my garden, mow and maintain the pool and house,(after back, neck and leg surgeries) makes me feel unstoppable. I love tommie copper clothes and would recommend them to anyone with joint pain. I want all the products available in the clothing line for women…and I will have them! ;)

    • just got my knee sleeve today @ wally world
      aka wal mart
      seems to have made some differents in just the few hours i have had it on
      i blew my knee out years back
      so it hurts most the time !
      i payed $9.98 for it was looking for a knee brace when i found this
      so far so good hope this helps

  9. My son was in a car accident over 15 years ago. The bones in his chest are dissheveled and he is in constant pain. No amount of pain killers relieve his pain. I am wondering/hoping your shirt may be something that could help him. Could you contact me with your thoughts on it helping him.
    I will appreciate it very much and hope you have a product that I have been praying to find…
    Victoria Martin

    • Ms Martin,
      Anyone who is in hideous chronic total body pain as your son and yours truly must endure could never benefit from this mild product.
      Even a soul with one knee hurting badly would be wasting hope.
      This product is definitely designed for healthy athletic persons who have convinced themselves of minor discomfort in an area…so with a great deal of discretionary funds at their disposal…they spend needlessly.

  10. I recently obtained the Tommy Copper compression knee sleeve. I need to know if it’s necessary that the silicone band attached to the upper part of the sleeve touches the skin of the user. I wore it for a few hours but I got a rash that bothers and itch me a lot. I will appreciate your response. truly yours, Cruz Cebollero

    • heya mark — i didn’t get the chance to write the full review of the products, but if you scroll through the comments, you’ll be able to see the feedback i provided to other folks.

      if you have a specific question, ask away — i’ll be happy to answer it (:

  11. Having severe knee pain
    dr says i have severe patello femeral dyhsfunctial
    syndrome…..bought the knee sleeves for my knees
    can walk better but still got the pain….when will
    the pain go away…..thank you carolyn

    • heya pearl, thanks for stopping by and asking your question!

      since i’m not a doctor, i don’t want to make any type of official recommendation, but it is possible a posture undershirt may help alleviate some of your back pain by helping you to stand more upright. possibly some targeted lower back strength exercises too — but that’s something you should ask about with your physician.

      you might also want to google “reduce back pain” or “ease back pain” as well to see what type of information is already out there about the topic.

  12. my son plays semi pro ruby and has had a shoulder op. Would wearing this t shirt help whilst playing rugby to support his shoulder?

  13. i need to know what size is small, medium and large in numbers its important to me i need 2 t shirts for my O A

    • I’d like to know why the big fellas are left out as usual. Just because us giants aren’t normal size doesn’t mean that we should be left out in every facet of life. I’m 6’5″ and have the build of a NFL defensive lineman, and even at my slimmest weight in years I’d never fit into any of the sizes offered here. I wear a 4XLT size shirt…..can you offer something to fit those of us who aren’t average size please? Thank you.



  15. Was wondering what the results of the garment test where. Did the Tommie Copper garments bring any pain relief? I’m looking into buying them myself. Your input would help me decide whether they would be worth the investment or not.

    Thank you

  16. I have knee pain constantly in my left knee. No medication or rubs seem to bring me any relief. I have been told I have bone spurs around the knee cap and need surgery but I am the caregiver for my elderly parents and can’t possibly have surgery at this time. My mom had knee replacement last year and it helped for awhile. I’m just not sure what to do, but for now I need some relief!

    • hey tricia – maybe a knee compression sleeve will help some, but if you do actually have physical damage in your knee (like me), then i don’t think any fabric contents will relieve pain.

      don’t get me wrong, i really like the quality of tommie copper products, but i don’t believe the copper-infused fabric will help relieve pain of structural damage in a knee. compression could help though.

    • As a neuromuscular therapist of 20 years with plenty of anectodal information on copper bracelets necklaces, etc., my clients have great relief from wearing copper. These shirts and support products would make your life much easier at such a trying time. I would also suggest that you find a neuro muscular therapist in your area and get very specific neuro muscular trigger point work in the muscles surrounding the knee. Mackey surre they are “certified” in neuro muscular therapy. Those are the professionals in this very specific form of bodywork.
      Donna Porter,LMT

  17. It sounds like my husband could benifit wearing tommycopper wear.
    However he has artery disese and has had multiple surgeries on leg (bypass and stents and surgery on knee. Do these items stop circulation in the knee sleeve or the shirt? Please let me know.

  18. My husband loves the gloves and knee sleeves, it ready help with his pain,but he is broke out around the top of the knee where the band is.Has anyone else have this problem

  19. Could you please give info: about wearing the shirt with a PaceMaker and Stent in the heart. Are there any side effect to wearing Tommie Copper products.

    Thank you,

  20. My wife has serve neuropathy around the core area of her body. This is from diabetes. Any facts that the shirt would be of any help.

      • Thank you, I finally found them because your comment seemed like it didn’t finish. Anyway…I did purchase the elbow sleeve for my boyfriend who does have tendinitis. He has worn it almost a week. He says it definitely helps with the pain and I notice he doesn’t complain about it. I wish I could convince him to wear it 24/7 because I think it would help even more. I ordered the calf sleeve for myself because I have extreme swelling in the lower part of my legs, which causes me plenty of pain and discomfort. Unfortuantely it did not work for me, but I believe it is because my legs are too large and the sleeve was too small, the band began to cut into my leg. Maybe Tommie Copper should make a larger model for larger folks. Thank you again for the great information.

  21. i went jogging about amonth ago. Now i have a pain on the outside of my ridght foot. it feels like it is broke. i’m on my feet most of the day.Do youthink an ankle sleeve wuld work.

  22. would you have for women, underpants or a compression garment for back pain, sciatica, Thank You Pierrette

  23. I also bought the men’s underpants to give it a try. I must admit that the compression helps me when running… gives decent support and just feels good. Again, I think it is the material (i.e. the support) and not the copper, but that is my opinion. Also, I can’t stand Montel and his infomercials, so this product started out with a big negative….again, for me. However, it is proving itself during workouts, so I am happy, regardless of Montel (he would shill any product that paid him…..his identity theft stuff is a joke!).

    • hey johnston, thanks for taking the time to post your comments/thoughts about tommie copper!

      i think these guys at tommie copper have a line of quality products. i’ve been wearing their compression shirt a lot during my weekly workouts, have tried the knee and ankle sleeve, and have been very happy with the fit, feel, and quality of their products. i learned about the product line before i saw any representation from montel. if i were introduced to the product by way of a montel williams informercial, i would have been more suspect and would have turned to the internet to see if i could locate real product reviews.

      i have nothing against montel, and actually enjoyed watching his talk show from time to time, but anytime an infomercial or a shorter direct response tv ad comes into the equation, i naturally get curious about whether or not the product is legit or not.

      it’s kind of ironic too. the infomercial/direct response tv ad format provide a great medium to deliver an awesome amount of exposure for a product, but the nature in which all these commercials are developed and how they are positioned, makes me always curious on whether or not the products work as advertised.

      now, i’m not saying that all infomercial/direct response tv ad products aren’t good, but in evaluating my own personal behavior, i know i will always do research on a product i see in one of those ads first before buying.

      contrast that to products i might see on qvc or home shopping network, where i’d likely buy those without doing research because i feel those outlets do a good job in vetting a product beforehand.

      celebrity endorsement in an infomercial/direct response tv doesn’t make me feel any more comfortable — and in fact makes me feel a little less comfortable. but that’s just me.

      • I want to view your products in particular the one for the knees and the shirt for the back pain that I live with. However the twitter review junk on the left rail prevents me from being able to view what I need to see. After trying for a couple of minutes
        I actually decided to send you an email which I usually wont take my time to do.

        After sending this email I will make one final attempt to view the information that I’m looking for, however if these viewing problems are still hindering and making my experience undesirable I will simply leave and not return which is what 99.9% of readers/viewers will do when a site is cumbersome and frustrating to navigate.

  24. I tried the elbow sleeve and the knee sleeve. Both worked for me and I was able to do more at the gym as a result…..and I think a “tennis elbow” problem is beginning to heal as a result of this sleeve. I tried other “ace bandage” type stuff and it did not work at all. I don’t think the copper is the thing that helps, I think it is the superior support the compression sleeve gives. I compared prices with other compression products, and the costs were similar (TC gives free shipping if 2 items are bought at once)….so, I went with the Tommie Copper brand. It has worked for me, but again, I am not sold on the copper or Montel……just good support by compression, which aids in healing.

    • hey johnston! great info on your tommie copper experience. i too think the product is made with great quality. the items i received look great, feel really nice, and fit well.

      very few things really work on me, so i couldn’t actively recognize any specific pain relief resulting from the copper-infused fabric, but i agree, the compression feels good.

      i like the fact that tommie copper is made in the usa too. thanks again!

  25. hey folks, just got an email from tommie copper stating that their mens and womens compression shorts are in.

    i know some of you who posted here were wondering when those were going to be available, so consider yourself informed!

    you’ll have to visit though. happy shopping!

  26. So? How did the Tommie Copper items work for your knee? Ant the shirt? I am interested in purchasing a ankle sleeve and Knee Sleeve for my Husband and daughter however I loathe to waste $50 bucks on an “infomercial” hoax ….. was researching and found your blog ….. guess I will keep on looking!

    • hey christy, check the comment i just posted. it provides a bit more detail.

      i will say that i absolutely do not put the tommie copper products in the same category as other “infomercial products” like the slim away belt, slim t-s, chichia pet, or the pet rock.

      tommie copper make a very high-quality product line – with items that you will enjoy wearing and that will provide some benefits.

      that said, whether or not your family will experience any pain-relief from the copper-infused garments is something that i cannot definitely answer. one guy I personally met said the knee sleeves worked for him, so it’s possible your husband and daughter may find benefit wearing tommie copper products.

    • hey larry! thanks for your question my friend.

      two things:
      1. i really like my tommie copper shirt and i do wear it to the gym alot. it’s got a little compression in it, similar to other compression activewear shirts, so i like to wear it along with a a couple other shirt layers when working out. good quality, nice fit and overall a very good product.
      2. i don’t have any noticeable pain in my upper body or lower back, so i can’t speak to the copper-infused fabric’s effectiveness in the pain relief area.

      as i’ve mentioned in an earlier comment, i do have pain in my knees as a result of 20+ year old sports injuries. i have worn the tommie copper knee sleeve quite a bit. they are made with fantastic quality, fit wonderfully, feel great, but the sad truth is haven’t quite been able to recognize any specific pain relief. but, i need to qualify this statement so it’s clear to everyone reading this:
      a.) i ran into a guy wearing two tommie copper knee sleeves and he told me he experienced the pain relief
      b.) very few thing ever really work on me when it comes to heath-related items. for example, i feel no different if i take vitamins. i can drink gallons of healthy juices, but they don’t make me feel better. i had special injections in my knee to help with pain and swelling, and those didn’t work.

      so, when i say i personally did not experience any pain relief, please keep the above in mind.

    • hey chris, thanks for stopping by and posting your question!

      i too had restless leg syndrome (or symptoms similar to how the condition is described) for many years and i’ll tell you what cured mine.

      but first, to answer question – i’m not sure if the tommie copper calf sleeve (or any other calf sleeve) would help, but if something like that helps improve blood flow, then there is a chance you may see some benefits wearing a compression sleeve.

      the reason i say that is because my rls was pretty bad and was at least partially caused due to poor circulation. my conditions included: numbness in portions of my right foot and toes, discolored toenails, non full-grown toenails, tingling on the lateral side of my quad, and tons of tingling and discomfort along the back-lateral side of my right leg.

      it was terrible, and i could not sit still because my right leg was always uncomfortable. going to the movies (which i love to do) was pretty grueling – and basically i dreaded going anywhere where i would have to sit for long periods of time.

      some refer to the area i’m describing above as the sciatica (sciatic nerve). i’m not a doctor, so i don’t want to speculate. but, when looking at the description of the pain caused by sciatica, it does closely resemble the conditions i experienced:

      Sciatica may be accompanied by numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness in the affected leg. This pain can vary widely, from a mild ache to a sharp, burning sensation or excruciating discomfort. Sometimes it may feel like a jolt or electric shock. Sciatic pain often starts gradually and intensifies over time.

      i saw doctor – he suggested some surgery. i did acupuncture – it didn’t help. i tried acupressure – that didn’t work either. my mom suggested that i talk with a sports massage therapist which i did and since i figured there was nothing to lose, i decided to sign-up for a series of deep-tissue massage sessions.

      come to find out, as a result of my first massage session, that i had a bunch of scar-tissue deep in the back of my right leg as a result from a childhood accident. the masseuse suggested that the scar tissue was pressing up against some nerve (sciatic?) or artery and causing the discomfort. maybe it was a combination.

      the truth was, that i actually had a bunch of really bad scar tissue and knots in my right leg and i could definitely feel it as the masseuse was working through it. it was so obvious where the bad sections were, and it was pretty clear how those areas improved after 3-4 sessions. think of running your knuckles over a smooth surface, then running into a bunch of really bad bumps – those bumps, on me, consisted of scar tissue and knots.

      i did two sessions per week over a 6-8 week period and those treatments really took care of 95% of my leg discomfort. over the course of the next year, i went back to receive additional massage treatments and i can honestly tell you i haven’t had any issues since – it’s been about 7 years.

      no more numbness, no more dark toenails, the bad/partial toenails have grown in, no more tingling, etc.

      i’m not sure what you’re experiencing, but after my positive experience, i would recommend that anyone with similar symptoms to see a massage therapist. but, you need to find one that is really good at deep tissue therapy – so i’d recommend a masseuse that specializes in sports if you have one in your local area.

      if not, just make sure you find someone who’ll get deep into the trouble area – think someone using their elbow and lots of leverage!

      hope the info helps!

  27. so when mrs. tug and i were taking a post work-out cool-down walk earlier today, i saw an older guy wearing two tommie copper knee sleeves (one on each knee) and of course i stopped him on the street to inquire what he thought of them.

    he said that compared to other knee sleeves he’s tried, the tommie copper ones were about 20% better. not sure how he got that specific number, but i wasn’t going to pry too much.

    when i asked of whether or not he thought the copper fabric had anything to do with it, he wasn’t sure, but he did reiterate that he found more pain relief wearing the tommie copper knee sleeves than other ones.

    anyway, i thought you all would like to hear that info.

  28. I have had MS for over 10 years and suffer with severe back pain due to so many lesions in my spine and also in my thighs— do you think the shirt would give me any comfort? I see things specifically for hands, ankles etc. but what would you suggest for back pain. Thank you for your assistance.

    • hey jody, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to post a comment!

      i’m so sorry to hear about your severe back pain. i too have pretty significant/constant pain in my knees and i haven’t quite found anything that really helps it.

      the one thing that helped free me of some early leg pain was some pretty intense massage therapy sessions. come to find out that i had scar tissue built up in my leg around my veins and it was causing some loss of blood flow. i spent 6-8 weeks going two-times per week, and those sessions really made a permanent improvement. not saying that will work for you, just sharing my experience with long term, significant discomfort in an area of my body. today is lower back pain day and i’m wearing two salopas pain relief patches which is helping some.

      in looking at the tommie copper line, they do offer a woman’s compression shirt and at the end of march they’re launch their compression shorts for women. maybe one of those products will help out. you’ll have to visit their website though.

      good luck!

  29. I would like very much to know how I can order one of the copper tops for myself. Suffering from suffer joint pain, have used magnet therapy for yrs but have not been able to find a top to help my shoulders before I saw Montel on Dr. Oz swearing by this top. Please sent me the info to get a couple of them.Thanks for your time.

  30. i have left two messages for customer service to call (customer service ha)no reply as yet but i wanted to know for a size 43 1/2 chest would i be better off with large or extra large?also is there a local store to buy your product.
    rich power

    • Hi Rich,

      Sounds like you may need the large compression shirt. Customer service is jammed packed with voicemails and phone calls to return. I’m sure you’re on the list. Also we’re an online store only, so you will not find our product in any stores.

      Thanks for understanding,

      Jordan Kawam

  31. Hi, I heard of the copper infused sleeve for hands while watching Dr. Oz’s show and wonder where I would be able to purchase this at.

  32. You need to create one for women who have had breast cancer to wear on their arm. It helps to prevent swelling. It needs to be the whole arm and not just the elbow. Or create a long sleeve shirt. Thanks.

    • hi linda, i’m not the company that offers this product. tommie copper is, and their products can be found on their website (links above).

      i will tell the company rep to come over here and take a look at all the comments about the product though and respond if they can.

      thanks for stopping by and posting your comment!!

      • Am I missing something? Where’s the actual review of the Tommie Copper Knee sleeve? I have a half marathon scheduled for April 15, 2012 and I just did my longest training run last Sunday (12 miles) and I hit the wall with my knee pain. NEED true review on whether I should bother trying to get these sleeves in time to use in a few training runs before race day! Thanks in advance.
        p.s. knee pain is only during running and occurs at about 4 or 5 miles in. Been following the intermediate training plan for the MORE/Fitness Womens Half in Central Park, NYC. Starting icing after runs.
        Thanks in advance for any info or links to read.

      • hey strongminded! thanks for stopping by. i sometimes won’t write a review if i’ve been heavily commenting on a product.

        if you read through my comments, you’ll see some q&a i had with some other folks asking what i thought of the product. there are several pages of comments, so be sure to read through my responses.

        hope it helps some!

    • Hi Linda, by next winter we hope to have our long sleeve shirts out, which could be a great product for women who suffer from swelling due to breast cancer treatments. Head on over to our website to sign up for our newsletter. We always send out emails when we get new product, when we hold contests and when we have special promo’s.

  33. I have pain and numbness in my right hand when I’m driving. Could you let me know where I can get a hand sleeve, as well as a foot sleeve. Thanks

    • steve, check out the company’s website ( they have fingerless and full gloves available for your hands. they don’t have anything for your foot, but they do have an ankle sleeve.

      good luck!

  34. Very interesting concept . I am very happy and intrigued to here more about these products as I have been suffering with arthritic pain for many years. I am going to look into testing the complete line of products especially the men’s underware. Thanks for the new invention .


    • hey kim. thanks for stopping by and posting your question! it’s a little hard to tell if the knee sleeve will help reduce your knee pain. compression usually helps some, but i couldnt tell you if the other characteristics of the sleeve will make any difference. you just have to give it a shot to see.

      if you decide to buy one, let me know how it works for you!

    • in all fairness, i wasn’t able to isolate the pain relieving aspect of the products. i have some issues with my knees and I wore the knee sleeve for about a week straight, but i couldn’t determine if my knee felt any better.

      it’s weird, because when you wear something like this that claims to have pain-relieving benefits, you put it in your mind that it will or should be working. that in itself can make you think it’s working even if it’s not. (kinda like vitamins)

      personally speaking, there have been few things that actually work on me. for example, aspirin will get rid of my headache, but vitamins don’t make me feel any different or better.

      so, while i like the quality of the product and how it fits and feels wearing them (knee sleeve and shirt), i can’t go on record saying i experienced any pain relief.

  36. Interesting. Copper has been known to heal, similar to how silver can be used in an emergency to purify water with a small electric current.
    The best thing I ever did for my knees were the sketcher shape ups. They look a little “special” but my knees stopped making noises and stopped hurting after 3-4 weeks wearing them.

  37. They claim that the copper relieves pain. That is complete and utter bunk. The compression may help but the only thing in a garment that is going to make our knees feel better is ice or heat. The only thing in a garment that will heal our knee problems is a doctor wearing a garment. And that may not even work.

  38. As another guy with (almost) daily knee pain, I’m excited to see your results! I already have a few of the knee sleeves but am always curious to see what they do for others.


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