CoolShield Under Kevlar Undershirt

It wouldn’t surprise me if most of you have never heard about or seen a kevlar undershirt. But trust me when I say it’s a product that looks really promising.

Are you in law enforcement or in the active military? Then, you surely know firsthand how uncomfortable (though necessary) it is to wear kevlar.

Over the years, I’ve written several articles about which undershirts perform the best under kevlar.

Some undershirts perform better than others.

But when you’re wearing a bullet proof vest, the biggest inhibitor to staying cooler and drier is simply lack of air flow.

When your kevlar vest is directly on top of your undershirt, there is no room for airflow to occur. And this is essential for evaporation, and thus cooling.


Rules to wearing undershirts

There have been some new innovations in this category, such as the Maxx-Dri Vest and ARMORVENT.

These types of products provide an intermediate layer between the undershirt and body armor that have airflow channels.

The low-profile airflow channels promote evaporation. Thus, the wearer will stay cooler and drier as a result.

These new under body armor innovations provide a welcome solution to those that wear kevlar.

However, you should wear them in addition to and conjunction with undershirts.

Best Kevlar Undershirt

Out of all the undershirts I’ve ever written about, there was one undershirt that has been most recommended to me as the most ideal undershirt to be worn under body armor.

That undershirt, while slightly unusual looking, was called the RVU (Ribbed Ventilated Undershirt).

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been manufactured in many years. It is no longer available for purchase.

The good news is, there is a new undershirt that appears to be a fully re-imagined version of the RVU.

CoolShield Kevlar Undershirt

Craig Tymofy, founder of United Tactical Gear, discovered the need for a better kevlar undershirt when he was repairing police vehicles.

The CoolShield Story

CoolShield Photos

Photo of the kevlar undershirt. Photo of the kevlar undershirt.

CoolShield Kevlar Undershirt Details

  • Website (link)
  • Kickstarter (link)
  • Pricing: (Retail) $44.95 — (3-Packs) $36.95/each — (Kickstarter) $30
  • Color: Black, plans for White
  • Collar Style: Crew Neck
  • Fabric: Cotton/Poly
  • Sizes: S-2XL

The company is currently running a Kickstarter campaign. The goal is to raise $2,500, with about 13 days to go.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will be successful, with only $355 of pledges as of this writing.

Even if the Kickstarter doesn’t get funded, I do wish Craig a lot of success with his CoolShield kevlar undershirt.

It’s a much needed product, and it’s about time someone took the initiative to manufacture it.


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