Cooling Shirts For Summer or Hot Weather

Here’s a great discussion with a reader about trying to find a cooling shirt he can wear to minimize the amount he sweats.

Hi Tug,

How are you?

Once again, I need your help :)

You may remember, I am using Sutran undershirts under my shirt when going to work on summer.

It works fine, no sweat traces on my shirt.

But now, in addition to continuing wearing Sutran undershirt, I would like to do something to stop sweating, or to sweat less at least.

So I am looking for an undershirt that refresh the chest and the back, that give a real sensation of coolness, as if there was water flowing in my back.

That sensation of freshness.

So I am looking for an undershirt (or something to add to my Sutran undershirt) that will give the biggest sensation of cold as possible.

Here is what I have found on the net:

Omni-freeze zero technology (link): In comments that I have read, it’s a good product but not the freshness sensation as expected.

Damart Ocealis technology (link): Also use the sweat to chemically “create” freshness

Evaporative & Phase Change Cooling (link)

Hyperkewl technology: Put the item 2 minutes in water, squeeze and wear. On the site, it is said that you get 4-10 hours of chill effect.

They don’t sell undershirts, and I need something to wear at my work, not for sport, but I may buy some neck bands, or skull caps, or maybe the crown cooler: HyperKewl Crown Cooler w/Neck Shade.

I would attach them to my Sutran undershirts, to be in contact with the chest and the back skin.

I also saw many other possibilities on your site, so I don’t know what to choose :)

What do you think would be the best underwear product to get the most chill effect, in addition to the Sutran undershirt?

Thanks again for all your help.



Questions for Bob

Heya Bob,

Good to hear from you buddy and thanks for following up (and for the donation!)

Most any “cooling” product needs a catalyst to work.

The most common catalyst is airflow.

If there is no airflow, there is no (or little) evaporation, and without evaporation, the cooling effect is dramatically reduced or not noticeable.

The other catalyst is phase change material, where a pack of some sort is cooled or frozen to a certain temperature, and that coldness helps absorb the body’s heat, allowing you to feel cooler.

Another catalyst is something that isn’t quite commercialized yet, which is a peltier device.

There are some companies trying to make commercial products that can help keep a person cool through an electronic stimulus.

So the questions are:

  1. What is the clothing you normally wear? For example, do you wear a Sutran undershirt, then an shirt on top of that, and do you wear any jacket?
  2. Do you work indoors or outdoors?
  3. Do you have access to a refrigerator or cooler where you work? I assume you have access to a sink & water (:

If you can tell me the above, we can investigate this further and see what might be the best solution for you (:

Bob’s Response

Hi Tug,

Thanks for your rapid responses :)

It’s good to hear from you too.

I wear a Sutran undershirt and a shirt on top of that. No jacket.

I work both indoors and outdoors, and sometimes in summer there is no wind outside.

No access to refrigerator or cooler, and it would be difficult to change clothes at work, but I get back at home for the noon lunch, so a solution that last 4-5 hours would be fine for me

Thanks again.


Cooling Shirts


Heya Bob,

In a nutshell, there is no undershirt that I know of that will keep you cool without a catalyst (air, phase change, ice).

Check out my Hi-Tech Cooling undershirts article for more information about this.

Because you don’t have immediate access to a cooler, or refrigerator, the primary catalyst available is airflow.

But if you’re wearing an undershirt, under other clothes, very little airflow (if any) will get to the undershirt, and as a result there will be no airflow to help facilitate evaporation for cooling.

The closest possible product I can think of is Vaporactive, which is supposed to have a cooling sensation without the need for airflow.

I have one, and I will be testing in the next few days so I can let you know what my experience is like after.

Note: After I emailed Bob, I wore the Vaporactive compression shirt in two different scenarios:

(a) Under a t-shirt during a chiropractic appointment, and

(b) Under a t-shirt while taking my dog for a one-hour walk in about 75 degree weather.

Unfortunately, I didn’t experience any cooling effect in either situation. I was hoping to notice some in situation (b) because there was some airflow, but there wasn’t any cooling.

I didn’t sweat at all in (a). In (b) I sweat a tiny bit from the walk.

The shirt may need a notable amount of sweat/moisture to trigger any cooling effects, so i’ll have to see how it performs at the gym as a base layer.

Cooling For 4-5 Hours

You mentioned that if you found a solution that could last 4-5 hours, that could work for you.

That being the case, I would recommend trying something that uses phase change material that will stay cooler longer.

The small issue with this, is that most of the products I’ve seen (not tested) are products that you wear on top of an undershirt, not underneath it.

Even so, most of the phase change vests I’ve seen that contain cooling packs, seem rather bulky.

So even if you wear a vest on the outside of your undershirt, it still seems like they’ll be a bit bulky.

Now, the closest thing I’ve seen that may work, would be if you combined thesee:

(A) 2Cool compression water shirt or an “active aqua vest (ms)” from
(B) MobileCool wp1 (ms) pack. (Amazon)

That mobile pack is only 3lbs, so it might not be too heavy to wear while you’re working.

In thinking about this above configuration, I’m curious of whether or not you could use the above solution, in the following scenarios:

  1. 2Cool compression water shirt as your base layer (with mobile cool wp1) + shirt (no sutran undershirt), or
  2. Sutran undershirt first + regular shirt + active aqua vest (with mobile cool wp1) over your regular shirt

Regarding (1):

If you’re wearing a compression, moisture wicking base layer that has integrated liquid cooling channels, it may be cool enough to keep you from sweating as much as you normally do.

Even if you did sweat some, the wicking undershirt would distribute the sweat, and the water channels would additionally provide a gap/barrier between the surface of the fabric and your outershirt.

This “gap” would promote some additional airflow, which would promote additional cooling, and possibly allow the sweat to evaporate before too much of it reached your outershirt.

This is just a theory, but it may just work.

All the above being said, I don’t know what the impact of wearing a liquid cooling shirt, with the mobile pack, along with the water circulation will do to your mobility, related to the outside work you have to do.

The only way to know, would be to try one of the above configurations and see how it works for you.

Any thoughts about the above recommendation(s)??

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