Cool Color T-Shirts (Kickstarter, Video)

If you’re looking to add a little color to your life, and ready to have some fun in the sun, you might just be interested in the new SplatterTec cold-activated color change t-shirts from Prismatic.

What Is SplatterTec?

A color-shifting shirt that explodes into color when it gets hit with cold water (or air). It will revolutionize your outdoor play!

Our goal is to infuse color to everyday play! These shirts bring people together to make water fights more exciting, summer days more creative, workouts more vibrant, people’s lives more lively, and the world a more colorful place!

SplatterTec Cold-Activated Color Change Technology

Unlike other color-changing technologies, our dye changes color instantly and in a dramatic way when hit with cold.

We get nothing short of a dramatic “WOW!” when people of all ages see these for the first time, from kids to co-eds to parents to grandparents—people literally do not believe their eyes.

T-Shirt Photos

slattertec-white-to-tiel-colored-t-shirt slattertec-light-red-to-purple-colored-t-shirt


Rules to wearing undershirts

SpatterTec Q&A

I reached out the company founders and had a few questions for them:

Q. Is the t-shirt 100% poly like what is shown on your site or 60/40 which is shown on you k/s?

The Kickstarter page is the correct one. The adult sizes are 60/40 cotton/poly. The youth sizes may end up with some rayon in them (we are testing a new youth shirt this week). Thanks for catching this.

Q. Is the t-shirt a blank from another mfg that you brand and put your splattertec technology into?

Yes. Since we are a start-up, we are buying blanks and then dying and branding them.

Q. Can you tell me more about the technology itself? you mentioned it’s a dye. so is it applied simply by garment dying with the appropriate dye option (that determines the color transitions).

Correct. The dyes are all colored when they are cold and clear or colorless when they are warm. We have a palette of base colors that we can choose from. In the case of color to color, we take a colored shirt from our shirt supplier (pink, yellow, blue, etc.) and then add our dye over the top of it. Since it is clear in the warm state, the base color is all you see until it gets cold. Then the colors combine and you get a secondary color (green, purple, etc., even black).

Q. In your promo stuff, all shirts are white as a beginning color. will that be the case all the time? based on your tables on k/s, it appears you have have different “resting” (on body) colors.

Yes. I mostly answered this above but there is a lot of potential in the color to color options. We are polling our backers for their favorite color options.

Q. Where do you do the manufacturing?

The dying and branding are done in America – Utah and Colorado to be precise. I assume the blanks are from Asia.


Now on Kickstarter, the company has raised nearly $21k of their $25k campaign goal with 16 days to go.


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