Compression Undershirts That Make You Look Thinner

Here’s a great question from a young man hoping to find a compression undershirt to make him look thinner.

Hello. I am a 14 year old boy. And ever since I’ve been about 8 I’ve been in the 200 pound region.

I am very self conscious about how I look. And I’ve been working out. And I feel if I get a compression undershirt body shaper I won’t look as fat in public.

I’m hoping to have shapewear that makes me almost flat. Including my breast area. As I do have a bit of fat in that region. And am very self conscious when working out around girls 😂😂 as my shirts seem to show my breasts.

And I am wanting to look virtually flat. I’m willing to spend as much money as I need.

I also wanted to know if there is any sort of like Leg shapewear so I can make my thighs look skinnier.


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And what is the sausage effect? I don’t understand it.

Thank you for this website. It’s helped me learn some things.

Thank you. Bye.

– Cameron

Compression Undershirts To Make You Look Less Fat

Heya Cameron,

Good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your questions!

First, what you are feeling is 100% natural, and I completely understand what you are feeling.

I’ve struggled with weight my entire life.

To this day, I am still very self-conscious about my weight, and whether or not I look heavy in photos. In fact, I feel very uncomfortable in front of a camera.

When I was your age and younger, I was heavy. We called it “husky” at the time.

It was a nice, more “politically correct” term that was used for children who were somewhat overweight. I was teased by my schoolmates and others, sometimes being called “fatty”.

To make matters worse, compression undershirts didn’t exist back then.

So, I had to resort to using neoprene waist slimming belts (like the one below) or wrapping my midsection with saran cling plastic wrap.

Neoprene waist slimming belt
Ohuhu Waist Trimmer (Amazon)

Well, those unfortunate experiences have stayed with me all these years, and my weight and body shape is something that troubles me pretty much all the time.

Although I could try and lie to myself or pretend not to care that I feel this way, I simply have accepted that I will likely never feel 100% confident about my weight or body shape.

To minimize the insecurity, I do work out regularly, eat responsibly, and maintain good hygiene & grooming.

It goes without saying that I could take an extreme position and get really restrictive on my diet and increase the intensity and frequency of my workouts, but I just can’t see myself doing that all the time, for the rest of my life.

So, I try and find a reasonable life-balance that I can consistently do.

For your sake, I hope you don’t experience the same life-long weight & body shape insecurities I have endured.

Since you’re still young, there’s a good chance that your weight & height will become more proportional in your late teens & early 20s.

Also, if you continue to workout, eat responsibly, and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle, your chances of maintaining an average or better than average weight will increase exponentially.

Regardless, be as comfortable in your own skin as you can, and know that you’re not alone in how you are feeling.

Compression Undershirts (shapewear, binders)

If you want a good quality and reliable compression undershirt, I’d recommend taking a look at (they also sell on amazon).

Compression Undershirt from Underworks

They are the experts in their industry, and have several styles of compression undershirts and compression tank tops to choose from.

I’d recommend buying a couple different compression levels, and see which ones you feel most comfortable with.

Be careful when shopping for compression undershirts from other brands on Amazon. Many of the products shown are just light compression shirts — not true shapewear that bind or compress.

You may need to search for “Shapewear” or “Binders” to get more precise results, but even then, you will get some products that aren’t truly higher compression shapewear undershirts.

Leo is another brand that has been doing compression undershirts for quite some time, and would also be a decent option to look at.

Some other brands on Amazon that look somewhat legitimate are Shaxea & Hoter.

Leg Shapewear

There are various options when it comes to shapewear for legs.

You could try purchasing some anti-chafing leg bands, like the ones written about in this article.

Leg bands for men

Alternatively, you could try a body+underwear shapewear product like this one from Shaxea (Amazon). It offers thigh & waist compression.

Shaxea Men's Shapewear
Shaxea Men’s Shapewear

The Sausage Effect

I suspect you’re referring to what I wrote about the sausage effect in this article.

In simple terms, a compression undershirt can only compress or move your extra fat around, to create a more smooth silhouette.

More compression + more fat = the more it will make you feel wrapped (for lack of a better description).

It’s like stuffing too much sausage meat in a sausage skin (:

Fat guys: The sausage effect
Photo Credit: The Fat Guys (

Hope the above information helps.

Please email me back if you have any other questions.


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