Compression and Slimming Undershirts. Men’s Shapewear

What started off as an article primarily to address a readers question about whether or not there was an undershirt that would help flatten his chest area, has expanded quickly into the most comprehensive article about men’s shapewear (compression and slimming undershirts) on the web.

Please note this article was originally written in 2008, and some of the brands/products listed below may no longer be available. 

They are kept in the list for historical purposes.

Here’s my theory – compression undershirts have been around for a while, but they have been primarily designed for and marketed to men looking to help mask the effects of gynecomastia (man boobs).

I’m just guessing, but at some point last year, some smart marketing person must have had a light bulb go off in their head and decided that these same compression undershirts could be marketed in a new way and could address a new and different market need.

I also suspect that some of the companies that are now offering shapewear for men have gone to some extent to enhance the designs of some of the early generation compression undershirts so they look more like undershirts, and have a more masculine, sporty design.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

So, with all that said, the article below addresses not only the reader’s original question, it also provides information on various men’s shapewear undershirts.

Here’s the original title of this article:

Ask Tug: Is there an Undershirt or Wifebeater that will hide or mask the effects of Gynecomastia (puffy nipples)?

I’m really glad this reader wrote in to ask his question.

It’s an important topic we haven’t discussed here yet and it’s about time we did.

Here’s his email:

Hey how are you? I found your blog while looking for a solution to my problem.

It’s not really a problem :) but it’s something that I deal with everyday.

I’m looking for an undershirt or a wifebeater preferably that will help me hide/flatten my chest area.

Definitely, I am not overweight or anything like that…I am actually in good shape.

The thing is that to me my chest and nipples look like they are “popping out” more that I would like them to… I am very self conscious and it is something that I get embarrassed about, even though people around me tell me that you can’t really notice it.

Basically what I’ve been doing is putting a wide elastic band around my chest area and then i wear my wifebeater on top.

It’s something that I’m getting tired of doing everyday…so I was wondering if you know of any brand of wifebeater that can help me with this problem that I have without having to put something else under it?

I was reading about compression shirts form “under armour”…but i haven’t been able to find one that looks like a tank top from them.

They all have long sleeves and are usually dark colors. Plus, I don’t even know if a compression shirt would work for what I need.

Thank you very much, and hopefully you can help me out.

Hi J,

Thank you so much for writing in with your question.

This has been a topic that I’ve wanted to write about for some time, but I just haven’t had the time to address it, that is, until now.

The good news is, there are some undershirts that I can refer you to that are specially designed to address your particular need.

But, before I tell you about them, I wanted to share some information about the condition you’re experiencing with your nipples so you realize that you’re not alone.

In fact, roughly 33%-50% of males (adolescent & adult), including those who are in good shape such as yourself, experience some form of this condition.

The medical name for the condition is gynecomastia (alternate spelling: gynaecomastia).

It’s also referred to a man boobs (moobs), puffy nipples, and excessive chest fat.

Men experience this condition in varying degrees of severity and it ranges from slightly puffy nipples to a complete feminine appearance.

If you’re still a young male, there is a good possibility that you will grow out of it.

For your reference, here are a few websites that provide some good information about the topic:

  1. Gynecomastia in Men
  2. Male Puffy Nipples – Why Do They Happen? (
  3. How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs (Moobs), Eliminate Puffy Nipples, and Burn Chest Fat

If you’re looking to eliminate the condition altogether, remedies range from dieting, taking special supplements, to plastic surgery (liposuction).

To address your original question about whether or not there are tank tops or undershirts available that will help mask your nipple area, I have a few recommendations:

Fitted/Stretchy tank tops and undershirts

There are a wide range of fitted (form fitting, body conscious) undershirts that are made out stretchy material (lycra, spandex, polyester, dow xla) that will fit you closely and comfortably.

Form fitting full undershirts will likely provide more compressing effects since there is more fabric in the chest and arm area than with tanks tops.

That said, while I am not able to suggest one that closely resembles a wife beater tank, here are some options for you to look at:

  • Men’s Stretch 2xist tank tops at
  • Men’s Stretch undershirts at
  • Also try searching for “stretch undershirt” or “stretch t-shirt” at and

Core Precision Undershirts from Equmen

These new high performance undershirts look like a new promising alternative that you might consider.

I’m probably over simplifying it but they strike me as a cross between Compression athletic shirts and Spanx.

They use a HELIX-MAPPING Body Response Technology that looks pretty interesting and is described further on their website.

Based on the pictures, it appears they will offer them in tank top, crew neck, and v-neck styles and white, black, grey, and blue colors.

See My Review Here: Undershirt Review: Equmen Core Precision Undershirt


New men’s shapewear/compression “undershirt on steriods” from Yummie Tummie creator Heather Thomson.

Dual fabric technology provides comfort in chest and sweep and provides compression in section midsection. Comes in v-neck and crew neck. Price: $58.

International Customers can purchase RIPT Fusion at

See My Reviews:

Sculptees: Sculptwear for Men

Another new find from a reader. This company also offers a variety of compression tops and briefs.

The collection includes tank tops and t-shirt compression tees (black and white) as well as a compression waistband and short and long briefs.

Tanks cost $58 and Tees cost $78. (Original site:

See My Review Here: Undershirt Review: Sculptees T-Slim Crew Neck Undershirt

SPANX for Men Cotton Compression Undershirts

By Sara Blakely – Pre-Order SPANX for Men Cotton Compression Undershirts starting today.

See My Reviews:

Bodymax from Marks & Spencer

Due to release in early January 2010, UK retailer Marks & Spencer recently announced that they are launching their own men’s shapewear undershirts under the brand Bodymax.

The retailer claims these special slimming undershirts will take up to 1.5″ off your waistline and with prices ranging from $19 – $24 USD (more than 50% less than most other slimming undershirts), M&S could change the face of the men’s shapewear market pretty dramatically.

See My “Initial Thoughts” Review: Wanna See The New Bodymax Shapewear Slimming Undershirts for Men? Here Are My Initial Thoughts

Update: Marks & Spencer Announces New Bodymax+ Seamless Shaping Vests.

Manshape Shapewear Support Underwear 

I can’t take any credit for finding this product, but one of the company reps (duffy) stopped by the site and posted a comment down below introducing me (and the rest of the world) to their product line.

They offer a Supportank ($31) and a Support Brief ($42.50).

From the pictures on their website and on, their Supportank is designed very similar to the RIPT Fusion undershirt, with a cotton top and a 4-way stretch body/bottom. 

Hmmm, maybe Heather Thomson should talk to Duffy to see about quickly adding a tank to the RIPT Fusion line!

See My Review Here: Undershirt Review: Manshape Support Tank Top

Go Softwear

This company has offered their Waist Eliminator ($26) for some time, however, they recently released their own version of a Slimming Tank ($30). 

It has a similar design to the RIPT Fusion undershirt and the Manshape Supportank in that the top part is made from cotton/lycra and the bottom part, which offers compression/slimming effects around the midsection/love handle area, is made from a nylon/lycra blend.


Undergear Shape Enhancer Underwear Products 

A variety of men’s shapewear that includes slimming tanks, slimming partial body suits (briefs and boxer style), padded butt underwear, and padded front boxers.

The tanks (Body Shaper Top & Body Trimmer Top) retail for $27.99.


Firm51 Gynecomastia Power T-Shirts

Got an email from the folks at Firm51 to let me know about their compression t-shirts that look like a regular cotton t-shirt.

They offer their shirts in tank top, crew neck, and v-neck and they come in white and black.

They also offer a double-layered vest for additional compression. From a quick look at their website, they seem similar in concept and look to the new product from Equmen.

Powerful compression panels on the inside give you a flat & masculine chest. Firm51 is UK’s premier online seller of Power T-shirts & vest.


See My Review Here: Undershirt Review: Feeling Flat in My Firm51 Compression Tank Top and Undershirt

Slix Downsizer 

(01/08/2010) – Launched in November 2009

50% Polyester / 37% Nylon / 13% Elastane.

The Downsizer utilizes seamless construction and a slightly heavier weight than The Influencer to streamline your physique.

Features: Seamless construction, Blended mesh knit that breathes and wicks moisture, Moderate compression, Raglan sleeves, Tagless.

Colors: White. Price: $39.00


Ultimate Body Sculptor T-shirt

From Julie France online – (01/15/2010)

Just came across this new men’s body shaper / slimming crew neck undershirt. 84% Polyamide / 14% Spandex / 2% Cotton. Colors: White & Black. Price: $62.00


CG2 Compression Tank Tops & T-shirts 

(3/18/2010) This one has been on my list for some time, but it was categorized together below with Underworks.

Recently, a reader wrote in and asked for a recommendation for tank that had compression in the chest, but no so much in the waist area, and said the GC2 was great for nights out on the town!

Also, I’ve recently been in touch with the founder and he has a great story!  His wife is a fashion designer.

He suffers from gynecomastia.  They teamed up around 17 years ago and created the shirts for him.

After years of wearing them, he and his wife decided to manufacture them and sell them online!

They are made in the USA too. Price: Around $22 – $25 per undershirt/tank.

See My Review Here: Undershirt Review: Out on the Town in my GC2 Compression Tank Top Undershirts

Underworks Men’s Shapewear

Long time player in the men’s shapewear category.

Originally marketed as gynecomastia undershirts and undewear, Underworks has been on my list since I wrote this post.

Since that time, they have developed several mainstream products that offer a fantastic overall price to performance ratio.

Product is made in the USA too.  

Prices vary, Average price: $33 – $39 per shirt


2xist Form Shapewear Briefs Collection

Due out in July 2009 (Launched).

Tug Exclusive! 2(x)ist Creative Director Confirms Mens Shapewear FORM Collection Launch Details

2xist Launches Form Shapewear Line for Men

Ardyss Abdomen Men’s Shirt

Tank Top. Designed to give firm abdominal support and reinforces the lower back.

It helps to protect the spine from backaches and muscular fatigue.

Sizes: XXS – XXL. I have one and will be doing a review early April 2010 soon. Price: $60

6/04/10 Update: See My Ardyss Abdomen Undershirt Review Here

Freedom Band™ Underwear from Haband

(3/22/2010) Similar to the support underwear from Manshape and 2(x)ist.

Underwear comes with a wide waistband that holds in the love handles. Offered in briefs, boxer briefs, and boxers.

Price: $11


Insta Slim Undershirts, Tank Tops, Slimming Belts

Slimming / shapewear products – This company offers pretty affordable compression tanks ($29.90) and crew neck undershirts ($39.90) that are available in black and white.

If you buy 1, you get the 2nd on FREE! See their website for more information.

5/13/10 Update: Looks like I will be getting samples of this product to review so keep an eye out for a review in the coming weeks.

8/29/10 Update: See My Insta Slim Review Here


SlimTs Mens Body Shaping Tank top

(3/22/2010) “As Seen on TV”.

I heard about this tank from a reader who saw an advertisement on tv so I tracked down where to buy it online.

Not really sure what to make of this slimming tank, but the marketing claims that it offers the same slimming benefits as other men’s shapewear/slimming undershirts listed here.

The tank is designed with ab panels, assumably so it gives you the appearance of having a “six pack”.

Price: $19.95 (add a 3-pack for an additional $29.95 plus S&H)

Would be interested to hear from someone who ordered this product.

Leonisa Men’s Shaper / Compression Shaper

(6/28/2010) Just came across this product.

Designed like a zip-up tank top. Has criss-cross support on the back of the garment likely designed to pull back the shoulders.

Comes in a nude color. Price: $59.99


Ript Skinz

(8/18/2010) – Just got some info on this new unique men’s shapewear product line slated to release in Spring 2011.

This garment line combines compression/slimming with cosmetic skincare infused hi-tech fabric.

The combination will firm, flatten, and tone the wearer over time.

The Original Slim T for Men 

(11/05/2010) Not to be confused with #18 above.

The Original Slim T for Men is a slimming v-neck tank top that has been around for several years (although I just found out about it!).

Styles: V-Neck tank top (white, but black coming soon), Short Sleeve version coming in early December 2010.

Price: $34.99.


Asda Shape Enhancer T-shirt

(12/23/10) – Walmart UK subsidiary. New to the mix.

UK supermarket chain started selling this slimming undershirt sometime in 2010.

Just came across an article that compared Asda to many other leading slimming undershirts and Asda was rated the best.  

Price: £7, $10.78 USD


Moda Cocoon Men’s Shapewear

(12/23/10) – Reader sent in information about this product he saw at a mall.

Man’s Control T-Shirt. Reduces waist and abdomen. Side zipper for greater comfort.

They also have a Men’s Thermal T-shirt that not only shapes the physique, it’s thermal zone (latex “Rubberflex”) is suppose to shape and reduce the abdomen.

Here’s their 2010 Catalog.

Price: $70 (approximate). Also available on


Figleaves Slimming/Shaping Undershirts & Tanks

(3/23/11) – Online store offering a large selection of men’s and women’s undergarments, swimwear, shapewear, etc.

Servicing 100 countries including the U.S., but based in UK. Figleaves has just released their own private label compression/slimming/shaping undershirt lines.

Ultimate Seamless Rib Range & Shaping Control Range.

Price Range: $33 – $45 per (discounts for 2-packs).


Power Body Sculpting Shapewear for Men

(6/2011) – New affordable line of cotton/spandex compression undershirts for the cost conscious.

Company behind the Power Body brand is Delta Galil, a global manufacturer and marketer of private label apparel products for men, women and children.

Pricing ranges from $19.99 on to $25 on

Colors: White & Black. Styles: Crew Neck & Tank Top

8/31/11 Update: Read my Power Body Undershirt Review here.


CK Core Sculpt Performance T’s

(6/24/11) – Range includes crew neck, v-neck, and tank top.

Prices range from $55 – $58,


One Flat Jack

(8/12/11) – Reader just wrote in and mentioned he saw this new compression undershirt brand online at

Line comes in crew neck, v-neck, tank top, and a waist cincher.

Prices range from $35 (cincher) – $58 (undershirts).


SculptX Men’s Shapewear

(5/2012) – Just ran across this company.

Offers a Crew Shaping Undershirt in white and black (big and tall sizes too) as well as boxer briefs in white and black.

Shirt shapers: $38.50. Boxers: $31.50.


papi Six Pack Collection

(3/2013) – Cotton/Spandex (83/17) compression undershirts ($48) and tank tops ($44).

Latest sale price $36/$33 undershirts/tanks.



(3/2013) – Ran across this chest compressing undershirt recently.

Website has as a bit of a “As Seen on TV” feel, but the product claims to focus the compression in the chest area.

I’m going to try and reach out to the business and see if they can provide any more details.  

Price: $29.95 plus shipping and handling.  They also have discounted 3-packs and 5-packs.



(10/2014) – Brand making FTM (Female to Male) Chest Binders.

Prices range from $40 – $70. Affiliated with/owned by Dr. Garramone (link).



(1/2015) – Someone named “Eva” posted a comment with a link to their site.

Don’t know how legit they are, but they do seem to have a collection of shapers and sweat-tops (neoprene).


Compression athletic shirts

These types of shirts are more widely recognized for their use in sports, Under Armour being the most widely known and are typically made out of blends like polyester and spandex.

Depending on the shirt, you may feel a little warmer when wearing one of these, but there are short sleeve versions available and they do a good job of compressing your entire torso area.

Here are a couple of options:

  1. CoolClothing USA Short Sleeve Compression Shirt
  2. Short Sleeve Compression Shirts at
  3. Merena Group Website – Men’s Briefs, Body Suits & Vests

I hope the information helps you find something that works for your particular needs.

If you decide to try any of the above products and find that it works for you, please be sure to write back in and let me know so I can share it with my readers.

Thanks again for writing in!


How to wear undershirts

12 thoughts on “Compression and Slimming Undershirts. Men’s Shapewear”

  1. I am sure there are lots of men loving this! It is hillarious that everyone is wearing something to make it look like they have a certain shape, that almost no one has.

  2. Hey Tug,

    Thank you very much for this comprehensive article. Is there a full-body compression underwear (especially for the waist) that you would recommend?

    Many thanks,

    • heya john, there are some compression underwear products that are more full-body.

      off the top of my head, i know of the following:
      1. asda body sculpt all-in-one (mansie)
      2. underworks bodysuits
      3. some shape enhancers from underworks

      there are probably more, but if you check out those products, you’ll be able to figure out what each company calls them, then search here on my site or over on google for some additional products in the same general category.

      hope the information above helps! let me know what you wind up buying and what you think of it!

  3. Hey Tug, between an Underworks tank and a GC2 tank, which would you say will compress the equivalent of a woman’s A cup (for lack of better measuring terms) better? I’m looking for a trim chest line and want to get as close as possible. If you have a recommendation better than Underworks or GC2 please let me know!

  4. But which ones are best for chest compression (like 1 or 2 options not 23).
    Most are meant for stomach compression and tend to leave the chest a bit looser.

    • hey mike,

      thanks for stopping by my site and posting your question!

      so far, the slimming undershirts that i feel have the best chest compression are:
      underworks/firm51 (same product)

      in that order. hope that helps!

  5. But which ones are best for chest compression (like 1 or 2 options not 23). Most are meant for stomach compression and tend to leave the chest a bit looser

  6. Hi Tug – you’ve totally overlooked us & we’re the long term player in this business. We have been manufacturing men’s support/compression underwear IN THE USA for 25 years. See our website at We make 2 styles of compression briefs – High Rise and Midrise and the Supportank. Our garments, unlike all others, feature a proprietary woven stretch fabric that has 41% cotton on the surface so it’s got a comfortable cotton feel. It’s called “core spun” since the core of the yarn making up the fabric is a whopping 35% Lycra Spandex + 24% nylon and since it’s woven, it does not stretch out or bag after many washings. Some wearers literally get a decade of wear out of our garments. Buying our product supports our U.S. workforce and economy & no one else can make that claim. Plus the garment is so well made and long wearing and costs less than many of the newer styles out on the market. Check it out! I’m surprised we’ve been so under your radar.

    • hey duffy! thanks for stopping by the site and telling us about the Manshape Supportank and Support Brief products! I will definitely put you in the list of products on this article.

  7. Evening, I was searching for the wondershirt and came across your blog, but not an accident any longer. I like the site and it is very helpful for my blog. I hope this wondershirt takes off. The beautiful guys are on flickr. Another reason to worship guys.



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