Un-Funk Your Junk. Comfy Boys Deodorant For Your Balls

Men, the folks from Comfy Boys have created a lotion for your junk that’ll keep your package dry and spring-fresh.

Hi Tug,

Don’t Sweat it.

Let’s be honest, most men sweat below the belt, but why allow yourself to suffer?

Give the “boys” a break and de-funk your junk with Comfy Boys, #1 Intimate Deodorant for Men, excellent active and stylish men alike.  

At work, on a date, while getting ripped or getting it on don’t let sweating ruin your style.

With the hot summer heat coming, avoid awkward odors and discomfort with Comfy Boys. A bold new deodorant going where no other deodorant has gone before.

Comfy Boys Deodorant (for your Walnuts)

  • Where to Buy: Amazon
  • Site: http://www.deodorantforman.com/
  • Price: $14.98
  • Size: 4oz lotion
  • Description: A Professionally Formulated Intimate Deodorant for Men – 4 0z Fresh Scented Lotion
  • Features: Antibacterial, Wetness Eliminator, Odor Blocker, Instant Gratification Solution. Unique Blend Of Natural ingredients Providing a Light Scent Of Freshness

Comfy Boys Product Photos

comfy-boys-deodorant-lotion-packaing-front comfy-boys-deodorant-lotion-packaing-back

3 thoughts on “Un-Funk Your Junk. Comfy Boys Deodorant For Your Balls”

  1. Ii want to order the comfy boys product but Amazon will not deliver to my address in Canada.

    Any idea where I can purchase it and get it delivered?

    • hey arone, i’ve got three ideas for you:

      1. why don’t you visit the company’s website (http://www.comfyboys.com/), and see if they support shipping to canada. they have an online store there, so they may offer shipping to canada.
      2. use their contact page to email them and ask them if they will ship to canada.
      3. if that doesn’t work, you should consider signing up for a forwarding address service, where you can get a united states address, and they’ll forward it to you in canada.

      hope that helps. let me know what happens!


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