Looking For A Super Soft Undershirt To Sleep In. Any Suggestions?

Here’s an email from a reader who is looking for an undershirt he can sleep in. What’s interesting about this email exchange is that it resurfaced the 2(x)ist undershirt that a reader wrote in about some time ago.


I am looking for a super soft cotton undershirt primarily for sleeping in.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

I am a big guy 6’2″ and 260 I’m also 54 years old. So looking cool is not important.

Softness, comfort and durability are what I’m looking for ideally at a reasonable price.

Thanks for your help,


My response:

Hey Peter,

Thanks for stopping by the site and sending in your question! You know, I’ve never been asked about a sleeping undershirt yet so I’m really happy you wrote in.

To be totally honest, the only undershirt that comes to mind off-hand is my white 2(x)ist box-cut v-neck undershirt. I’ll have to look for it to see if there are any specifics about which one it is so you can locate it but its really soft and very lightweight.

2xist v-neck undershirt

Personally, I don’t wear undershirts to bed. I normally wear soft, lighter weight, baggy/oversized tees like Merona, Cherokee, or breakwater – – the ones you can get at Target or Walmart.

I’ve had mine now for well over a couple of years and they have held up great, although they do look pretty bummy on me now since they are at least a size too big for me (I bought them when I was 10-15 lbs. heavier). I like the fact that they are loose/too big because they offer a lot of air flow and that keeps me cool and comfortable when I’m sleeping.

The main reason I like wearing a tee to bed over a standard undershirt is because I like the fact that I can just throw on my shorts or jeans and flip flops in the morning and I feel more dressed than I would if I had just been wearing an undershirt.

What type of tee/undershirt have you normally been wearing and what have you liked or not liked about it??

Peter’s response:


Thanks for writing back.

I typically sleep in a very old JC Penny Stafford under shirt or a 10 year old Thousand Mile tee shirt.

I am ok with Tee shirts especially after they are old and soft.

I was hoping to find an undershirt that is already “broken in” so soft, comfortable and durable are key to me.

I will look into the shirts you mentioned.

What is your take on the Kirkland stuff? Also Nordstrom and Brooks Brothers use supima cotton which is nice.


A final reply,

Hi Peter,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

After our email exchange, I dug out my 2(x)ist undershirt and confirmed my thoughts about it being a great undershirt to sleep in – it’s awesome. In fact, I’ve been wearing every night ever since. also, there was a recent comment from a reader about 2xist undershirts who also had good things to say about them.

The trick about these undershirts is that they manufacture them in different places and we figured out that the ones made in Thailand are the ones to go with.

I’m a big fan of Kirkland because they make a quality, thick, high-collared undershirt and sell it for a good price. I don’t really think it’s the best undershirt to sleep in though because it’s a little thicker than I personally like to wear for sleeping. I’ll have to look into the Nordstrom and brook brother Supima undershirts — I don’t have any yet, so can’t really comment on them.

Keep me posted on what undershirt you decide on and email me back to let me know what you think!

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