What T-Shirt Did Chris Evans Wear In Captain America?

Well here is another question from a reader about a t-shirt worn in an action movie. This time the question is about what t-shirt Chris Evans wore in the Marvel movie Captain America: The First Avenger.

white t-shirt worn by chris evans captain america first avenger
Chris Evans in Captain America: The First Avenger. What white t-shirt is he wearing in this photo? Sources say it’s either a Mossimo or Hanes

The Reader’s Question

How can I get the same heavy white cotton t shirt that Captain America had when running through wharf NYC early in that movie?

Looked thick and of very high quality!

Thanks and are these around or some like it?  V-Neck t-shirt preferred.

-TJ (Air Force)

Steve Rogers: Wearing White T-shirt (After Transformation Scene)

Here’s a clip from the scene:

Here’s another scene where Evans’ character Steve Rogers (Captain America) woke up 70 years later after his transformation, wearing a similar white t-shirt, but one with the SSR emblem.


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chris evans white t-shirt captain america first avenger times square

My Investigation on Chris Evans’ T-Shirt

I sent out a couple inquiries and got some initial intel that appears to be accurate.

A friend of mine pointed me to a page on yourprops.com where seller “coolcap” is selling an original piece of Chris Evans’ Captain America t-shirt.

I created an account and emailed coolcap to see if I could get more information. 

I got the following response about the original white tee.

They used a costume designer and the prototypes were Hanes and Mossimo, but they just went with a costume designer and yes its for sale.

Price: $100

captain america ssr shirt
Captain America t-shirt with SSR logo

I emailed coolcap back to see if I could get some more details. But might just drop the 100 bucks to snatch up this Captain America SSR shirt and get the details.

Still waiting to hear back from a couple of folks, so stay tuned. Hopefully, we’ll get some more specifics over the next couple of days!

My guess is that the two t-shirts are the same — one without the SSR emblem/logo, and one with.

Separately, but somewhat related — if you are into 60s’ teen films and James Dean, you may want to know about the white t-shirt he was wearing in Rebel Without a Cause.


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9 thoughts on “What T-Shirt Did Chris Evans Wear In Captain America?”

  1. The guy was asking about the plain t shirt pictured at the top of the page… He even says “wharf” NYC meaning olden day New York City, featured “early in that movie”… but somehow you took away that he meant the scene at the end?

    • actually, the first photo of steve rogers (chris evans) wearing a plain white/off-white t-shirt in the article wasn’t correct — so i just fixed it. also, i don’t exactly remember why i said it was the film’s end scene, so i corrected that part as well.

      that said, the other info in the article is correct. the t-shirt that chris evans was wearing in the new york city times square scene was a white/off-white t-shirt with the SSR chest emblem. the one i found and mentioned in the article.

      thanks for bringing those items to my attention (:

    • hmmm, actually — looks like i might have been wrong. when i have time, i’ll have to investigate this a bit more.

      for some reason i came to the conclusion he was talking about the white/off-white t-shirt steve rogers (chris evans) was wearing in new york city (times square) after he woke up. the one i mentioned in this article with the ssr emblem on it.

      my guess is that the t-shirts are probably all the same — some my have been equipped with the ssr emblem, and others did not.

      i’ll have to check to see if i can find the scene this reader was referring to.

  2. Any update on finding how to get the shirt.
    If I were tshirt factory owner I would make shirts close to that white shirt and take advantage of the demand

    • heya calvin, good to hear from you buddy.

      actually, the article has the latest information on what t-shirt chris evans was wearing — looks like it was just a plain-old hanes or mossimo t-shirt that was customized by a costume designer.

      i don’t think there’s much demand for this t-shirt and i doubt anyone could rightfully copy the graphics on that shirt exactly and commercially sell it, due to copyright infringement.

  3. See, the continuous theme; and at times for fashionable “strenuous” of these shirts translates to “The Avengers” movie. Where we see this young buck wearing a similar vintage shirt.


    I believe personally that it is vintage. For the main reason being that there is nothing out there of similar value or structure.

    If anyone has any idea’s on what this shirt/shirts may be. I would be very interested to hear. I’m going to look into the contume designer for futher inspection. If I could get ahold of them, I’m sure they would be of some help.

    Keep looking folks and keep posting! Get website!

    • hey devon! thanks for your contribution!

      like the seller above said, the prototypes were hanes and mossimo. wondering if the tee chris is wearing in the image you linked to is one of those.

      let me know if you find anything out about the captain america t-shirt. would love to have the deets.

  4. Do you really believe that to be the real movie prop?
    I mean, when you look at those two pictures side by side, the SSR logo just doesn’t seem the right size.
    Just what I think.


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