Cheap $0.78 Ribbed Tank Tops Available for Sale! (Wholesale)

I just got introduced to an overseas manufacturing company who is looking for a happy home for a shit-ton of ribbed a-shirt tank top undershirts.

Read the details below, and get in touch with me if you’re interested in purchasing the items below. I will make a private into to the seller.

Wholesale Men’s A-Shirts: 3-Pack Details

  • Price: $2.35 USD per 3-pack ($0.78 per a-shirt!)
  • Fabric: 100% cotton, 2×1 rib, 150-gsm
  • Color: White only
  • Per Container Quantity Available: 36,120 3-packs (That’s 108,360 ribbed tank tops per container)
  • Size Breakdown per Container: Small: 15,840 • Medium: 32,400 • Large: 37,080 • Extra Large: 23,040
  • # of Containers Available: 3 (That’s 325,080 total ribbed tank tops)
  • Condition: New, firsts
  • Location of Merchandise: New Jersey, USA
  • Reason for Availability: Late Shipments — I suppose this means they did not deliver on time and the original buyer did not accept them
  • Minimum Order: I believe they prefer to sell all three containers, but they may sell a minimum of one (1) container to a serious buyer. One container would cost $84,882 USD
  • Additional Notes: Factory in Turkey has 8 more containers (in addition to the 3 containers above) of these same A-shirts they will ship. Take all quantity LDP $2.30 per 3-pc pack. Terms: Committed Purchase Order along with 30% deposit required prior to shipping, balance due upon arrival into USA

Wholesale Men’s A-Shirts: 3-Pack Photos

Wholesale ribbed tank top undershirts. 3-pack packaging-front

Wholesale ribbed tank top undershirts. 3-pack packaging-backWholesale ribbed tank top undershirts.


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