Champion Discontinues A-Shirt. Looking For Loose Fitting Tank Top Replacement

Looking for a white, non-ribbed, loose-fitting, Champion tank top replacement

Looks like another good product bites the dust. This reader wrote in looking for something as good, or better than the Champion tank top he loved so much.

This time, in addition to reaching out to my resident tank top expert “C” in Cali, I also sleeked the advice and guidance of two other tank top aficionados that I’ve been in contact with lately. Thanks to all three of them for helping out this reader.


I am looking for a good replacement to an undershirt tank tee that Champion has stopped making. It was white cotton and it was loose fitting. Not ribbed and clingy like most brands. Can you help me find something similar?


Response from “C” in Cali:


Unribbed, loose and not clingy, eh? Dude, you get some tough requirements.

I’m not surprised that Champion has joined seemingly everyone else in discontinuing products that appealed to some of us shoppers. It is getting annoying.

Your reader will face a problem since he doesn’t want ribbed fabric and yet seeks a loose fitting undershirt. The non-ribbed competitors are pretty much of a niche market. Loose fitting rules out the non-ribbed entries offered by Target’s Merona replacement which is non-ribbed but more a compression wannabe. I think it’s branded “Evolve” but it does have an annoying strip of material along the sides. If the stripe doesn’t bother him, it’s worth a look though he would find it tightly fitting. Alfani offers a nice shirt that meets the loose requirement, but it is ribbed though less boldly than the other shirts in the same price category. If your reader is not a big guy, he may find the medium Alfani shirt a bit too roomy, though. I haven’t tried the 2Xist brand, but they “may” have something. Lastly, Adidas seems to be pushing a new line, though I am not sure whether they make athletic shirts. I’ve never found any; seem to be only T’s and V’s, though nicely packaged. The “usual suspects” (Stafford, Puritan, FOTL, Hanes, and Jockey) are all ribbed. He may want to shop around at some of the athletic stores since Champion really is more of a gym-type tank.

Hope this helps.

Response from “RC”

Hey tug,

I am hardly the expert. *smile* I know Calvin Klein makes one. The straps may be to narrow though. I have some and they fit nicely. Kohls has a private label tank that is not ribbed. Again the strap is more narrow in comparison to the Champion brand. DNKY might be the best bet. The straps are more standard. I just looked on Sierra trading Post. They usually have non ribbed tanks at great prices. They unfortunately did not have any.

I just remembered another but don’t remember the name. It is Walmart’s private label. George? Yes I think that is it. That would probably be best for this guy. If they still sell them. Priced well.

I was hoping more would weigh in on the prior tank post.

Hope that helps!

Response from “TC”

Hi Tug,

First of all, thank you for asking. I am rather a fanatic about my athletic undershirts and like to encourage other guys to wear them. As I am sure you know, I really enjoy your site and appreciate you taking the time and effort to extol the virtues of undershirts.

While I prefer the tighter fitting, classic ribbed style A-shirt, I have worn some of the looser fitting ones over the years. For a higher end brand, I would suggest Hanro. The Schiesser brand is also good and you can sometimes find them on Sierra Trading Post. It has been a couple of years since I purchased any from them, so I am not certain that they still carry this style. A more affordable choice would be the Hugo Boss tanks. I have seen these at Nordstrom’s and Bloomingdale’s and you can also purchase them online. These might be the closest in price to the Champion brand. If “A” is open to different options on fabric, Players makes a nylon tank. It is loose fitting so, depending on what he wears the tank for, he might enjoy it. My final suggestion is DKNY. It has been a few years since I purchased any, but the fit was loose and the fabric was more similar to a crew neck. “A” might want to search online for these first to see if there are any reviews since the style could have changed.

Best regards,

Tank Top Product Recommendation Recap

  1. Target Evolve Tank Top (“C” in Cali) – not as loose fitting, plus has an annoying strip of material along the side
  2. Alfani Tank Top (“C” in Cali) – meets loose criteria, but it’s ribbed. Nice product though
  3. 2xist Tank Top (“C” in Cali) – may offer one, but not certain
  4. Adidas Tank Top (“C” in Cali) – pushing a new line, but not certain if there’s a tank. Since Champion was more of an athletic brand, check out sports-type stores
  5. Calvin Klein Tank Top (“RC”) – loose and non-ribbed, though they have narrow straps
  6. Kohls Tank Top [Private Label] (“RC”) – also loose and non-ribbed, narrower straps than Champion
  7. DNKY Tank Top (“RC”) – best bet and most similar to Champion.
  8. George Tank Top [Walmart Private Label] (“RC”) – another recommendation, but I’m pretty sure Walmart isn’t carrying the George-brand undershirts any more
  9. Hanro Tank Top (“TC”) – higher end, but meets all the requirements if price is not an issue
  10. Schiesser Tank Top (“TC”) – Check Sierra Trading Post from time to time for this one
  11. Hugo Boss Tank Top (“TC”) – Similar in product and price to Champion. Available at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and online
  12. Players Tank Top (“TC”) – loose fitting, non-ribbed tank. Made from nylon, not cotton
  13. DNKY Tank Top (“TC”) – also recommended by “RC”, and “TC” confirms that it’s similar to Champion, but it’s been a few years since he’s bought one.

Let me throw out one other idea…

You might want to check out some of the plain cotton or cotton/blend tank tops from companies like Fruit of the Loom (2930 5.6oz heavy cotton tank), Gildan 6.1 oz. Ultra Cotton® Tank (G220), Anvil 5.4 oz. Tank (215), 1976 Authentic Pigment Pigment-Dyed Tank, or something similar. You won’t find them in typical retail stores, but you can usually find products like these at your local screen printer or embroidery shop.  See, they have to stock a bunch of t-shirt/tank products for screen printing/logo work and there’s a who bunch of product lines and suppliers that cater to t-shirt printing/embroidery companies that are not available in regular retail.

Summing it up…

Well, there you have it. Straight from the experts to you!  The power of the community is awesome, isn’t it?

Wow, 12 amazing recommendations from our experts, and a couple from yours truly to get “A” on his way to finding the perfect Champion replacement tank top!

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