Ceceba Brings German Made Undershirts to USA

Ceceba Fine-Rib Crew Neck Undershirt
Ceceba Fine-Rib Crew Neck Undershirt

By way of an email from a company rep, I was recently introduced to Ceceba Underwear, a Germany-based manufacturer of fine mens underwear:

You should check out Ceceba. They have the greatest feeling underwear and Tee shirts. Period.

Ceceba is based out of Germany and has been making great underwear since 1893 and has been in the US for 2 years and is already in a very well known retail chain.

Recently we were compared to Zimmerli and was told by someone who has ran Brioni for 20 years that we are the very best!! Our tee shirts fit to form. There’s no bellowing at the bottom and its a smooth combed cotton..You should really do a story on them. We are personal favorites by very high end clientele but yet our price is at the price of polo.

We would love to send you some personals so we can make you a Ceceba believer as well!!

Intrigued, I decided to visit the Ceceba USA website and the Ceceba North America Online Store for more information.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

Ceceba Double-Rib Tank Top Undershirt
Ceceba Double-Rib Tank Top Undershirt

Ceceba Product Highlights

  1. Fine-Rib Bodywear Crew ($19), Tank ($17), Mid-thigh Brief ($19), Brief ($13) – Pure 100% SuperCombed Cotton
  2. Double-Rib Bodywear Crew ($19), Tank ($13), Mid-thigh Brief ($19), Brief ($12) – Pure 100% SuperCombed Cotton
  3. Diving Bodywear Vee ($28) – Colors: White, Black – 92% Viscose / 8% Elastane
  4. Premium Tee ($24, 2 pack) – Colors:  White. Styles: Crew Neck, V-Neck

Fabric and Construction

  • Our perfectly-finished fine-rib [and double-rib] SuperCombed cotton offers maximum breathability and multi-directional stretch for all-day fit and comfort. Contoured and form fitting for a body-accentuating silhouette. Moves with you, while being invisible under outershirts. Resistant to pilling and static cling. Perfectly seamless circular knitting results in no side seams for smoother contact with the skin.

Although I’m not totally clear on what “SuperCombed” Cotton is (other than the implied softness), I am really looking forward to trying out the Ceceba undershirt line. First and foremost because I’m curious to find out how soft these undershirts really are. Also, I’m a pretty big fan of “rib” undershirts because they offer a great amount of horizontal stretch without the need for lycra.

Since cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics on planet earth, I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping these Ceceba undershirts live up to everything I’m reading about them.

If these guys can deliver a luxury feeling undershirt at the $19 price point, there is no doubt Ceceba will make it into my top 5 list! I will keep you posted.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

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