$17 Sweat Proof Undershirts and Underwear from FEELU

For those of you who sweat a little more than the average person, there’s been a relatively small selection of sweat-through resistant undergarments to choose from. The players in this space include Tug advertisers Sutran and ADVADRI, plus Sweatshield Undershirts, Silverback, and of course long time player in this space Kleinerts. If you narrow the … Read more

JCPenney Stafford Underwear Makes CSI Las Vegas. But They Flub Up.

Mrs Tug and I pay pretty close attention to all the product placement that goes on in television shows. We do it mostly for fun, but lately it seems like not a show goes by where we don’t see product placements from Sprint, Microsoft Windows, Apple, Ford, Chevy, etc. Back in the day, placements of … Read more

Ask Tug: Slimming Underwear Options

As for “men’s shapewear”, we’ve mostly discussed slimming undershirts. Now let’s discuss slimming underwear.

More Vintage Mens Shapewear Underwear Advertising from the 1960’s and 1970’s

Thanks to the efforts of my friend “Skip”, I have a few more vintage shapewear advertisements to share with you. It’s pretty interesting that men’s slimming undershirts have been getting so much more visibility than support underwear such as Manshape’s Support Brief and the 2xist FORM briefs. I’ve actually been told by a few readers … Read more

Top 5 Tips for Buying Men’s Underwear, Socks, and Undershirts

Just came across this Business Wire article/press release. Our beloved Hanes shared some pretty interesting results of a recent survey along with some tips for buying men’s underwear, socks, and undershirts. Here are some highlights: Nearly 30% of Americans received underwear or socks as a holiday gift last year, and nearly every one of them … Read more