Sweat Challenge: 100% Cotton Undershirt

The undershirt sweat challenge (moisture wicking vs. cotton) continued last night. Basically, we’re trying to find out if, while wearing an undershirt, sweat will reach an outer layer of clothing faster if you’re wearing a moisture wicking undershirt or non moisture wicking undershirt. The Test Subject: Alfani The 100% combed cotton v-neck undershirt from Alfani … Read more

Ask Tug: Looking for a quick drying moisture wicking tank top

While I haven’t typically written about tank top undershirts here, I received a great question from a reader looking for quick drying (aka moisture wicking) tank top. I travel a lot. I have always used a tank top undershirt. My mother always used cotton, but I got some COOLMAX tank top undershirts, white, from TravelSmith. … Read more

Under Armour Compression Undershirts and Police Body Armor

08/03/2011 – Police Rejoice! The Original Ultra Cool  RVU Under Shirt for Body Armor Found! 03/06/2010 – Ask Tug Update: Police Body Armor Undershirts Ran across a really interesting blog today where a Roanoke, Virginia police officer shares information about the life of a cop (pretty interesting stuff). Yesterday, he wrote a post about wearing an Under … Read more

Moisture Wicking Undershirts versus Cotton Undershirts – Food for Thought

For whatever reason, a thought occurred to me this morning: While moisture-wicking clothing products are intended to keep you cooler by transferring moisture away from your body to the outer layer of the fabric, if you’re wearing an undershirt made out of that type of material, wouldn’t that lead you to believe that your outerwear … Read more

Axe Gel Deodorant Staining & Ruining Undershirts

I ran across this complaint on planetfeedback.com and I thought everyone would be interested in hearing about it. Based on what this woman writes, she purchased the green Axe gel deodorant for her son, and when he used it, it ruined two Hollister T-shirts and the Hanes undershirts he was wearing underneath! Here’s her post: … Read more