Undershirt Review: Sculptees T-Slim Crew Neck Undershirt

With the onslaught of public interest in men’s shapewear and slimming undershirts over the last couple of months, I’ve learned about several companies who are offering Spanx-like undershirt products that help men in their quest to hide those unflattering stomach bulges and love handles. Back in mid-January a reader posted a comment here and introduced … Read more

Undershirt Review: Black Crewneck Undershirt (Nylon-Lycra blend) from Execwear

A little while back I ran across Execwear, an undershirt company based out of Austin, Texas that has created a line of “Executive” (not really sure what that implies) moisture-wicking undershirts made out of a nylon/lycra blend that are said to be resist to stains and odors.  Note: As of June 2016, Execwear became part … Read more

Undershirt Review – Cotton Sporty Crewneck from Hanro

Hi Folks, Our guest reviewer is back and is reviewing an undershirt from Switzerland based lingerie company Hanro. Just a quick FYI, this undershirt was purchased at a Neiman Marcus retail location. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the same shirt in their online store, so I provided a link (below) to the shirt on an alternate … Read more

Undershirt Review – 2xist – V-Neck

A few weeks ago I wrote about a bunch of great sales I found on undershirts when I was killing some time at our local mall while Mrs. Tug was getting her hair done. One of the specials I found was on a 3-pack of 100% Cotton 2(x)ist white, large, v-neck undershirts (Normally $29, on … Read more

Calvin Klein Flexible Fit Undershirt Review

As you can probably tell by my other reviews, I’m fairly particular when it comes to undershirts and am not easily impressed. I’m finding that most undershirt companies aren’t trying to address all the problems (fit, feel, function, and affordability), but rather are addressing one or two of the issues and forgetting about the others. … Read more

Undershirt Review – Alfani Basic – Ultra Fresh – Antimicrobial Protection

Today’s review is on the Alfani Basic V-Neck undershirt. This 2-pack of large undershirts, retailing for $14.98 at Macy’s, included one white v-neck jersey and one midnight blue v-neck jersey. Personally, I like the fact that they offered two different colors in a single pack and especially liked the midnight blue colored undershirt because it … Read more

Undershirt Review – Old Navy – Men’s Gray Crewneck

As I mentioned the other day, I hit the jackpot when I meandered around Macy’s and Old Navy and found some really great deals on some undershirts. Today’s review is on the large gray crewneck 2-pack I purchased at Old Navy for a mere $6.50 (on sale, of course). This made in El Salvador undershirt … Read more

Campbellsville Apparel 100% Moisture Wicking Polyester Shirt Review

Last week I reviewed a cotton undershirt from Campbellsville Apparel and although I was hoping to find something unique about it, there was nothing I could pinpoint that would differentiate it from the rest of the pack. I’m happy to say, that is NOT the case with their 100% moisture wicking polyester shirt. While they … Read more