ARMOR-TEE: NFL players now wearing a bullet proof undershirt?

Not bullet proof. But yes, a bullet resistant undershirt! Now I’ve seen everything. Here’s the press release that got my attention: Armor TEE will be providing NFL players with Bullet Resistant Undershirts in response to the NFL players and NFL Management’s concern for safety off the field. These Undershirts are similar to those launched by … Read more

LUMBARWEAR: The Man Girdle – Promoting Stability and Lumbar Strength

About a week ago, the world was introduced to Equmen’s compression undershirt, as a result of journalist John Waters’ article The New Spanx for Men? where he wore the product for a day. Today I ran across an article on about a new product from Lumbarwear (which they call the mirdle). While a bit … Read more

Bras For Men. Mantyhose. WTF?

Ok, I’m a pretty reasonable guy. I pride myself and being open-minded and impartial. But I have to say that I’m a little confused on why a guy would purposely seek out to wear a bra, unless of course he had a sever case of manboobs (Gynecomastia). Notwithstanding, I do appreciate the fact that all … Read more

Another new undershirt find! 5.11 Tactical Utili-T Shirts

I can’t take full credit for finding this company, but I may have just stumbled upon another hidden gem in men’s undershirts. A friend of the Tug-master referred me over to LA Police Gear and I discovered they offer a shirt series called 5.11 Tactical Utili-T shirts. They are marketed to the law enforcement community … Read more


Hi there and thanks for visiting! This blog will be the world’s first and only blog dedicated to the topic of undershirts (and anything related). Sure, there’s information about these topics scattered all over the internet, but why not have all that information in one central place? I think it’s a good idea too. We’re … Read more