2xist Launches FORM Shapewear Line for Men

Update 6/22/09: Tug Exclusive! 2(x)ist Creative Director Confirms Mens Shapewear FORM Collection Launch Details Although not an undershirt, I thought this new 2xist product announcement was worth sharing with everyone since it’s in the mens “shapewear” category. See this post for a complete list of mens shapewear/compression undershirts & products: Ask Tug: Compression and Slimming … Read more

RIPT FUSION – A New Compression “Undershirt on Steroids”

Heather Tomson, designer of the incredibly popular Yummie Tummie shapewear line for women and creative force behind P. Diddy’s Sean John line, has launched a new men’s undershirt compression/shapewear undershirt line called RIPT FUSION – pronounced “Rip Tee” ($58). She is said to be currently working with national retailers to offer the garments in stores. … Read more

Undershirt Review: Equmen Core Precision Undershirt

I’m sitting here in my aisle seat aboard one of the newest airlines fully equipped with a media entertainment center offering on demand music, movies, satellite tv, music videos, games, and seat-to-seat chat. Instead of kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying a quite comfortable flight back to Tug Central, I’ve powered up my notebook, plugged it … Read more

Undershirt Review: Sculptees T-Slim Crew Neck Undershirt

With the onslaught of public interest in men’s shapewear and slimming undershirts over the last couple of months, I’ve learned about several companies who are offering Spanx-like undershirt products that help men in their quest to hide those unflattering stomach bulges and love handles. Back in mid-January a reader posted a comment here and introduced … Read more

LUMBARWEAR: The Man Girdle – Promoting Stability and Lumbar Strength

About a week ago, the world was introduced to Equmen’s compression undershirt, as a result of journalist John Waters’ article The New Spanx for Men? where he wore the product for a day. Today I ran across an article on nymag.com about a new product from Lumbarwear (which they call the mirdle). While a bit … Read more

Under Armour Compression Undershirts and Police Body Armor

08/03/2011 – Police Rejoice! The Original Ultra Cool  RVU Under Shirt for Body Armor Found! 03/06/2010 – Ask Tug Update: Police Body Armor Undershirts Ran across a really interesting blog today where a Roanoke, Virginia police officer shares information about the life of a cop (pretty interesting stuff). Yesterday, he wrote a post about wearing an Under … Read more