Ask Tug: Are there affordable black v-neck undershirts?

Here’s an email from a reader who’s seeking out a reasonably priced black v-neck undershirt: Firstly, let me thank you for your blog. It’s been quite helpful and I’m grateful it exists. I’m having a rather hard time finding affordable black v-neck t-shirts that are as cheap as the white ones. I don’t really care … Read more

Is There A Hanes ComfortSoft Undershirt Alternative?

For the last two nights I’ve been being good to myself and working out. Of course, one of my main motivations, outside of staying fit, is to continue the Sweat Challenge series I’ve been writing about lately. I’ll be doing write-ups on the moisture wicking mesh polyester Vdri undershirt and the moisture wicking t-shirt from … Read more

Ask Tug Update: Undershirts for Shorter Men

Hey folks, a reader wrote in at the end of October with a question about undershirts specially made for shorter men. One of the recommendations I made, was to check with Beverly Hills based store Jimmy Au’s For Men 5’8” and Under, a clothing store dedicated to offering clothing for shorter men. Undershirts for Shorter … Read more

Ask Tug: Undershirts for Shorter Men

Hi: I just came across your blog and thought I would pick your brain regarding the following: I am 5.4 tall, with a 31 waist and a 38 chest/shoulders. I have been having trouble finding undershirts which are short enough such that they do not extend too far below my waistband. Overall, I have been … Read more

Ask Tug: In Search of a crew neck ribbed sleeveless undershirt

hey tug – several years ago 2xist used to make a ribbed crew neck sleeveless undershirt. i absolutely love the way it fits and it held its shape amazingly. they don’t make it anymore, and, although i bought several packs of them at the time, they are looking pretty sad now. are there any other … Read more

Ask Tug: In search of Button neck long sleeve undershirts

Wow, I’m so busy answering undershirt questions, I haven’t had the chance to write my next undershirt review! Which, by the way is going to be on a moisture-wicking v-neck undershirt from Duluth Trading company. I also have my eye on some Guy Laroche undershirts (both a tank top and undershirt) that look pretty nice … Read more

Show Chest Hair. A Discussion About Scoop Neck Undershirts

I really like like this reader’s question about showing chest hair because it brings up the topic of chest hair trimming (aka manscaping). Hey Tug, Ok, here is the deal. I have a question that needs some recommendations. I need to wear an undershirt at ALL TIMES, and recently I have been introduced to the … Read more