Calorie Burning Vest. The Cold Shoulder (Kickstarter)

cold-shoulder-vestFor those of us looking for a little extra help trimming down or losing weight, makers of the new Cold Shoulder Calorie Burning Vest say they can help

Designed by a NASA scientist, the Cold Shoulder vest is said to burn about 500 calories per day, when worn twice a day for about 60-90 minutes each time.

That equates to loosing about one (1) pound of fat every week, when worn regularly.

With only 6 days left to go, the campaign has raised nearly $200,000 (15x) of their modest $13,500 goal.

Retail is $159.99, but while on Kickstarter, you can get it for around $135.

Hmmm, I might just get one of these.


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Cold Shoulder Kickstarter Video


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