Buy Screen Stars Best Vintage T-Shirts Here

If you’re looking for real vintage Screen Stars Best t-shirts, look no further. You can get them here.

A short while ago, a guy named Shane stopped by my site, and posted a comment on my article about how to find real Screen Stars t-shirts. You can check out that article here.

He indicated he had hundreds of NOS (New Old Stock) Screen Stars t-shirts — the ones with the black label.

These are from a late relative’s estate who had a shirt and gift shop in North Georgia.

Some are still in sealed cases with 6 dozen in each box.

Hit me up if anyone is still interested, i’m located in Athens Georgia.


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– Shane

Boy, he was not kidding.

Vintage NOS Screen Stars Best T-Shirts

NOS Screen Stars Best T-Shirts

Here is the list of Screen Stars t-shirts Shane has for sale:

  • Ash Gray – L, XL, XXL
  • Navy Blue – L
  • Turquoise – L, XL
  • Red – L, XL
  • Coral – XL
  • Magenta – M, XL
  • Pink – M, L, XL

He also has these FOTL (Fruit of the Loom) BEST t-shirts:

  • White BEST – L, XL
  • Pink BEST – XL
  • Ash Gray BEST – XL
White NOS black label screen stars t-shirts for sale
Heather Grey Screen Stars t-shirts for sale
NOS black label t-shirts for sale | turquoise
Navy Blue black label t-shirts for sale
Screen Stars t-shirts for sale | Black Label | Red
NOS black label Stars t-shirts for sale | pink
Pink NOS black label screen stars t-shirts for sale

Additional Details

I sent Shane a few questions about the t-shirt inventory to get more specifics.

Do you know when/what year these NOS Screen Stars t-shirt were produced?

All t-shirts are from the late 80’s. They’re all ‘black tag’, those in the collectors scene will get this lingo.

About how many of each color do you have — not exact numbers, but roughly? For the 3-shades of pink tees, roughly the total number of all?

I have well over a 1000 greys, probably close to a 1000 in pink (all shades), maybe around 250-300 in red. Not much white left, maybe 100-150. I’ve got about 50 navy. Also have lots of white and grey with small imperfections/blemishes.

How much are you’re selling these for?

$450 a case, $100 a dozen, $15 individually (would really rather sell by the dozen)

How many t-shirts are in each case?

6-dozen per case

To learn more or purchase, please contact Shane at: [email protected]

If you’re interested in the history of Screen Stars, check out this article on Defunkd. Curious about the tag care label history, Defunkd has it covered too.


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8 thoughts on “Buy Screen Stars Best Vintage T-Shirts Here”

  1. Hi folks, Shane here! Wanted to drop in and say that as of a few weeks ago I am officially COMPLETELY sold out of all Screen Stars and BEST deadstock!

    Had a blast meeting everyone and making all the new friends :) See ya’ round, gang!

    • i’m pretty sure this seller sold all of his screen stars t-shirts, but his email is listed in this article.

      so, it might be worth emailing him to find out (:

    • heya caroline! thanks for stopping by.

      so, i think shane has sold all of his original screen stars t-shirts, but his email is in the above article at the bottom.

      feel free to grab his email from there, and email him to see if he has any of those vintage t-shirts left.

      good luck!

  2. I would buy 12 white.

    Please send a size chart for large and XL.

    In the photos the tee shirts look to have a very high tight neck. That’s what i want. What is the top to bottom next measurement on a large. thank you.


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