Breaking News! Marks & Spencer Launching Bodymax Men’s Shapewear Undershirt Line

Here’s a pretty interesting and potentially game-changing men’s shapewear announcement from UK Retailer Marks & Spencer.

The retailer just announced that they are launching their Bodymax Men’s Shapewear Undershirt line and it will be available starting January 7, 2010 in 70 stores nationwide (UK) and online!

bodymax mens shapewear undershirt

Why is that a potential game changer you ask? The price!  Their sleeveless vest/tank top will be priced at £12 ($19.11 USD) and the crew neck short sleeve t-shirt will be priced at £15 ($23.88 USD) and will come in white and black.

If you follow men’s shapewear at all, you’ll know that the average price for many of the more popular men’s slimming/compression/shapewear undershirt brands is north of $50 USD! 

Now, if the M&S men’s slimming undershirt will take up to 1.5 inches off your waist for a little over 20 bucks, that changes the face of men’s shapewear pretty dramatically, potentially forcing the other manufacturer’s to either lower their pricing, come out with lower-end slimming undershirts around that price point, or justify why their products are superior to $20 Bodymax.

I’m also interested to see what the folks at Spanx will be doing with their men’s slimming undershirt and what price point they’ll be offering their product at and wonder if this announcement changes that plan at all.

I’m very interested in their fabric though. Reports say that the product is made out of “fine stretch cotton”. Now, this could mean that it’s made out of 100% cotton, or cotton blended with something like lycra/spandex to give it the “stretch”. I’m gonna try to reach out to M&S and see if I can get my hands on a couple of these puppy’s to try them out!


Now that their product pages are up, we’ve got a little more clarity with regard to how this slimming undershirt works. There are “hidden support panels”, added stretch, and are actually made out of 95% cotton / 5% elastane (i.e. spandex).


Here’s a reprint of the original Telegraph UK article:

Priced at £12 for the vest and £15 for the T-shirt, the range will be available in 70 stores nationwide and online from January 7.

The retailer said the Bodymax items will help men hide their bulges and show off a slimmer silhouette.

Its first ever range of shapewear for males is designed to flatten and shape the torso using shaped seams and a hidden support panel.

M&S said trials conducted on the range reported a reduction in waist measurements of up to 1.5in.

Made from fine stretch cotton, the range comprises a vest and T-shirt style and is available in black and white, a spokesman said.

Priced at £12 for the vest and £15 for the T-shirt, the range will be available in 70 stores nationwide and online from January 7.

Dave Binns, head of buying for men’s underwear, said: ”Men are becoming more conscious of their appearance. The fact that Men’s Health is now the biggest selling men’s magazine really highlights this trend.

”Our Bodymax range has been designed in response to this, giving men a quick fix solution for those lumps and bumps in the same way that shapewear does for women.

”I predict that in a few years’ time, shapewear will be as much of an essential in men’s wardrobes as ties and socks.”

Update 2

Thanks to the efforts of Simcha Whitehill over at, we now have a video of UK-based Telegraph TV Assistant Features Editor, Paul Clements, trying on a Bodymax slimming undershirt!

Also, stay tuned because someone I know recently ordered some Bodymax undershirts and is going to let me borrow them so I can try them out and write up a review on them!

Update 3

Hmm, is something suspicious about their Bodymax promo photo?? I’m killing a little time while Mrs. Tug is getting ready to go out for NYE and after taking a closer look at the Marks & Spencer Bodymax Before/After photo, I’m starting to wonder if the photo was “Photoshopped” at all.

I’m not one to stir up any controversy, but with a little help from Inscape and some transparency settings, I took the two images above, split them up, overlayed them and did some tracing. I tried to line up the photos both at the models neck and his elbow and this is what I came up with:


If you look at the first image where I aligned the neck line of the two photos, there is considerable amount of slimming at the chest all the way down to the models waist. Also, his upper back is much slimmer, forearm is slimmer and the elbows don’t line up.

In the second image, I aligned the elbows and not only does the model’s forearm and bicep look thinner where there is no undershirt, the rest of his body doesn’t line up at all.

I’m definitely not making any accusations here as I’m no expert when it comes to analyzing before and after photos, I’m just providing a personal observation. Maybe a rep from M&S can respond via comments below or email me and let us know.

What do you folks think?

4 thoughts on “Breaking News! Marks & Spencer Launching Bodymax Men’s Shapewear Undershirt Line”

  1. How do you determine what size to purchase. My husband normally wears a large or extra t-shirt. We are looking into this because my husband was impaled in an accident and he has to wear something that holds him in 24/7. Instead of the uncomfortable binders he wears he is looking for something that holds him in but is comfortable. His graft area is from sternum to pelvic area. Thank you for you info

    • hi twistedvine! thanks for stopping by the site and posting your question! marks & spencer has a men’s shirt size guide on their site. you can display sizes in centimeters or inches, which makes it easier to figure out what size to choose. based on their size chart, for example, since i wear jeans with a 33″-34″ waist, i would choose a medium sized bodymax slimming undershirt. if you weren’t already aware, there are companies that offer support garments that are used post surgery or accident, however, those garments don’t usually look as attractive as some of these newer shapewear undershirts/undergarments. take a look at the compression/slimming/shapewear post on my site for the most comprehensive list of men’s shapewear on the internet! email me if you have any other questions!


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