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A little earlier this year I ran across the Bread & Boxers brand of innerwear when checking out Esquire’s Top 10 Best Undershirts write-up.

Esquire applauded Bread & Boxers for their unique bread-loaf looking paper bag packaging, but I really found the story of the product’s beginning pretty interesting:

One early morning in 2008 two friends woke up in a hotel room on the other side of the Atlantic.

Their baggage had been lost the night before and the only clothing offered was the ones from yesterday.

Although this morning did not start out very well, it turned out to be the morning that Bread & Boxers was born and a whole different journey was about to begin.

Bread & Boxers started as an extension of the mini bar, a life saver for light travelers, or if you will, room service at its best. 


Rules to wearing undershirts

After a successful launch of a line of new underwear favorites, including boxers, panties and socks, accessible in hotel rooms, guests started to ask if they could find their new favorite underwear in stores closer to them.

Bread & Boxers Product Line Details

Hotel Collection

  • Boxer Briefs (95% cotton / 5% elastane)
  • Socks (80% cotton / 17% polyamide / 3% elastane)
  • Hipster (95% cotton / 5% elastane)
  • Tights (80% polyamide / 20% elastane / 25 denier matte finish)

Retail Collection

  • Crew Neck / V-Neck / Tank (95% cotton / 5% elastane). Retail: Undershirt $28, Tank $24 USD
  • Crew Neck Relaxed Fit (100% cotton)
  • Boxer Briefs (95% cotton / 5% elastane)
  • Socks (80% cotton / 17% polyamide / 3% elastane)
Bread & Boxers packaging
Bread & Boxers packaging

Initial Impressions

Back in July, the company’s U.S. based PR firm contacted me and offered to send over some samples.

They graciously sent over a sample crew, v-neck, and boxer-brief.

Bread & Boxers v-neck undershirt
Bread & Boxers V-Neck T-shirt, with hidden collar trim stitching

All three are made from a smooth 95% cotton / 5% elastane blend, and if I’m not mistaken, the underwear and tees/undershirts are made either from the exact same fabric, or from the same weight fabric.

Although I haven’t had a chance to wear the undershirts very much yet, I can tell you that they have a great soft feel, are nicely designed, and have a perfect longer cut for staying tucked.

One of the details I really like is their thoughtfully designed hidden stitching on the v-neck collar.  

The fabric is a little thicker, making it easy for this undershirt to double as a t-shirt for those comfortable wearing a fitted outer tee.

It might be a wee bit too thick for me personally to wear as an undershirt during the hotter months, but during any other times of the year, it would be perfectly comfortable.

I haven’t had the chance to wear the underwear yet (which look really great) or wash any of the items, but initial out-of-the package impressions are pretty good.


I have this love-hate relationship with underwear.

I would love to find ones that fit me good, and generally hate the way they look and fit on me.  

They’re either too tight in the waist making my love handles pop out more, or they’re too short in the legs and crop-up.

Oh, and my “boys” usually don’t stay as cool as I’d like them to.  

We’ll see if the Bread & Boxers underwear make the “underwear drawer cut”. 

Where to Buy Bread & Boxers Underwear / Undershirts

Looks like the company has a handful of European-based online and physical retail partners and currently working on partnerships in the U.S., Canada, and other countries.

Please visit for more information.


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