Brands, Boxer Briefs & Safeguarding Your Swimmers

Here’s a round-up of new and interesting products I’ve come across recently.

tani-usa-freeform-v-neck-undershirtTANI USA (Underwear & Undershirts)

This brand has gone out of its way to source some of the finest yarns from around the world and has crafted some of the softest underwear & undershirt fabrics I’ve ever worn.

I got to try the following items:

  • SilkCut Contour Trunk & V-Neck Undershirt (180gsm, 94% Micro Modal® Air | 6% Elastane). Price: $45 (Trunk) $65 (Undershirt)
  • FreeForm Undershirt (180gsm, 88%Micro Modal® AIR | 12% Elastane). Price: $75
  • SwissTouch Undershirt (120gsm, 92% Swiss Cotton™ | 8% Lycra®). Price: $145

It goes without saying, these are very nice products. I would challenge you to find any other product as finely made with as soft as fabric as what TANI offers.

Of the more notable features, I think the FreeForm line is pretty interesting because these items come without finished edges or trim, and it’s one of the first undergarment lines I’ve seen with this type of raw edges.

The company has taken great care in the selection of their raw materials. Their fabrics and elastics are sourced from both Europe and Japan.  Also, their high-end polyamide partners include Asahi Kasei or Toray in Japan and in Europe they work with Nurel , Radici and Eurojersey Sensitive.


Rules to wearing undershirts

If you’re looking for luxury underwear or undershirts, look no further than TANI USA (


Birddogs Shorts

In short, these are shorts you don’t have to wear underwear with.

Birddogs built a silky soft liner inside a pair of gym shorts, providing the touch of support men need during the times when they need it, thus allowing men to rid themselves of underwear entirely.

Getem at Price: $54.96

Drake & Hutch – New Luxury Underwear

A new Pima Cotton Boxer Brief Luxury Underwear brand, launching their Kickstarter campaign next Monday.


  1. Tailored fit – The first brand in the world to offer underwear developed in collaboration with Jermyn Street tailors
  2. Hand printed fabric – Pouch of our underwear has been lined with fabric hand printed in London one meter at a time. This unique feature was influenced by the lining found on suit jackets and ensures every garment has its own unique and subtle character
  3. Made for stylish gents – This isn’t your average pair of underwear, the thought and attention to detail that has gone into the garment is unlike any underwear on the market. Throughout development the brand’s goal has been to design a garment with the same attention to detail you would find on a bespoke suit

Other notable information:

  • Finely woven Microfiber waistband
  • Specially implemented care labeling: The brand approached a labeling expert to create a satin, silk-feel garment label. The improved finish is achieved by using more of a much finer yarn in the label. This is then laser cut ensuring there are no sharp or hard edges. Finally the label is quality controlled twice before being attached to the garment and once again in the finished garment

Kickstarter price: Starting at £24 ($36 USD)

Kickstarter information:

Bamboxers Boxer Briefs

New brand touting their product as “the world’s most comfortable underwear ever” using Kickstarter to help raise money for production (

Made from “Bamboo” (Viscose from Bamboo), ultra plush waistband, and perfect pouch.

Kickstarter price: Starting at $10

Kickstarter page:


Spartan Boxer Briefs

spartan-underwearProtecting your manhood!

Spartan Boxer Briefs are the first boxers that offer protection from harmful radiation emitted by cell-phones.

They’ve been tested and certified by the Langevin Institute, a leading laboratory in the physics of waves and imaging, with results showing the boxers effectively block over 99% of all cellular and wifi radiation from reaching your genitals.

Men who keep phones in their pockets experience a 50% reduction in sperm count.

Cellphone radiation even damages the DNA information contained in each spermatozoid.

Aside from fertility issues, more than 50 scientific publications have proven that wireless device radiation has toxic genetic effects on nearby cells, which could potentially increase your risk of testicle cancer*.

* Source: Cleveland Clinic

They’re using Indiegogo to raise funds for production and have raised about 50% of their $15k goal.

Indiegogo price: $35 USD

Indiegogo page:



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  1. We love this article, Thanks for sharing. Some guys don’t give that much of attention to the most important tool of our manhood. This article helps every man in choosing the best undergarment to use. It is a wake-up call also to force every man to consider different thing when using an undergarment. It’s funny that most of men, uses undergarments, but few had the guts to actually be keen and search for products worth to wear.

    What is alarming is the radiation that our tool faces each time we put our phones in our pockets. That wave protecting underwear is a must!


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