BODIBELT Blocks Body Sweat (Kickstarter)

From the maker of NanoDri Undershirts, the BODIBELT provides an alternate way to block body sweat.

Worn in place of an undershirt, the BODIBELT is a detachable sweatband made from the same sweat-repellent fabric used in NanoDri Undershirts.

Primarily designed to be worn around your chest or waist, the BODIBELT is a great alternative to blocking chest and back sweat marks from getting on your clothes.

More Info:

The BODIBELT is a detachable fabric sweatband for the body.

Basic idea is to prevent uncomfortable sweat drip-down that occurs on the body, and since its made of the same material as NanoDri shirts, it blocks sweat so it wont stain the outer clothes when all that sweat goes into it.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

Meant for people who tend to sweat a lot but don’t like undershirts, for use either in daily life or sports.

Nude color so invisible, thin, and stretchy and soft. Has the curious effect of feeling like you’re shirt is gone below the belt.

One size fits all thanks to a velcro-like tape called HHVR that grips directly to the fabric in the horizontal direction and releases it in the vertical direction without destroying the fabric.

This also helps to keep it in place since you control exactly where it attaches thanks to the tape gripping directly to the fabric.

Check out the BODIBELT Kickstarter (link) for more info.

Check out NanoDri (link)

BODIBELT Kickstarter








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