Where Can I Find Big & Extra Tall Workout T-Shirts?

Seeing that we just learned about Pro-5 T-Shirts today, and discovered they have sizes up to 5XLT as well as 7XL, I thought it would be a good time to share this quick email exchange that I had with a reader who was in search of some big & tall t-shirts to work out in.


I need an extra tall shirt. The issue is, I already wear a 5XLT, and I am having trouble finding undershirts that won’t shrink a million sizes, but most importantly, will stay tucked in when I raise my arms over my head.

I am trying to lose weight. I’ve got the diet part lined up, but I also would like to be more active. I enrolled in a yoga class and I wasn’t aware of how much time you spend with your arms up. I was very embarassed that my shirt came up above my navel throughout the whole thing. I want to keep doing this, without exposing my midsection to everyone.

I’ve looked all over, but this is kind of your thing, so do you know of anything that might help?

I appreciate anything you can share. Thank you. Bill


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My Response

Performance Wicking Crewneck Tee by Kings' Court. From $14.99
Performance Wicking Crewneck Tee by Kings’ Court. From $14.99

hey bill,

good to hear from you buddy! thanks for stopping by and sending in your question.

while i don’t know where you normally buy your tees or where you’ve looked, i do have a few recommendations:

  1. have you looked at “performance” or activewear t-shirts, like the king’s court “tall” wicking crew neck? t-shirts made out of polyester, nylon, or other moisture wicking fabrics usually won’t shrink very much. the king’s court is made from poly/spandex, comes in a tall version, and would probably be something good to wear to yoga because the shirt won’t get weighed down by sweat, because these types of fabrics transfer moisture – meaning they are non-absorbent.
  2. i do have some tall men’s sites listed on my other places to shop page. i know that the “tall man’s clothing” website shows some extra long light weight undershirts that you probably could wear as a base layer. maybe there’s a site there that you haven’t visited?
  3. if you’re looking for something more heavyweight, one of my readers said he was pretty happy with the tall/thick tee shirts from pro5. they make tall sizes in size 5xl, so you might find something worthwhile there. maybe not the ideal tee (thick/heavy 100% cotton) to wear to yoga because cotton absorbs moisture

if i could ask one favor from you, i would like to know where you normally shop online so i can add that site to my other places to shop page. also, if you decide to try any of the above options, i’d love to hear back from you with feedback on what you’ve tried, and whether you like it or not.  this will make for a great future article!

keep me posted!


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6 thoughts on “Where Can I Find Big & Extra Tall Workout T-Shirts?”

  1. I’ve been buying the Kings Court shirts mentioned in this article, white XLT, and really like them but they are no longer available. Looking for a light weight, white, moisture wicking t-shirt, XLT and can’t seem to find a good replacement for these. Any suggestions?

    • heya matt! good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your question (:

      off hand, i’d say check out these two articles:

      there are several “moisture wicking” undershirts/t-shirts listed between those two articles, and it’s very possible that one on the companies offer a taller version.

      maybe duluth trading company or possibly wickers?

      also, there are companies like vdri, tridri, execwear, and slix making moisture wicking undershirts. generally speaking companies making undershirts will cut them longer so they stay tucked, so they may be long enough for your purposes. also, most of these could be worn as a workout tee.

      i don’t know how long your king’s court xlt shirts are, but if you measure them from hps (where shoulder meets collar trim) to bottom, you could email those companies an ask how long their size extra-large undershirts are.

      hope that helps!

  2. I can vouch for the material I have some King’s Court 90% polyester 10% spandex in a tank top and I use them as undershirts. I am very large normally wear a 5x t shirt but the material is stretchy but not tight so I wear the 3 XL just fine. However I am looking for the tank tops which I can no longer find any ideas. I got the previous from Kings Big and Tall online but they are no longer listing the tank tops

    • thanks dan! really appreciate you stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

      i don’t know off hand exactly where you can get a polyester/spandex tank top in that size, but i do have two ideas:
      1. under armour – they have lots of performance gear, and they may have a tank like that, in your size, hopefully with a logo that is not that visible.
      2. tactical 5.11 (http://www.511tactical.com/) – they make lots a gear for law enforcement, and they may have some 3xl sized tank tops

      not sure if either of the above will have what you’re looking for, but check them out and let me know.

  3. I need 5xlt or 6xlt tee shirts that are extra extra long 40 inches would be nice I have a big belly that shows no matter what I wear plus I am extra long bodied I am 6’4 and wear a 30 in inseam pants so all my heighth is in my body can you help. I am a big man I need big man clothes Thank you


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