Best Undershirts For Swing Dancing

If you’re in search of the perfect undershirt for swing dancing, look no further. Here are my top recommendations on what to look for.

The following are emails I’ve received from two male swing dancers, looking for a solution.

Undershirts for Swing Dancing

I am looking for a recommendation for an undershirt for a male swing dancer.

Swing dancers sweat like crazy. Like epically.

A tight fitting undershirt that does not cause the outer shirt to bunch up, stays tucked, and somewhat avoids transferring sweat to the outer shirt (within reason) would be ideal.

I know lots of people would would love to have this.


Rules to wearing undershirts

Swing dancing is, uh, on the upswing and finding appropriate clothing can be challenging.

Thank you!


Sweaty Swing Dancer

Hello Tug,

Great site, I hope you can help.

I’ve just started swing dance here in the UK.

Problem is, it tends to get quite sweaty, which isn’t that nice for your dance partner. I’ve scoured the internet and have found nothing definitive.

I’m planning on using Sweat Block wipes, teamed up with a thin white undershirt (thin so not to make me too hot) and a linen shirt (again something thin so I don’t get too hot, although they crease so badly!)

Do you have any other thoughts. And/or can you recommend an undershirt to me. Plain white round neck ideally.

Many thanks,


Best Undershirts For Swing Dancing

Heya Paul & Ryan,

Good to hear from you and thanks for your question!

Have you tried looking at undershirts made with Nylon, or alternatively MicroModal or TENCEL?

The thing I like about Nylon, in your case, is that Nylon has a slick surface, is abrasion resistant, absorbs better than cotton, and dries faster than cotton.

That means that your outer shirts will glide over your undershirt, and the friction from your outershirt won’t tear up the surface of your undershirt.

You can get some budget friendly nylon undershirts on Amazon here (link).

Atmoswear Nylon Undershirts

Alternatively, you can find CoolNylon undershirts here (link).

CoolNylon Swing dancing undershirt

If those don’t work for you, you could try a fitted MicroModal or TENCEL undershirt, because those fabrics are more absorbent than cotton too.

Their surface won’t be as slick as Nylon, or as abrasion resistant, but they could be a good back-up option if you don’t find that the Nylon undershirts work for your particular need.

Lastly, if you prefer to go the thin undershirt route, you should take a look at this article which outlines some of the thinnest and most lightweight undershirts I’ve come across so far.

Hope the above information helps (:


Sweat Proof Undershirts

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