Back Acne? These Are The Best Undershirts To Wear If You Have Bacne

If you’re curious as to what undershirt would be best to wear if you have back acne, you’ve come to the right place.


My boyfriend works in a factory as the supervisor and it gets to 110 degrees.

They wear a uniform shirt and I am assuming it is a heavy cotton.

His back has acne and I am thinking an under shirt may help.

Your thoughts…expertise.



Best Back Acne Undershirt 

Heya Danielle,

I had a similar question not too long ago, but not the exact same environment.

Also, I’m going of the assumption that your boyfriend has already investigated various ways to how to get rid of his back acne.

Here are a couple recommendations:

Mesh Polyester Undershirt

Good for back acne | Mesh Undershirts
uniqlo airism mesh undershirt

A light mesh (cellular) polyester undershirt like Uniqlo AIRism MeshVdri, or Tri-Dri.

Mesh polyester is usually very light, and has a cellular structure on the fabric that may provide some improved airflow / breathability.

Plus, the fabric will be smoother than a heavy cotton shirt, resulting in less abrasion to the skin.

This type of undershirt will likely aggravate the back acne less than direct contact with a potentially more coarse cotton shirt.

Additionally, these types of undershirts will also dry much faster than any other type of undershirt.

So, if your boyfriend is sweating a lot, the cellular/mesh undershirts will help him feel drier because they do an impressive job of wicking & drying fast.

Nylon Undershirt

A nylon undershirt, like this one that is both moisture wicking and absorbing.

Nylon is naturally antibacterial, smooth/abrasion-resistant, normally cool in the skin, and is silk-like (smooth on the skin).

Nylon absorbs as well, if not better than natural fibers, and it will dry faster than cotton.

Plus, being more smooth, it may also be less prone to stick to his acne sores as much as a natural fabric like cotton would.

I think that would be a good place to start.

Hope the information helps!

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