Best Shirt To Wear Under A V-Neck Sweater

What should you wear under a sweater or V-neck sweater? Should you even wear a shirt underneath at all?

Many guys seem to face this dilemma. Nevertheless, there is rarely a one-size-fits-all answer. The best shirt to wear under your sweater is a matter of your personal style and taste. However, I have some tips to help you narrow your options. Here is a quick snapshot of how I answered this question on Twitter:

What should I wear under a sweater?

What To Wear Under A Sweater: Expert Advice

Most guys that wear a shirt under their sweater will opt for either a dress shirt or undershirt.

In the past, I’ve also noticed a good deal of commercial actors and tv personalities wearing white crewneck undershirts under v-neck sweaters.

So, I got some feedback from style experts including Antonio Centeno from Real Men Real Style and Alice from Veritas Men’s Style Blog.


Rules to wearing undershirts

Alice mentioned she didn’t like seeing the undershirts at all, but Antonio brought up a great point of some guys needing to wear an undershirt to cover chest hair or tattoos.

Aside from the practical advantages, wearing an undershirt is also a style choice. If your shirt is going to show under your v-neck, you should have some idea of which combinations look best.

The Best Shirt To Wear Under A V-Neck Sweater

Here’s my take on the question about the best shirt to wear under a V-neck sweater. In order of preference, you should pair your v-neck sweater with:

  • A dress shirt
  • A crew neck in a contrasting color
  • A high v-neck
  • A white crew neck (but only as a last resort)

Collared Shirt Under V-Neck Sweater

I think a collared shirt looks best under a v-neck sweater.

But frankly, I might not even do this because I haven’t found many collared shirts that are super lightweight. Especially if you’ve got a heavier sweater (like something with a cable knit design), this combination can quickly start to feel clunky and uncomfortable. 

For a lighter v-neck however, the visible dress shirt collar is a really attractive look and one of my personal favorites.

Wear button-up collared shirt under v-neck sweater

Crew Neck Under Sweater In Contrasting Color

If you don’t exactly experience colder months or don’t need to layer (looking at you California), consider something lightweight like a crew neck t-shirt or undershirt. 

Go for contrasting colors and avoid plain white t-shirts or undershirts that look less intentional under a v-neck.

If you plan to wear a darker color like black, maroon or navy, try pairing your v-neck sweater with a heather grey crew neck undershirt. Grey tones easily help you avoid any harsh contrast you might find with other color choices.

I like this grey crew neck undershirt because it also prevents pit sweat from getting on those more expensive materials, like cashmere or wool.

Wear a contrasting color crew neck shirt under v-neck sweater

High V-Neck In A Contrasting Color

A high V-neck undershirt in a contrasting or coordinating color can also work well too. 

The low V of your sweater paired with the high V of your undershirt will match together. It’s a safer bet if you don’t like the look or feel of a crew neck under your sweater.

White Crew Neck

If you have no other choice, you can get away with a white crew neck undershirt under a V-neck sweater, but know that Alice will send disapproving glances your way. 

Truthfully, white stands out harshly. And I can’t always be sure the shirt is as white as it looks. If you decide to wear a white crew neck t-shirt or undershirt, do so sparingly. Try to find an undershirt in a contrasting color so you don’t have to continuously wear white under your V-neck sweater.

White crew neck undershirt under v-neck sweater

If you decide to wear a white crew neck t-shirt or undershirt, do so sparingly. Try to get to the store or go online to find a t-shirt or undershirt in a contrasting color so you don’t have to wear that white crew undershirt with that v-neck sweater a second or third time.

Nothing At All

If you’re a perfect specimen, with a chiseled chest and no chest hair, well man — good for you. Go without an undershirt, but I’ll be standing by being jealous as hell.

But generally, you should avoid the “nothing at all” option if you want to protect your clothes from sweat, deodorant, body spray or cologne. Not only do undershirts make sweaters less itchy, but they’ll also prevent you from overwashing your sweaters, too.

Wearing a Crew Neck Sweater?

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Check out this article on how to style a crew neck t-shirt under a crew neck sweater. Or, watch our YouTube video on how and when to wear an undershirt.


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