Best Shirt To Wear Under A V-Neck Sweater

If you’re wondering what style shirt you should wear under a v-neck sweater, you’ve come to the right place.

Many guys seem to face this dilemma. Nevertheless, there is rarely a one-size-fits-all answer.

Here’s the question I received via Twitter

@Rnt23_Jeans: What’s best to wear with a #sweater @undershirtguy. V-neck or a different #undershirt?

@undershirtguy: @Rnt23_Jeans – what collar style #sweater would you be wearing? v-neck or crew neck?

@Rnt23_Jeans: @undershirtguy A v-neck sweater.

@undershirtguy: @Rnt23_Jeans find an undershirt that has a contrasting/complimentary color to your sweater. Crew is most popular under v-neck sweater

@undershirtguy: @Rnt23_Jeans though, a collared shirt under v-neck sweater looks very nice too. have you tried to search for “sweater” on my site yet??

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What Type of Shirt To Wear Under A Sweater: Style Expert Tips

This is an update to an article I wrote a while back when I noticed a good deal of commercial actors and tv personalities wearing white crew neck undershirts under v-neck sweaters.

I received some feedback from style experts including Antonio Centeno from Real Men Real Style and Alice from Veritas Men’s Style Blog.

Alice mentioned she didn’t like seeing the undershirts at all, but Antonio brought up a great point of some guys needing to wear an undershirt to cover chest hair or tattoos.

Which Style Shirt Should You Wear Under a V-Neck Sweater?

Here’s my take on the question about the type of shirt you should wear under a V-neck sweater, in order of preference:

Collared Shirt Under V-Neck Sweater

That’s right. I think a collared shirt looks best under a v-neck sweater.

I think this has the best look. But frankly, I might not even do this because I haven’t found that many collared shirts that are super lightweight.

Wear button-up collared shirt under v-neck sweater

Crew Neck Under Sweater In Contrasting Color

A crew neck t-shirt or undershirt in a contrasting color would also look good under a v-neck sweater. Avoid white t-shirts or undershirts.

Wearing a black v-neck sweater? Try a heather grey crew neck undershirt.

High V-Neck In A Contrasting Color

A shallow v-neck undershirt or t-shirt in a contrasting or coordinating color would work well too.

White Crew Neck

If you have no other choice, you can get away with a white crew neck undershirt under a v-neck sweater.

white crew neck undershirt under v-neck sweater

If you decide to wear a white crew neck t-shirt or undershirt, do so sparingly. Try to get to the store or go online to find a t-shirt or undershirt in a contrasting color so you don’t have to wear that white crew undershirt with that v-neck sweater a second or third time.

Nothing At All

If you’re a perfect specimen, with a chiseled chest and no chest hair, well man — good for you. Go without an undershirt, but I’ll be standing by being jealous as hell.

Wearing a Crew Neck Sweater?

If you’re curious as to how to style a crew neck t-shirt or undershirt under a crew neck sweater, be sure to check out this article.

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