How To Find The Best Men’s Underwear That Prevents Chafing

The pain of chafing can be unbearable. What causes it? Is there underwear that can really prevent chafing?

Before resorting to powders and lotions, consider buying the right underwear to prevent chafing in the first place. 

In this article, I’ll help you understand what causes chafing, give you some preventative tips and suggest ways to relieve the pain if you suffer from it – then guide you the best type of anti-chafing underwear.

It’s a Burning Problem

Chafing is a serious problem.

It can stop you in your tracks and make whatever you are doing unbearable.

men: how to prevent chafing

Even basic movements like walking can be excruciating – and of course, marathon runners are all too familiar with the pain and discomfort of chafing.

Thankfully, chafing is relatively easy to treat and even easier to prevent.

What is Chafing?

Chafing happens when there is friction between your own skin that comes from your inner thighs rubbing together.

This friction damages your skin and causes a rash, pain, sometimes blisters and even bleeding. 

You can also get red blisters or a rash from harsh, itchy fabrics rubbing against your skin.

Where Does Chafing Occur?

Chafing normally happens on your inner upper thighs, but it can also occur elsewhere on your body if you wear clothes that don’t fit properly.

Even though most people experience inner thigh chafing, some people also experience underwear line chafing or find irritated skin underneath their arms.

Chafing Symptoms

The symptoms are easy to recognize:

  • Red skin
  • Burning
  • Pain
  • Blister-like-lesions
  • A flat, hot rash

What Causes Chafing?

There are several common causes:

  • Wet skin and trapped moisture between the skin folds after swimming
  • Not drying off after a sweaty workout
  • Extensive walking or running, causing the skin to rub together
  • Wearing thin fabric on your legs which doesn’t create enough of a barrier between the fabric and your skin
  • Heat and humidity
  • Wearing non-wicking underwear that doesn’t absorb moisture

How to Prevent Chafing

Here are some easy ways to prevent chafing:

  • Dry off your skin regularly. If you know that you sweat profusely on certain days, try to keep it dry. This will cut down on the redness and pain
  • Wear loose clothes. If your tight clothes are causing you to sweat more, wear looser clothes to help your body to stay cool
  • Keep your body temperature lower. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated and cool
  • Powder your inner thighs (see products below). This can soak up the moisture and sweat and calm your inflamed skin. You can purchase specialty powder for this at drugstores or online
  • Use an anti-chafing cream or balm. See Bag Balm below, a Vaseline alternative
  • Wear anti-chafe underwear. The right kind of underwear will protect your thighs and genitals from irritation

Chassis for Men (Baby powder alternative)

Unlike baby powder, Chassis Body Powder was specifically designed to provide day-long protection against sweat, odor, and chafing. It does not absorb moisture like baby powder or other talcum powders. In fact, it contains no talc at all.

Where to buy:

chassis body powder baby powder alternative
Chassis Body Powder

Ballsy Ballguard Ball Deodorant

What’s interesting about this product from Ballsy, is that it’s a liquid powder. So, instead of using an actual powder like talc or Chassis for Men, you could try using the Ballsy Ballguard Ball Deodorant on your inner thighs.

Where to buy:

ballsy anti-chafing liquid powder

Bag Balm (Vaseline Alternative)

Bag Balm was originally designed to help to keep dairy cows from becoming chapped as a result of the harsh Vermont Northeast Kingdom environment. Now people from all around the world use Bag Balm to treat chapped, cracked skin.

Bag Balm can also prevent chafing, and is less sticky than Vaseline. A landscaper by the name of Danny stopped by to share this little anti-chafing hack in the comments below. He said he applies it about two times per day on average, and he stays comfortable and chafe-free even after walking around for 6+ hours a day.

Where to buy: Amazon

bag balm prevents chafing

How to Treat Chafing

If you already have chafing, here are some products that will help treat it: 

Baby Powder

Baby powder will soak up moisture and help keep you dry, preventing further skin irritations. Apply it to your inner thighs before getting dressed. Re-apply as necessary.

Baby Powder Alternatives

In addition to using them to prevent chafing, you can use the following baby powder alternatives to treat chafing as well:

See above for more information on both of these products.


Vaseline or any type of branded petroleum jelly works by softening and moisturizing your skin – and it creates another barrier to protect your skin from more irritations, soothing the pain almost instantly.

One potential downside to using Vaseline is that it may be a little too sticky. One reader wrote in stating that he had tried it, and it was a bit too sticky for him. If you’ve tried using any petroleum jelly product, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Vaseline Alternative

Alternatively, you can use a Vaseline alternative product like Bag Balm (Amazon) mentioned above.

For additional information about treating chafing, please be sure to check out WebMD.

What is the Best Type of Anti-Chafing Underwear?

The best type of underwear to prevent chafing is boxer briefs, because they stay close to the skin with enough length to protect the inner thighs. 

It’s also important to choose anti-chafe underwear with some moisture-wicking capability and stretch.

Fabrics that have moisture-wicking characteristics include:

  • Cellulose-based fibers like Modal, viscose / rayon, TENCEL, MicroModal
  • Nylon / Polyamide
  • Polyester

When sweating occurs, the wetness is pulled away from the skin and it evaporates. Plus these fabrics will normally dry faster than 100% cotton.

To help keep the underwear & legs in place, I also recommend finding underwear with a good amount of stretch & recovery. So, focus on boxer briefs with around 3-15% of spandex (i.e. elastane, Lycra).

Best Fit for Anti-Chafing Underwear?

Choose close fitting underwear that will stay in place, especially in the inner-thigh region. That is where chafing occurs the most. 

Exposed waistbands can roll over and/or move around on your body causing added bulk or unnecessary rubbing. Plus, they [exposed waistbands] tend to make your waistline look bigger (i.e. muffin-top), because they fit tighter than underwear with hidden waistbands.

So, underwear with hidden waistbands are a great choice, since they allow the underwear to stay in place, and don’t bind around the waist & love handle area as much as exposed waistbands do.

Also, make sure you have the right fit.

If your underwear rides up, twists, or causes wedgies it can rub against your skin and cause painful chafing.

underwear that rides up causes chafing
Photo credit: (an Australian underwear brand)

Are There Anti-Chafing Boxers?

It goes without saying, wearing boxers instead of briefs will result in less thigh chafing. However, if the legs of your boxers fit too loose, it is possible that the boxers will ride up throughout the day. 

If that happens, not only will it create unnecessary bunching within the legs of your pants, it could create an environment where chafing could occur.

This is why I typically recommend boxer briefs, since the legs on boxer briefs will fit closer and be less prone to move around.

If you prefer wearing boxers over boxer briefs, you can find some in my article about Made in USA underwear.

Are There Anti-Chafing Underwear Briefs?

Not really. Chafing usually occurs when the thighs rub together. Since underwear briefs don’t cover the thighs, it’s more likely that chafing will occur. Though, it depends on whether or not your thighs have tendency to rub together.

If you prefer underwear briefs, but are still looking for a solution to prevent thigh chafing, you may want to consider wearing anti-chafing thigh bands.

Anti-Chafe Underwear Recommendations

If you want to prevent the misery of painful chafing, invest in good quality non-chafing boxer briefs. It will give you a whole new level of under comfort. Here are some brands to consider.

Tommy John

Without a doubt, Tommy John offers one of the largest variety of anti-chafing underwear. They come in 6″ and 8″ lengths, different fabrics, lots of color combinations, and different pouch styles.

The main underwear lines include:

  • Second Skin – Non-pilling, silky MicroModal stretch fabric
  • Cool Cotton – Breathable, lightweight Cotton stretch fabric
  • Air – Lightweight Nylon Mesh stretch fabric
  • 360 Sport – Soft, moisture wicking 360 Polyester stretch fabric

Website: | 8″ Boxer Briefs | 6″ Boxer Briefs


The Made in USA G3 Boxer Briefs from RibbedTee are a fan favorite, and also one of my all time favorite boxer briefs. Flat lock seams, 3-dimensional X3 pouch, low-profile hidden waistband, and made from a nylon/spandex blend fabric that is odor & abrasion resistant.

The brand has recently gone on hiatus, but there are rumors they may re-emerge. Visit the site and be sure to jump on their wait-list.


Men's underwear Made in America. G3 CoolNylon Boxer Briefs
G3 Boxer Briefs from RibbedTee


Known for their crazy designs and in-your-face marketing, Shinesty’s Ball Hammock pouch boxer brief underwear are worth considering. Over 1400 reviews, with an average 4.25+ star rating.

Their boxer briefs are made with a 95% Modal / 5% Spandex fabric blend, and most reviewers state the underwear runs true-to-size.

They also have long boxer briefs that are 2.5″ longer than their standard boxer briefs

Website: | Long Boxer Briefs:

Shinesty Boxer Briefs - Extra long legs
Shinesty Boxer Briefs – with extra long legs

UFM Underwear

UFM is known for their adjustable pouch underwear, but did you know that their underwear comes in two anti-chafing lengths? Choose either 6″ or 9″ leg length and keep your thighs chafe free.

Website: | UFM Pouch Underwear Review

ufm anti chafing underwear for men
UFM 9″ long leg boxer briefs
UFM Underwear for men with smaller penis
UFM 6″ leg boxer briefs

What Anti-Chafing Underwear Should Landscapers or People Who Work Outdoors Wear?

The best anti-chafing underwear for people who work outdoors, such as landscapers, farmers, construction/city workers, or even police officers would be mid-length boxer briefs made from polyester, nylon, or viscose (rayon) blends.

These fabric blends will wick and dry faster than their cotton counterpart.

Polyester will usually absorb the least amount of moisture, so it will dry the quickest. But, wearing polyester underwear may result in more sweat passing through to your pants or shorts — causing visible sweat marks on your butt and legs.

Underwear That Keeps You Feeling Dry

If feeling dry is your top priority, and you don’t care about visible sweat marks, then you may want to consider purchasing mesh polyester underwear such as:

devops polyester mesh anti chafing underwear: for outdoor workers
DEVOPS Cool Dry Mesh Underwear (Amazon)

More Underwear Resources

If you’re curious about how to maintain good testicular health, be sure to check out my article that covers which type of underwear is best for men’s health in depth.

If you’re looking for domestically made underwear, check out my Made in USA Underwear article for a list of 20+ brands making underwear right here in America.

Some links on this page provide me a commission at no additional cost to you. See my affiliate disclosures page for more info.

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  1. Nice article on chafing: I plan to try vasoline, unless you can recommend another similar product that’ll work. problem: I really enjoy wearing bikini type briefs … so hope the vasoline works.

    • heya mike, thanks for stopping by!

      i know there are vaseline-alternative products specifically for chafing, but it wouldn’t hurt to try vaseline first to see if it works for you. if it doesn’t work, be sure to come back here and i’ll see if i can find an alternative for you.

      you may also want to try chassis for men (link in this article). chassis is an alternative to talc that does not absorb moisture, and it’s slicker / silkier too.

      one final idea — you could try anti-chafing leg bands. i have an article that covers them in more detail here:

      keep me posted, ok?

    • Mike I’m a landscaper and walk around for an average of 6 hours a day 5-6 days straight and I use a product called Bag Balm.

      It was originally made for cow udders so they would not chafe or chap after being milked, and I swear by it.

      I apply it to my inner thighs and groin area after shower at the end of day once in the morning before work and sometimes if I’m doing a lot of walking I will reapply midday. And I stay comfortable all day at work. Best part it’s like 10-12 dollars for an 8oz can and get 6-8 months out of it. Give it a try you won’t be sorry. WALK ON-


      • heya danny — thanks for this awesome recommendation! sounds like a great anti-chafing option, so i included it in the article above.

        also, bag balm might be a great product to treat my endlessly dry feet. so, i think i’m going to buy some and give it a go.

        thanks again buddy (:

      • What brand of underwear do you wear as my husband is also a landscaper and has been complaining of chaffing. He comes home soaked and so wondering what the best underwear for him would be. Thanks, Karen

      • heya karen — thanks so much for your question! hopefully danny will get back to you with info on the underwear he wears!

        in the meantime, i thought it would worthwhile to provide some recommendations of anti-chafing underwear for people who work outdoors in the article above. the link will take you directly to that section.

        the suggestions are of underwear that should keep him feeling the most dry and prevent chafing. he should try those options first.

        if he finds that too much sweat is reaching his pants or shorts (showing visible sweat stains), then i’d recommend that he try some viscose/rayon/modal or nylon blend mid-length boxer briefs. if you need some recommendations of those types of underwear, please let me know!

    • I got my husband using Aquaphor for years. He works in a die Cast environment, he melts down metal so he’s constantly sweating and he will sometimes come home with chafing and he applies aquaphor and when he wakes up it’s mostly gone, if not all gone. Aquaphor is amazing and it’s the only ointment that has ever been able to help my childrens’ rashes, cuts, burns, and diaper rash, and then to help my husband’s chafing overnight, even put it on new tattoos to help healing. It’s a miracle ointment that’s overlooked by many for sure.

      • thanks for the great recommendation beth! i’ll work on getting aquaphor added to this article as well (:

        thanks again!

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