Best Underwear to Prevent Chafing: Top 7 Picks for Men

Nothing ruins a perfectly good day quite like chafing. Not only is it an inconvenience while you’re trying to go about your daily activities as normal, but it can leave you in unbearable pain.

If you chafe frequently, chances are you’ve resorted to using so-called “anti-chafing” powders and lotions to relieve some of the nightmarish discomfort it causes – but have you ever considered that your underwear might be to blame?

There are several anti-chafing underwear on the market, but taking a leap of faith and trying out a new pair is risky when your skin’s well-being is on the line. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of 7 tried-and-tested men’s anti-chafing underwear that are guaranteed to boost comfort and eliminate irritation.

What Is the Best Underwear to Prevent Chafing?

There are many options to choose from when it comes to anti-chafing underwear – but not all of them are created equal. 

As you might assume, boxers are a better option than briefs if you’re looking to avoid thigh chafing. However, if the legs of your boxers are too loose, they may ride up throughout the day and cause even more irritation. If this happens, the fabric will bunch up, leaving your thighs exposed and increasing your risk of chafing. 

Boxer briefs are the best option to avoid chafing, as the legs of the underwear hug your skin more closely than other styles and are less prone to riding up. I’d recommend underwear that extends 6 inches or more down the legs. 


Rules to wearing undershirts

What’s the Best Fit for Anti-Chafing Underwear?

Finding the right size and fit of anti-chafing underwear is equally as important as choosing the proper style. Whenever possible, opt for close-fitting underwear that will stay in place as you move about your day. If it rides up, twists or causes wedgies, it will rub against your skin and cause painful chafing.

Waistbands are also an important factor to consider. Exposed waistbands can roll over or slide out of place, causing unnecessary rubbing. Hidden or no-roll waistbands are an excellent choice, as they’ll stay put and won’t bind up.

Fabrics to Look for & Fabrics to Avoid

While you’re shopping for anti-chafing underwear, look for synthetic materials like polyester and nylon or moisture-wicking fabric. These tend to provide the most comfort and support.

Although cotton is a great choice for everyday wear, it shouldn’t be your first pick if you’re looking to avoid skin irritation.However, underwear made with a blend of cotton and synthetic fabric is ok. Most importantly, avoid wool and velvet at all costs. 

The Best Underwear for Chafing: Top Recommendations

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Here’s my list of the best men’s underwear to prevent chafing:


RibbedTee’s G3 Men’s Boxer Briefs are my all-time favorite boxer briefs – and they happen to be anti-chafe. They feature flatlock seams, a three-dimensional X3 pouch and a low-profile hidden waistband, all of which come together to create an ultra-comfortable pair of underwear. Because they’re made of a blend of nylon and spandex, they’re also odor- and abrasion-resistant. Plus, they’re made in the USA.

  • 86% CoolNylon, 14% spandex
  • Available in black, light grey and navy blue
  • $32

Tommy John

Tommy John offers a wide selection of fantastic men’s underwear, but the 350 Sport Mid-Length Boxer Briefs are a fan favorite. Although they’re designed for gym and performance wear, they most certainly serve their purpose anytime, anywhere. The polyester-spandex blend prevents chafing, riding up and wedgies, and the Stay-Put waistband won’t roll, bunch or pinch. To top it all off, they’re anti-microbial and anti-odor!

  • 84% polyester, 16% spandex
  • Available in black, navy, grey and red
  • 3-pack for $84


Shinesty’s Threat Level Midnight Underwear is proof that underwear can be fun. The brand is known for its crazy designs and in-your-face marketing – which, in my opinion, is all the more reason to love it – and they create some pretty fantastic products. These briefs are made with 100% MicroModal fabric, meaning they’ll promote airflow and eliminate chafing.

  • 100% MicroModal
  • Available in multiple colors in patterns
  • $26.99


The Men’s Performance Micro Tight from Leorever is the ultimate pair of underwear for hot, sweaty environments. The material is composed of a perfect blend of polyester and spandex that will keep you comfortable around the clock (even if you’re fully submerged in water). Although the price is steep, keep in mind that you’re getting what you pay for (which is a completely chafe-free experience).

  • 88% polyester, 12% spandex
  • Available in 11+ colors
  • $69

UFM Underwear

UFM Underwear’s Polyester-Spandex Athletic Boxer Briefs are breathable, moisture-wicking and durable enough for even the most intense use. These underwear are worn by casual and endurance athletesto prevent chafing, rubbing, sagging and sweating. If that’s not enough reason to try them out for yourself, I’m not sure what is (not to mention they’re affordable, too). 

  • 90% polyester, 10% spandex
  • Available in black, grey, red, royal, turquoise and white
  • $19.95


DEVOPS Men’s Performance Cool Dry Mesh Underwear is a versatile choice. While they’re ideal for cycling, hiking, trail running and just about every other outdoor activity you can imagine, they’re also a great choice for everyday wear. They gently compress your skin, which promotes healthy blood flow and eliminates bunching and wedgies. Like many of the other options on the list, they’re made with a polyester-dominant blend, meaning they’re ultra-breathable, moisture-wicking and anti-chafing.

  • 89% polyester, 11% spandex
  • Available in black, white, grey, blue and red
  • $19.97


CoreWear’s CoreMax Boxer is the most unique option on the list, as it’s intended to compress your stomach and create the illusion of a slimmer figure. Unlike typical waistbands, which most often fall at the hips, the waistband on these CoreWear boxers rises to just below the chest. Though they’re on the higher end of the price spectrum, they’re the best option out there for anyone looking for a combination of compression and anti-chafing qualities.

  • Available in black, white, beige and blue
  • $69

Duluth Trading Co.

Wearing a pair of Duluth Trading Co.’s Men’s Go Buck Naked Performance Bullpen Boxer Briefs feels like you’re wearing next to nothing. They’re also odor-resistant, stretchy, moisture-wicking and chafe-free. And, because they’re so soft and lightweight, you won’t ever think twice about your underwear. These are undoubtedly on the list of my all-time favorite underwear!

  • 93% nylon, 7% spandex
  • Available in black, grey, blue and cobalt
  • $20.63

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10 thoughts on “Best Underwear to Prevent Chafing: Top 7 Picks for Men”

  1. Tug

    If you have endlessly dry feet you probably have athletes foot. If your feet burn when you are on them for a while and feel dry that’s definitely what it is.

  2. Nice article on chafing: I plan to try vasoline, unless you can recommend another similar product that’ll work. problem: I really enjoy wearing bikini type briefs … so hope the vasoline works.

    • heya mike, thanks for stopping by!

      i know there are vaseline-alternative products specifically for chafing, but it wouldn’t hurt to try vaseline first to see if it works for you. if it doesn’t work, be sure to come back here and i’ll see if i can find an alternative for you.

      you may also want to try chassis for men (link in this article). chassis is an alternative to talc that does not absorb moisture, and it’s slicker / silkier too.

      one final idea — you could try anti-chafing leg bands. i have an article that covers them in more detail here:

      keep me posted, ok?

      • I love cotton bikini briefs for running, but the chronic wedgie suck! I did 1/2 marathon picking out my briefs (so much, the back elastic ripped/broke and essentially fell out) si I find the I ripping and outstretching of the leg bands out of my jockey elance bikini briefs to prevent then from riding up my butt 1000’s of times and snapping them out viscously 1000’s during a run, slowing my pace up. so I find being proactive and proactively shredding the legbands of the jockey bikini before the run is better in the long one. Im 6’4″. so wedgies are then norm for me. So while ,shredding the legband really ruins the bikini briefs, but the wedgie is much more tolerable, then my briefs get spray down with body glide, works like a champ! Only drawback is totally destroyed Jockey bikini briefs

    • Mike I’m a landscaper and walk around for an average of 6 hours a day 5-6 days straight and I use a product called Bag Balm.

      It was originally made for cow udders so they would not chafe or chap after being milked, and I swear by it.

      I apply it to my inner thighs and groin area after shower at the end of day once in the morning before work and sometimes if I’m doing a lot of walking I will reapply midday. And I stay comfortable all day at work. Best part it’s like 10-12 dollars for an 8oz can and get 6-8 months out of it. Give it a try you won’t be sorry. WALK ON-


      • heya danny — thanks for this awesome recommendation! sounds like a great anti-chafing option, so i included it in the article above.

        also, bag balm might be a great product to treat my endlessly dry feet. so, i think i’m going to buy some and give it a go.

        thanks again buddy (:

      • What brand of underwear do you wear as my husband is also a landscaper and has been complaining of chaffing. He comes home soaked and so wondering what the best underwear for him would be. Thanks, Karen

      • heya karen — thanks so much for your question! hopefully danny will get back to you with info on the underwear he wears!

        in the meantime, i thought it would worthwhile to provide some recommendations of anti-chafing underwear for people who work outdoors in the article above. the link will take you directly to that section.

        the suggestions are of underwear that should keep him feeling the most dry and prevent chafing. he should try those options first.

        if he finds that too much sweat is reaching his pants or shorts (showing visible sweat stains), then i’d recommend that he try some viscose/rayon/modal or nylon blend mid-length boxer briefs. if you need some recommendations of those types of underwear, please let me know!

    • I got my husband using Aquaphor for years. He works in a die Cast environment, he melts down metal so he’s constantly sweating and he will sometimes come home with chafing and he applies aquaphor and when he wakes up it’s mostly gone, if not all gone. Aquaphor is amazing and it’s the only ointment that has ever been able to help my childrens’ rashes, cuts, burns, and diaper rash, and then to help my husband’s chafing overnight, even put it on new tattoos to help healing. It’s a miracle ointment that’s overlooked by many for sure.

      • thanks for the great recommendation beth! i’ll work on getting aquaphor added to this article as well (:

        thanks again!

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