Best Loose Fitting Undershirt That Hides Puffy Nipples

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For guys, having puffy nipples is no laughing matter.

It pretty much sucks, and is a real confidence killer for most.

There are some work-arounds you can utilize to mask puffy nipples, one of which is wearing form fitting or compression undershirts.

The following comes from a reader who was in search of a loose fitting undershirt that could hide his puffy nipples:



Sweat Proof Undershirts

I’m wondering what your recommendation is for the best undershirt that is more loose fitting that can potentially hide puffy nipples.

I’m not overweight but have always had trouble finding the right undershirt that does the best job for that issue.

I don’t want the spandex stuff!


Hiding Puffy Nipples

Heya Cary,

Good to hear from you and thanks for your question!

Honestly, a loose fitting undershirt won’t really hide puffy nipples unless it’s really thick.

I dunno about you, but I wouldn’t want to wear a thick undershirt.

The only possible work-around is to take your favorite loose fitting undershirt, and use fabric paint to paint a strip across the inside chest area of your undershirt.

The fabric paint will add a layer of thickness in the chest/nipple area, and should do a decent job of masking/hiding puffy nipples.

Short of that, while I can’t really recommend this, I’ve heard from many individuals that they use duct tape to keep their puffy nipples from protruding out.

Hope it helps!

Cures For Puffy Nipples

As a fellow puffy nipster, who gets TONS of questions about the subject matter, I try to stay abreast (pun intended) of possible solutions.

While I was doing research for this article, I came across an amazing YouTube channel, hosted by an extremely experienced and talented plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Caridi, who specializes in treating male gynecomastia.

  • YouTube Channel: Westlake Plastic Surgery Center (link)
  • Website: Westlake Plastic Surgery (link)

I reached out to them, via their Virtual Consultation for Men form, and heard back from Dr. C. himself within about an hour!

Pretty damn impressive.

Q & A With Dr. Caridi

hey folks,

i’m in the process of writing an article for my site about men’s puffy nipples, and i was hoping i could ask dr. caridi a couple questions via this email regarding the condition.

first, for clarity, this question isn’t about full on gynecomastia.

Example of a fit male with puffy nipples.

it’s specifically about puffy nipples.

from my research, my current understanding is that puffy nipples is caused by extra or inflamed gland under the skin and breast tissue that sits right behind the nipple.

that tissue cannot be removed by liposuction, so it must be removed via excision.

my questions are:

Q. is there any chance that coolsculpting or sculpsure could help reduce the size of the tissue, essentially minimizing the size of the puffy nipple protrusion?

i understand that these procedures only remove certain types of fats, but i was curious if they would provide any, even minimal reduction to the under-nipple tissues.

A. Nope. Not going to happen. That technology isn’t going to help in this area. Tissue too firm and dense.

Excision is the only treatment that works.

Q. why does pinching the nipple, or exposing it to cold, in many cases constrict the nipple enough to make it look normal?

meaning, if the underlying tissue is causing the protrusion, how can the nipple constrict enough when pinched/cold to push the tissue down enough where it can’t be seen (at least temporarily)?

A. It temporarily flattens the area as the skin tightens on top and makes it less prominent. There are fine muscles in the area that are responsible for the effect.

Q. why is the glandular tissue not easily felt within the top part of the nipple area?

in other words, if a person pinches the surface of the puffy nipple, it feels more like air, swelling, or even light fluid directly beneath — and not bumpy glandular tissue.

i’ve watched many of dr. caridi’s videos about surgically correcting puffy nipples, but i haven’t been able to figure out how that glandular tissue can be pushed down by a constricted nipple.

why would that be the case?

A. The areola enlarges because of the underlying mass applies pressure to the skin and it stretches.

Most lay people simply don’t know how to grab the tissue to truly appreciate the underlying mass. You got to get at it—get under it and squeeze it and you will appreciate the size.

The actual mass doesn’t have to be gland. It can be fibrofatty or fibroglandular tissue.

The “classic” all gland patient is a young fit body builder who used steroids or prohormones and they develop concrete/adherent/inflamed masses.

Q. is dr. caridi aware of any product that is designed to constrict nipples? in some cases that would be at least a temporary way to mask puffy nipples for some.

A. Many patients have used duct tape. 1001 uses of duct tape.

There is no cream/potion/ointment that will constrict the areolas.

Minnesota in the winter would be perfect!

Many thanks to Dr. C for his quick, and helpful responses!

Be sure to check out his YouTube channel for more information on surgical treatments for gynecomastia and puffy nipples.


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