Who Makes the Best Cotton Spandex Undershirt in the World?


I’ve received a bunch of emails recently from people who’ve been looking for cotton spandex undershirts.

Specifically, they’re looking for undershirt with a 95% cotton / 5% lycra/spandex fabric blend.

One such liked undershirt was the Target Merona Ultimate Crew Neck t-shirt/undershirt.

Cotton Spandex Undershirt Email

Here is just one example of the types of emails I’ve received recently:

Tug, It has been a while since I have seeked your sage advice. March 2009 to be more precise.

I have always been looking for great undershirts, and rarely find any that work like I want them to.

I am 6’2″ about 195lbs, and I typically wear a large in shirts.

That said, I have tried the typical Calvin Klein and Armani undershirts from Macy’s but was always disappointed.

They would shrink up to where they were barely able to be tucked in, even when hang drying them, and just putting them in the dryer for a few minutes to get the softness and wrinkles out.

I also like a very short sleeve, maybe 1/3rd the bicep for use under polo shirts.

Target Merona Ultimate

I then stumbled across the Merona Ultimate Crew-Neck T-Shirt at Target. Ended up going with the small size and it was excellent.

The length was great, generally as long or longer than my button up shirts that I wear.

The sleeves were perfect, never peaked through my polos.

They then discontinued them a few months later. The stash I have now is getting what Hanes calls the “bacon collar.”

I have tried a similar cotton spandex undershirt from Mens Express, 95%/5% Cotton/Lycra, and need a medium, and the length is easily 4″ shorter, which doesn’t work good for tucked in shirts.

I end up tucking the undershirt into the underwear. Plus the Express shirts are 4x the cost, about $20 each compared to roughly $5.

Do you have any recommendations for me?

I wish I could find a box of the small Merona Ultimate Crew-Neck T-Shirt stuffed in the back of a Target somewhere, but that isn’t going to happen.

Thanks, M

It appears the list of 95/5 undershirts (95% cotton / 5% lycra spandex) being made is getting smaller and smaller as manufacturers continue to discontinue them.

95/5 Cotton Spandex Undershirts That’re Currently Available

As of the writing of this article, here are the cotton undershirts that I know of made from that blend, that are still being sold, ordered by price (lowest to highest):


Kohl’s Apt 9. Solid Deluxe Layering Tee (Around $10 each on sale). Recommended by several readers.


Macys Alfani T Shirts, Crew Neck T Shirt (2-Pack).

A Tug Top 5 Favorite. Available online and in stores. Price: $19.98 ($10 per). More information here.


H&M fine stretch cotton V-necks (1-Pack).

Fabric: 45% cotton, 50% organic cotton, 5% elastane. Lots of color options. H&M Retail Stores. Price: $10.00 each.

Endorsed by a reader in this article about form fitting not too tight undershirts.


Jockey Slim Fit Cotton Stretch (2-Pack).

Styles: #8424 & #8425. 95% cotton / 5% spandex. Price: $26 ($13 per).


Stafford True Tuck Tees (2-Pack). Modal/Spandex. Shows limited sizes available, so not sure about this one. Price: $30.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch V-Neck or Cotton Stretch Crew Neck (2-Pack). Available online, not sure about stores.

Price: $36.50 (orig: $29.50)


Men’s Express Stretch Cotton Crew Neck Tee (1-Pack).

Available online and in stores. Price: $19.90 (Buy 3 For $39.90)

Banana Republic

Banana Republic New stretch-pima cotton basic tee (1-Pack).

96% pima cotton / 4% spandex.

Price: $24.50 ($18.37 each if you buy 3 or more).

They used to make a 95/5, but it looks like they have replaced it with this 96/4 with pima cotton.

Black Socks

BlackSocks White T-shirt – Antoinette (2-Pack Crew).

Their V-Neck version is called Claudette. Available on BlackSocks.com.

Price: $55

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani Stretch Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt (1-Pack). Also, this item comes in Crew Neck style.

Available on Freshpair.com, Barenecessities.com, HisRoom.com, Macys, etc.

Price: $28

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein White V-Neck T-Shirt (1-Pack).

90% cotton/10% spandex. Available on Freshpair.com.

Price: $42

Why Cotton Blends Are Getting Replaced?

It seems as though many of the cotton blends are being replaced, either by synthetic blends such as nylon/spandex and polyester/spandex, or pricier blends such as micromodal/spandex.

Is it because of the rising cotton prices or simply poor sales? Your guess is as good as mine.

If you find something you like from the above list, you just might want to stock up on them in case the manufacturer decides to discontinue them.

Hopefully, we’ll hear back from “M” after he’s had a chance to try some of the above and we’ll find out if he’s found a new favorite.

Thus, if you have a 95/5 cotton spandex undershirts that you really like, make sure you tell me about it in the comments section below!


Update from reader who visited Kmart looking for the Joe Boxer 95/5

Latest on 95 cotton/5 lycra – Hello TUG.

You answered some questions on the 95/5 lycras for me last Fall, at that time I was asking on Merona crew.

Further, you also directed me to a few alternatives, and I ended up purchasing, on-line, several pack of JCP’s J Ferrar crew cotton spandex undershirts which were also to be discontinued.

I thought in place of Clairborne equivalent brand, but I have not seen them. Overall, I am not real happy with the length, as they don’t stay tucked.

I see your list of brands, and am trying the Joe Boxer Platinum crew from KM. I ended up finding the very last package of Joe Boxer Platinum.

The store rep said they were on clearance, and didn’t know if they would return.

On-line they show availability, but when ordering they had only “1” in stock for “today”.

I suspect they are on their way out. Just an FYI and also if you had any info yourself.

Thanks. Steve @ Number Six

Update 2

Here’s some additional information I just got back from “M” after he visited JCPenny.

I went to JCPenney today, 2 actually.

The first one did not have and 95/5 cotton spandex undershirts, they looked and called another person, no luck.

Had to go to the larger JCPenney, which did have them, but not the BVD in medium or small, just large and XL. They were still on sale.

I found the Stafford 95/5 undershirts and they were on sale as well, 2 pack for $7.99, and I had a $10 off coupon, so I got two 2-packs for $5.98. Pretty good deal.

The sleeves length is too long, it is easily 2″ too long for my polo shirts, too bad it doesn’t look like they make a small.

Moreover, after a wash it may shrink a little, might need to dry in dryer instead of hanging to dry.

I like the fit, nice and snug on the body, sleeves are not loose, just too long. The 4″ collar drop is a little too much for me, I like it tighter, but it isn’t too bad.

I will have to wear this under something for a day to see how the tucking is.

Wow I am a demanding undershirt wearer.

The gentleman that helped me at JCPenney says they just recently got these, but that only one shipment has come in.

He thinks it might just be a Holiday promotion. I hope not.

But I may pick up a few more of these since they are on sale, they will be my long [short-]sleeves or I may get the sleeves altered.

Here are the measurements straight out of the package:
Stafford Performance Cotton Stretch 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex
Size: Medium
Length: 28.5″
Width (chest): 19
“Width (bottom): 19”
Shoulder strap length: 6″
Sleeve length: 9″ [tug note: standard sleeve length is around 7″]
Sleeve opening: 6.25″
Shoulder to Armpit Height: 9.5″
Front drop: 4″
Collar width: .5″
Made in Thailand

Update 3

Just heard from another reader who is on the hunt for a good 95/5 blend undershirt

Hey Tug, thanks for your responses.

I just purchased a pack of the BVD’s cotton spandex undershirts and one of the Alfani.

And, I even tried them on at the store and they fit well for the most part but the length nay be a little long.

I will try to give them a fair assessment after a wash.

I stopped in Elder Beerman to see what they had and all I could find were Calvin Klein 95/5 in white.

They looked very nice but at $29.50 a pair, I passed. If there were some in black, I may have bitten.

Part that is a downer about the white is that you are not supposed to bleach them.

My quest continues….

Thanks for all your help.

65 thoughts on “Who Makes the Best Cotton Spandex Undershirt in the World?”

  1. I have several Pure Stuff crew neck, thin ribbed, tee shirts that are 95% cotton and 5% spandex. They fit me great and I need replacements but apparently they are no longer available. Can you suggest where I could find them or a possible substitute that is similar?

  2. The best is a French brand Monoprix (like Target) Homme 96% cotton and 4% elastane (spandex). I’ve had mine for five years now and they are still white, form fitting and simply the best white undershirt I have ever owned. Thinking of buying a container to ship them to the states and sell them.

    • thanks hugh!! appreciate the cotton/spandex undershirt recommendation (:

      never heard of monoprix, but i’m pretty sure i’ve heard for the homme brand before.

      if you decide to bring some in, let’s sell them from here on my website!

  3. Fellas, I have found the crown jewel of undershirts. 90% Polyester/10% Spandex. The one and only RBX Active Men’s V-Neck Undershirt. This is the best undershirt and overshirt out there.

    I don’t wear anything else. You’re probably thinking, RBX really? It’s perfect, especially for someone who has a Dad body.

    I am not ripped, I am an average dude: 5’10, 175. It gives your stomach some breathing room and it stretches so your body isn’t compacted.

    I obviously want the shirt to look good, but comfort is a huge element of this shirt as well. Please try this shirt out and let me know what you think. Make sure you get the v-neck.

    If anyone else knows a shirt exactly like this, please reach out as I am eager to compare.

    • heya andrew — thanks for sharing info on the rbx undershirt (:

      though, as it pertains to the topic of this article (cotton/spandex) undershirts, a poly/spandex blend undershirt really isn’t comparable from a wearing experience pov.

      the only exception to this is if the poly is “brushed”, “peached”, or “sueded” to make the surface more cottony-like.

      all that said, glad you found an undershirt that you love!!

  4. I found your website a few days ago and I have to thank you. I’m also in love with the 95/5 composition, because it’s really the only one that fells better than plain cotton AND doesn’t smell after a few hours…

    Any case, this weekend I tried at my local Kohls and they had quite a few of the Apt9 tees. I actually found that they come in two different compositions, a standard 96/4 (also in V-neck) and a 57 cotton, 38 polyester and 5 spandex. The two were mixed in the same shelves, without any distinction except the colors, so it would have been very easy to make a mistake if not paying attention. The best part: they were on sale for $6.99!!!

    I got myself a few and I’m wearing one right now. Pretty happy so far…

    • heya max, sounds good buddy! thanks for letting me know (:

      keep me posted and let me know how they hold up, and how you like them after a couple months of wearing and washing!

  5. I’m a huge fan of the Jockey 3D innovations line – they are the best fitting and most comfortable shirt I have ever worn.

    • heya don, good to hear from you buddy and thanks for stopping by!

      yeah, the 3d innovation line (90/10 cotton/spandex) was pretty good, as was their echelon undershirt (tencel/spandex), but both items have been discontinued as far as i know.

      for sure the echelon was discontinued a really long time ago, but i haven’t kept up-to-speed on what what happening with the 3d innovation undershirts.

      if you check the jockey website, you won’t be able to find any 3d undershirts for sale, so that’s a pretty clear indication they have been discontinued.

    • heya rp! thanks for stopping by and letting me know the dockers men’s performance t-shirts are now discontinued.

      considering how much you liked those, it would be great if you’d be willing to keep me posted on your search for a replacement so i can keep the list in this article current.

      if you have any alternate suggestions now, please let me know and i’ll add them. if not, just let me know if you find a cotton/spandex t-shirt or undershirt that you really, really like.

      sound good?

  6. If anyone knows where I can find the manufacturer of the express stretch t shirts (v neck or crew neck) it would be GREATLY appreciated. The blend is 94% cotton and 6% spandex. Thank you.

    • heya rief, thanks for stopping by my site and posting your question.

      if you have an express t-shirt, i might be able to help you track them down. all i need is the number starting with “rn” from the tag or care label. get me that and let me see what i can find out for you.

      be aware though, manufacturers making clothing for brands as big as express normally will not deal with small independent manufacturer hopefuls. their minimum order quantities are usually huge.

      lastly, not all 94/6 cotton/spandex blends will be the same. so you’ll have to find the exact manufacturer and ensure the fabric comes from the same mill.

      let’s start with the “rn” number, and go from there.

      • Hey thanks for the quick reply! I was worried that all manufacturers blends weren’t the same feel and fit that’s why I am looking for the source. The rn# 55285 and while I’m at it the ca# 56842. Again any help is much appreciated as I will be using these shirts for my small business and personal life. these are IMO the best fitting shirts I have ever owned.

      • no worries buddy! that’s what i’m here for (:

        sorry to say, that rn is actually registered to express themselves, so you won’t be able to track down the actual supplier that makes those shirts for them. i kinda figured that was the case, but wanted to double check.

        yeah there is much more that goes into a blend than the blend itself, such as the fineness of the yarn used, weight, knit, where the yarn was sourced, where the fabric was knitted, what type of finishing they put on the fabric, what part of the world they were made in, etc.

        sorry to say, but you won’t likely be able to source these outside of express. my recommendation would be to focus on finding the same blend at express, but just make sure they are all made in the same country. that way you’ll be more likely to get similar shirts.

  7. I see that kohls apt9 copies many patterns and designs of Express (structure)….one favorite design is TV static, the stitching of the surger is superior from kohls!!

    Axis from kohls is also pretty great. My test for my claims comes down to my ocd nature. I’m a laundry freak. I wear a t shirt and tend to change them 2 times a day. Thus I have t-shirts that have 200+ washings in 4 years.

    Express falls apart (unraveled stitching that leads to hems flapping about) tears in the pits and at the hems…apt9 not so much.

    Axis from kohls is a well built supple high Lycra tshirt at 6 percent, it has a sexy nipple factor feeling. My brother put on one of my axis shirts after a wine spill at a dinner party and he said his nipples stayed rock hard …lol.

    So if u can’t stand your nipples being up and aroused 6 percent Lycra by axis isn’t for you.

    • heya omar, thanks a bunch for stopping by and posting your suggestions!

      really appreciate the info on kohls apt9 t-shirts, kohls axis cotton/lycra tees, and express cotton/spandex tees too (:

      if you run across any others, please be sure to stop back by and post your feedback on them too!

  8. I posted this comment on another of your pages, but thought it would be relevant here, as I ONLY wear 95/5% Tee’s.

    The gap sells 95/5% two pack “stretch” t-shirts. $24.95 but I always look for their sales. They come in white, black, and heather gray. I used to buy the banana republic ones, but they stopped making them :( They were a sturdier construction. These Gap ones are only crew neck, whereas the banana ones came in a V neck (which I prefer). I have been wearing the gap stretch tee style for 10 years now. I buy size small (I’m a medium) as I like them to be snug under my clothes. I hate baggy sleeves on t-shirts.
    I just purchased 8 packs last week (16 total) plus tax, with free shipping @ sale price for $126.
    Right now they have a 30% off sale. code: SPRING good in store and online. Stores don’t always carry all sizes and colors.


  9. Like your site. Your reviews are helpful.
    I like the minor obsessiveness–well, of course T-shirts are important. I wear one every day-why not get the ones that aren’t crawling up your sides.

    Do you have any idea why are 95% cotton 5% spandex t-shirts are out of stock everywhere all the time? I found some at Target about a year ago, none since. I even stooped to trying to get from Sears. Out.
    I’m not surprised with Target. I went in there a couple months ago and bought three items. Three weeks later I went back to buy more of these items-out.
    Maybe there’s some kind of spandex shortage in the world. I can imagine the conversation at the meeting. “Let’s not carry that item anymore, it always sells out so quickly it leaves a big gap in the display.”

  10. So glad I found this blog, I am a picky undershirt wearer too!! I had a few pairs of the Champion 95/5 blends that I loved and wore for about 5 years. Found out when I needed more that they were discontinued. Went through the list on this blog and found that I like the Apt 9 95/5 shirts. Not quite the same, but very, very close.

  11. Merona Blues. The 20 that i bought 5 years ago are wearing out. Let’s hope the original gets brought back. It was the best T ever manufactured for the average consumer hands down.

  12. This is my comment. The Merona 95/5 t shirts (at Target) were the best, most desirable. Great fit for my size (large). After washing they shrunk a little, again excellent. I like them close fitting. The length shrunk most and came out very good. I wear them untucked. Just right. Now more shirts like that is what I’m after. I tried the Hanes “best fit” tees but they bind underarm & are otherwise unsatisfactory. The Ralph Lauren crewnecks that I buy at a discount store have a nice look, a little loose, but not bad. Don ‘t buy the Lauren v neck.

    • yo d! thanks for stopping and posting your thoughts about the merona 95/5. i definitely would love to get my hands on one of those undershirts/tees to see first hand how great they were.

      until then, i’ll just have to be a little jealous of all of you who have some!

  13. Kohl’s sells a pretty nice athletic fit 95/5 crew neck t-shirt branded “Apt.9”, if you get them on sale they’re any where from 10-15 apiece , 19.00 regular price. The collar keeps its shape we’ll. Banana Republic has a good fitting crew also but after a few washes the collar makes you look like a transient

    • hey dennis! thanks for stopping by and sharing your feedback about the kohl’s apt 9 undershirt.

      not sure you saw the article about apt 9, but another reader also recommended that exact same product!

      does remind me though, that i need to add the apt 9 to this post! oops…forgot about that.

      thanks again for taking the time.

  14. I have found that Champion Men’s Double Dry Active Fit Crew Neck Undershirt which come in a 2 pack are the best 95/5 shirts I have found. Target used to offer them, but they pulled these from the shelves too! They are on sale now (12/25) on their site, but they always go fast. They come in White, Gray, Navy and black. The shirts are long as they tuck well and the sleeves are short (they are the only ones that don’t stick out of my short sleeve polo shirts). The picture on the page does not do the shirt sleeves justice as it makes them look longer than what they really are. They do a V neck too, but it is 100% cotton, only the Double Dry crew neck that come in a two pack are the good ones in my mind. I am open to trying other shirts, but these really have been the best I have found other than the Merona which were also pulled from Target. So hard to find good undershirts! Hope they don’t stop offering these anytime soon!

    • hey mike, happy holidays! thought you might be interested in this information that another reader just sent me:

      Just wanted to give you the scoop on a new (to me, at least) 96/4 undershirt at Kohl’s. I purchased this at a store (on sale now for $9), but I’m pretty sure the link below leads to the right product. I also saw a V-neck cut, for those who prefer that.
      I’ve been looking for a replacement for the old Target Merona shirts that fall in the same price range. I have pics of me in both the Merona and Apt9 if you’re interested, but I’ve noticed (on visual comparison only–I haven’t measured anything) that the Apt9 has a wider neck and *slightly* shorter sleeves. The rest of the fit seems pretty much the same. Definitely seems like a good deal at the sale price.
      Hope you ejoy the holidays!

  15. Looks like no one has posted for a while. I’m starting to give up hope. Unlike a lot of readers, I actually like a 95/5 tee for everyday use(not an undershirt). With that being said, it’s difficult to find these shirts in colors other than white and sometimes black. I’ve found the Express shirts to be the best as far as sizing, fit, shrink resistence, and available colors. But they are SO expensive now. There is no way I’m paying $28 for a T-shirt! Every now and then, I find a combination of sales and coupon codes that gets then down to about $12 each, so I grab a bunch. Does anyone else know of any that come in a few more colors and don’t fit like underwear?


    • hey johnny! thanks for stopping by and posting your comments/question!!

      by far, the stretch cotton “t-shirt” i hear most about is the stretch pima tee from banana republic. their sister companies are old navy and gap, so you might find something similar there.

      i also hear good stuff about american apparel and alternative apparel, but i haven’t personally tried out any of their cotton stretch shirts.

      let me know if you find something else!

  16. Hi Tug!

    My Husband was also super bummed when they discontinued the Merona 95/5 shirts. We are looking for some LONG shirts. He always tucks his undershirts in and he has a long torso, so after shrinking most “regular” length shirts aren’t long enough. We recently tried the Alfani shirts, and they are a great fit, but are just barely long enough. Do you know if anyone makes a “tall” version of these shirts? Wonderful website, btw!


    • hey amber, good question. best way to find out that answer is get a copy of my master undershirt resource workbook. just sign-up for my mailing list (you can unsubscribe at anytime) and you’ll get a download link to the workbook. it has all the measurements, including overall length, of over 130 undershirts.

      the work book is work-in-progress, but the link you’ll receive is the permanent link so you can download the updated workbook anytime in the future! good luck.

  17. Wow, I was also a fan of the Merona 95/5 and was bummed to see them disappear off the shelves. With the number of guys responding here, I wonder if we could bind together and contact Target for a return of this great product!? :)

  18. Thanks for all the insight guys! My boyfriend has ONE Merona undershirts left (with a “bacon” collar now), and I’ve been tirelessly looking for some more to buy. I had no idea the 95/5 cotton/spandex was being moved off the shelves. He’s a tall, lean guy — around 6’1” with a long torso and arms. Any of you guys have a suggestion on cheap (we’re on a budget!) undershirts he might like? I know he’s mentioned how shirts of all kinds tend to run short on him. Let me know, any advice would be welcome!

  19. Hey Tug,

    First, thanks for sharing your knowledge about undershirts. I never realized there were so many other interested in the perfect understhirt.

    Do you have any idea if anyone makes a 100% Polyester V-Neck undershirt? I am referring to the same material you find in athletic T-Shirts, such as Underarmour or Nike, or the like.

    Another thought I had was to try the Coolmax materials. I have found a few sites that carry a V-Neck version of the coolmax shirts, but they are usually no-name brands and websites.

    I recently bought the Express 95/5 Deep V-Neck and find it to be fairly nice but it does not wick the moisture away as well as the 100% Polyester athletic shirts.

    Thanks in advance for you help.

  20. Hello can anyone tell me what happen to the Merona 95/5 Tees from Target??? Have to say those were a favorite for me and Im very critical when it comes to my white tees. Im guessing they were discontinued but any ideas on any other brands similar? I have searched high and wide and cant seem to get close to the satisfaction of the merona tees.

    • hey john, although no one from target has confirmed it, our best guess is that they discontinued the 95/5. considering the number of people who have reported not being able to find them, i think it’s pretty clear.

      there’s a whole list of alternative options above and within these comments, but so far no one has stepped up and said whether or not any of the ones listed are similar to the 95/5 merona. unfortunately i never got the chance to buy the 95/5 merona, so i don’t have a point of reference to compare with.

      if you haven’t tried the ones listed here, then i would suggest you pick some of these up and go through some wear tests on each of them. if you do find one that’s similar, please come back here and let us know what you find!

  21. TUG, Thanks for your suggestion to check out the list as well as the tip to check out ebay – I would happily buy the Merona’s on ebay if they are “new and in the package”.

  22. Merona 95/5 Cotton to Lycra Spandex provided, by far, the most comfort for the buck. Know where I can still find a pack? My Target discontinued Merona for Fruit of the loom, which doesn’t even come close to the Merona’s comfort level.

    • dude, did you not read this article?? as you discovered, target has discontinued the 95/5 you loved so much (as others did). but it just wasn’t your target who discontinued carrying it, it was target as a whole.

      i got a bunch of people emailing me about it and with the help of others, i created the list of 95/5 & 90/10 blend undershirts that could be suitable alternatives.

      if you can’t find what you’re looking for in one of the items above, you might want to check out ebay to see if anyone is selling the old 95/5 meronas.

  23. Tried to buy the alfani, but they were sold out. Bought the CK version at Macy’s. On sale this week. I like them but compared to the Emporio Armani, not quite as good. But 1/2 the price so there you go. I went with a Large in the CK and an XL in the ea and they both fit similarly. I like the shorter sleeves in the ea.

  24. I’ve never worn the 95-5 undershirt before until I was at an outlet center and they had the Emporio Armani crew neck on sale. Have to say, hands down, the best undershirt I have ever worn. They are long, but the sleeves are short. They are all on sale now at $21 each, but that is still a little much for me for an undershirt. How does it compare to the CK version? You can get those for about $10 each. Any idea?

    • hey scott! thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts about the ea crew! no doubt, ea makes a very nice product – but it is a little on the higher priced side of the 95/5 blends i’ve seen on the market. if the shirt is $21 it really should be something like pima cotton/spandex and not standard combed cotton.

      i don’t think i’ve tried the ck 95/5 so i couldn’t provide any feedback on them, but 95/5 seems to be a pretty popular blend and many of them that i’ve tried are pretty dang good. the alfani 95/5 is on my top 5 list. hopefully i’ll get the chance to try out the ck 95/5 soon.

      if anyone else has experience with the 95/5 ck, please chime in!

  25. Hey Tug, Thanks for the great info. I purchased some joe boxer 95/5’s in Dec. 2010 when my flight was cancelled and i was held over w/o my luggage. I was in a pinch and there was a kmart on the corner. They turned out to be great! Now i can’t find them anymore. They have held up great. After 5 months wear everyweak, they are still going strong.

    I will try the champion for now. Just found them at http://www.valuefest.com @ $9.79 for a 2 pack. Thanks

    • hey joe! great hearing from you and thanks for sharing that information about joe boxer. not too long ago i was at kmart too, and couldn’t find the 95/5 undershirts, so it is possible those got discontinued too.

      thanks for letting us know about valuefest.com too. i updated your link so it would point directly to the champion double dry t-shirt products.

  26. Gah!!! I found this site searching for replacements for the same Merona 95% 5% shirts…Every time I buy new T-shirts they are great out of the box but shrink within a week or two…you would think we could start some sort of complaint line to target to get them to bring them back :(

    • not a bad idea leif! although, you might want to try out the alfani stretch from macys – it’s a pretty darn nice 95/5 undershirt. give it a try and let me know what you think!

  27. I just reviewed the Alfani cotton/spandex v-neck tshirt on Macy’s web site. I am wearing one now. Best tshirt I have ever owned. Great colors – light blue, purple and pink, standard white, grey and black. Look great tucked in or untucked. Won’t wrinkle. If you have a nice body, it shows it well. Pair with jeans and sport coat or relaxed with a pair of khakis.

  28. You’re right Tug, the X-Cotton is a higher-end shirt.

    Another choice is the CK Flexible Fit. It’s 93/7 cotton/elastene blend. I also like it because it’s a classic fit that is loose enough to be worn as a t-shirt, not just an undershirt. It’s comparable to the CK Cotton Stretch. I haven’t tried the Stretch yet. Price is similar too.

    PS Thanks for finding the old Macy’s Alfani Stretch, now simply the Alfani T-Shirt. It was and probably will remain as a great value undershirt.

    • hey gil. thanks for the intel on the ck flexible fit. i originally did not include it hear because i was pretty certain that undershirt was made with dow xla (spandex/lycra clone, that is being discontinued). have they changed the product so that it’s made with elastane (another name for spandex/lycra)??

      i have to pick-up one of those alfani undershirts (the stretch ones) and give them a try. i’m happy i could help you track them down!!

      thanks for all the contributions my friend.

      • Yes that is the blend. Great site keep up the great work. Glad to know there are a lot of people who search for that one great t-shirt like I do.

      • thanks bt! i’ll add it to the main list above in a little while. really appreciate you getting back to me!

        also, thanks for compliment on the site. truth-be-told, without the community of people like yourself who come here and take the time to send in information or post comments, the site would not be as comprehensive as it is. thanks for taking the time and supporting the “cause”

  29. It feels good to find others that are particular with their undershirts just like me. I loved the merona 95/5 blend and I have 2 white’s and 2 blacks. I was disappointed to see that they were no longer in target so like you guys I am on the lookout for a new brand.

  30. Thanks for the recommendations Tug! I also noticed CK has a new cotton/elastene shirt called X-Cotton. It may be the one you have listed. I may try it when it gets to the Factory Outlet store.
    On another note, I feel for those taller guys that have trouble with undershirts shrinking and not staying tucked in.

    • hey gil. the ck x-cotton undershirts are actually made from a cotton, modal, and spandex/elastane blend, retail for around $32 and weren’t the ones i was referring to above, but thanks for the tip on the x-cotton line. i took a look at the ck website and found that they did indeed have a 95/5 blend v-neck and crew neck undershirt priced at around $15 each, so i added it to the list above.

      thanks for the continued contributions! hey, maybe you should write a couple guest undershirt reviews. whadaya think?


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