Looking for the Best Breathable Underwear for Men? Try These

When we talk about sweat, we usually think of our armpits or forehead – but no one really ever talks about the sweat down there. Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us, and it can ruin your day fast. 

If you’re a victim of sweating or just hate feeling hot or constricted in your nether regions, there’s a solution: breathable underwear. And, before you ask, the answer is yes – they really do help keep you cool and dry.

In this article, I’ll review the best men’s breathable underwear so you can find a pair that suits you. Let’s get into it.

Calvin Klein Classic Multipack Boxer Briefs

Calvin Klein Classic Multipack Boxer Briefs

We all know this beloved brand makes great men’s products, so you can’t go wrong with Calvin Klein’s Classic Boxer Briefs

These 100% cotton briefs are breathable, comfortable and super soft, and they keep their shape and color after dozens of washes. They’re perfect for everyday comfort, although I wouldn’t recommend wearing these for heavy workouts or activities where you’re sweating more than average. Overall, these are hard to beat!



Sweat Proof Undershirts

  • 100% cotton
  • Contoured pouch
  • Flexible waistband that sits above the hip
  • Long leg line

Price: 3 for $30 on Amazon

Fruit of the Loom Men’s Coolzone Boxer Briefs

Fruit of the Loom is another widely-loved, widely-trusted brand for men’s undershirts and underwear, and their Coolzone boxer briefs are no exception. 

Say hello to underwear that doesn’t bunch up or ride up, and fits comfortably on all sizes. And, as the name suggests, the breathable fabric will keep you cool and dry no matter the season or activity. Although they won’t remain 100% dry when you’re sweating heavily (most underwear won’t), they’ll dry off pretty quickly.  


  • 94% cotton, 6% polyester
  • Moisture-wicking 
  • Breathable mesh

Price: 7 for $22.49 on Amazon

Tommy John Air Boxer Brief

Tommy John Air Boxer Brief

The Tommy John Air Boxer Brief is designed for daily wear and travel – so, no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, this underwear will keep you comfortable and dry. The nylon and spandex blend is long-lasting, moisture-resistant and super soft, and they fit true to size. 

I love these because they’re adjustment-free, so no one will ever catch you tugging at your drawers. They’re also ultra-lightweight and weigh in at only 2 ounces, which is a huge plus!


  • 77% nylon mesh, 23% spandex
  • Contour pouch
  • No-roll waistband
  • Horizontal fly for quick access

Price: $38 at TommyJohn.com

Mack Weldon 18-Hour Jersey Boxer Briefs

The Mack Weldon 18-Hour Jersey Boxer Briefs are a trusted choice that offers the comfort and support of regular boxer briefs while providing added ventilation for the boys. 

You’ll appreciate the combination of modal fabric and cotton, which are two of the most cooling fabrics on the market right now. And if the fabric wasn’t already breathable enough, there are added mesh cool zones by the pouch and inner thigh that will keep you dry as temperatures rise. These briefs fit true to size and have great compression and stretch.


  • 47.5% cotton, 47.5% modal, 5% spandex
  • Moisture-wicking
  • No-roll waistband
  • Mesh cool zones

Price: $28 on MackWeldon.com 

Hanes Total Support Moisture-Wicking Underwear

Hanes Total Support Moisture-Wicking Underwear is a solid option if you struggle with chafing – but they’re also extra breathable in all the right places. 

Hanes developed X-Temp Technology fabric specifically to help regulate body temperature and keep skin dry and cool. Because it’s primarily made of polyester, which is lightweight and water-repellent, it’s also good at preventing sweat stains on clothes. To seal the deal, there’s a breathable mesh liner on the pouch that prevents sweat and chafing.


  • 92% polyester, 8% spandex
  • Targeted mesh zones
  • X-Temp Technology that keeps you cool
  • Anti-chafing

Price: 3 for $18.48 on Amazon

Nike Dri-FIT ReLuxe Men’s Boxer Briefs

You might not be a victim of excessive sweating, but chances are you still sweat heavily in the gym or under the sun. The Nike Dri-FIT ReLuxe Men’s Boxer Briefs are made for situations where you’ll be sweating more than average. 

These briefs are eco-friendly, stretchy, moisture-wicking and breathable, so you’ll stay cool and dry no matter the time or place. Though they’re on the pricier side, it’s a worthwhile buy if sweat control is your main concern.


  • 75% recycled polyester
  • Extra-soft
  • Sweat-wicking
  • Stretchy 

Price: 2 for $42.50 on Nike.com

BAMBOO COOL Men’s Breathable Boxer Briefs

The BAMBOO COOL Men’s Breathable Boxer Briefs feel like a second skin. They’re made from bamboo viscose (hence the name of the brand), which is softer and more effective at drawing moisture away from the skin than other materials. 

These bad boys are breathable, supportive and high quality, so it’s hard to wrong with this brand. With a comfortable waistband and lightweight, ultra-soft fabric, you may even forget you’re wearing them!


  • Primarily made from bamboo viscose 
  • No side seams
  • Anti-chafing 
  • Abrosbs and controls moisture

Price: 4 for $32.99 on Amazon

Lululemon Always in Motion Boxer

Move over, yoga pants. The Lululemon Always in Motion Boxer is perfect if you’re a bit more active than the average person or if you need a pair of underwear for working out or doing high-intensity activities.

These boxers are soft, breathable and moisture-wicking – however, they don’t fit every body type. I only recommend trying these out if you are already familiar with Lululemon sizing and willing to pitch in a little more money to find the perfect breathable underwear.


  • 91% modal, 9% elastane 
  • 5” length
  • Sweat-wicking
  • Quick-drying 

Price: $28 on Lululemon.com 

Separatec Men’s Breathable Cotton Underwear

Separatec Men’s Breathable Cotton Underwear

The Separatec Men’s Breathable Cotton Underwear is most widely known for it’s unique separated pouch design, which separates everything (yes, everything) naturally. 

Don’t knock it ‘til you try it – it’s much more comfortable than you think! When you combine proprietary technology with breathable cotton fabric, the end result is amazing. Once you get used to the fit and feel, it might be hard to go back to regular boxer briefs. 


  • 96% cotton, 4% spandex
  • No riding-up
  • Separated front pouch

Price: 7 for $59.99 on Amazon

Allbirds Men’s Trino Boxer Brief

Allbirds is no longer just a shoe brand! The Allbirds Men’s Trino Boxer Brief is the ultimate all-in-one underwear. Thanks to the eucalyptus tree material in the fabric, they’re moisture-wicking, breathable and cooling. They’re also extremely comfortable, soft and high-quality. If you don’t believe me, just ask Barack Obama or Chris Pratt (well, they love the Allbirds shoe line… but I’m sure they’d love these boxer briefs if they tried them). 


  • 65% lyocell, 28% merino wool, 7% spandex
  • Breathable, natural materials
  • Minimizes odor
  • Moisture wicking

Price: $24 on Allbirds.com

DAVID ARCHY Men’s Breathable Boxer Briefs

The DAVID ARCHY Men’s Breathable Boxer Briefs are great if you need a little extra room in the crotch area. They hold everything in place without feeling restrictive or uncomfortable, and the bamboo rayon fabric is ultra-cooling and breathable. They fit true to size, so you won’t have to worry about making too many adjustments or constantly reaching down to keep them from bunching up (yikes).


  • 95% bamboo rayon, 5% spandex
  • 5.5” leg
  • Ultra-U pouch
  • No back seam

Price: 4 for $41.99 on Amazon

Rhone Everyday Essentials Boxer Brief

For all-around comfort, try the Rhone Everyday Essentials Boxer Brief. The cotton and modal blend fabric offers fantastic ventilation and keeps you cool throughout the day, and the comfort pouch keeps your package in place. These are particularly great for heavy workouts or outdoor activities in the heat, so they’re a great addition to your gym wardrobe.


  • Cotton and modal blend fabric
  • No-roll waistband
  • Comfort pouch
  • Ultra soft fabric

Price: $20 on Rhone.com

Jockey Active Stretch Midway Brief

Jockey Active Stretch Midway Brief

If you prefer underwear with an athletic fit, the Jockey Active Stretch Midway Brief is a great option. These underwear have a 7” inseam and breathable, ultra-thin fabric that’s perfect for a day on the field or at the gym. 

Because they’re made with spandex, they’ll hold their shape over time and give you extra support. If you’re more on the sedentary side, I recommend choosing a brand with a looser fit.


  • 95% cotton, 5% spandex
  • 7” inseam
  • Athletic fit 

Price: 3 for $43.65 on Amazon

Saxx Kinetic Boxer Brief

The Saxx Kinetic Boxer Brief is another great option for athletes or gym rats that need a little extra support. The semi-compression fit hugs the body without restricting movement and offers a more snug, supportive fit than everyday boxer briefs. Since they’re made for up-tempo training, cardio and recreational activity, they’re ultra-breathable and lightweight.


  • 85% nylon, 15% elastane
  • Moisture wicking
  • Athletic fit 
  • 5” inseam

Price: $38 on SaxxUnderwear.com

Under Armour Tech 6-Inch Boxerjock

Under Armour is a popular brand for athletic wear, but they also have great options for casual use. The Under Armour Tech 6-Inch Boxerjock offers sweat protection in and out of the gym and adds additional comfort with a mesh fly panel and seamless sides and back. 

If you chafe easily, the soft and well-fitting material will protect your skin while keeping you feeling cool, dry and confident 24/7.


  • 84% polyester, 16% elastane
  • Mesh fly panel and gusset
  • No side or back seams
  • Wicks moisture and dries fast

Price: $14.99 on Amazon

Underwear Expert Essentials Boxer Brief

The eco-friendly Underwear Expert Essentials Boxer Brief is undeniably one of the most comfortable choices on this list. These thoughtfully-designed boxer briefs are the perfect day-to-day underwear for those of you who prefer to spend a bit more on a higher-quality product. 

The minimalist design and ultra-soft, durable fabric is just the cherry on top – the real kicker here is the cotton and modal fabric blend. This fabric is ultra-cooling, ultra-absorbent and ultra-breathable. Five stars all around.


  • 47% cotton, 47% modal, 6% elastane
  • No-roll waistband 
  • Eco-friendly 

Price: $33 at UnderwearExpert.com

Ribbed Tee G3 Men’s Boxer Brief

Ribbed Tee G3 Men’s Boxer Brief

I don’t normally like to play favorites, but I saved the best for last (think of it as a little gift for those of you who made it through this entire article). The Ribbed Tee G3 Men’s Boxer Brief is any man’s dream – they’re breathable, moisture-wicking, absorbent, anti-chafe and ultra soft. Think of them as a second skin, but better. And, they’re the only pair on this list that are completely odor-resistant, which is a huge confidence booster! 

As someone who wears these just about daily, take it from me – you’ll never want to take these off. 


  • 86% CoolNylon, 14% spandex
  • Moisture-wicking and absorbent 
  • X3Pouch™ design with 3-dimensional chamber
  • Odor resistant 
  • Made in the USA

Price: $32 on RibbedTee.com

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