Best Antiperspirants For Your Back

For whatever reason, there are times where my back sweats more than it normally does when it gets a little warm out. It also happens if my activity level goes a bit beyond moderate movement.

Outside of that, thankfully, my back stays pretty dry.

So, for example — if it’s 75-80 degrees, sun is out, and I’m walking a few blocks at regular pace, I’ll notice that my back will start to sweat a bit.

In more extreme conditions, my back will sweat more and the back of my undershirt gets pretty wet. Plus, the top of my underwear gets wet too, because I tuck my undershirt outside of my underwear.

I’m not sure if the change has anything to do with a change in my regular underarm antiperspirant, some weight fluctuation, or just a fact of getting older. But, the change is pretty annoying.

Mind you, I don’t want to complain too much, because people who sweat excessively, or have hyperhidrosis in other areas like the face, hands, feet, etc. certainly have it a lot worse that I do. If it wasn’t for my undershirt, I’d have one very wet outer shirt.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

Regardless, walking around with a moist or wet undershirt back is no fun and something that affects your self-confidence.

So, I’ve been on the search for a back antiperspirant, and believe I just hit the jackpot!

Be sure to check out my Top 9 Sweat Management Solutions article. It contains information about sweat blocking undershirts, sweat proof underwear, various antiperspirant & sweat-reducing options, and much more.

Antiperspirants For Your Back

In an email conversation with Mike B., founder of Kleinerts, and expert in sweat-management, we started talking about their Dry Body Wipes (which you can buy on Amazon).

They contain a 15% aluminum chloride base.  

Most of my adult life, I’ve used Ban Roll-on which has an 18% active ingredient (aluminum chlorohydrate). I’ve also tried Arm & Hammer’s Ultramax Invisible Solid with baking soda, that has a 19% active ingredient (aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly).  

Out of curiosity, I asked why the Dry Body Wipes with a 15% active ingredient could be stronger than the antiperspirants I currently use.

Here’s his response:

Ban roll-on with aluminum chlorohydrate (18%) and Arm & Hammer ultra max invisible solid with aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly (19%) do not contain the strongest “Active Ingredient” allowed by the FDA. That is aluminum chloride, and the highest level allowed is 15% solution.

That is the formula basis used in all Dry Body products.

This will provide the maximum allowed strength and efficacy for the longest period of time. Our Dry Body wipes allow consumers to reach places on the body like the face or toes which a roll-on or stick simply can’t.

It also allows for a controlled application from a travel foil packet which is easily transportable (for purses or even through airports-allowed by the TSA) so it is ideal for travel.

Our Dry Body wipes have changed lives!

We hear from consumers who have distraught lives nearing suicide from social phoebias and loss of work and family at wits end until they try our advanced formulation.

They become customers for life as they get back into life!

– Mike B.

Dry Body Wipes Test For My Back Sweat: They Work!

Mike sent me a sample box of the Dry Body Wipes, plus his new MicroModal undershirt with sweat proof underarm shields. I got the chance to try them both out recently.

Kleinert’s Dry Body Clinical Antiperspirant Wipes

Here’s the feedback I provided Mike after a couple days:

My wife applied it to my back the the other night — it tingled / felt itchy for a while, but not too bad.

The next day, my back remained a lot drier than it did prior to using it, but I did notice that I sweat a little bit more in my chest area than I normally do.

My guess is that is normal when you block sweat from coming out in one area, it can come out in another.

I will say that even though I did sweat a little bit on my chest, it wasn’t very much. Just a little perspiring that was easily trapped by my undershirt.

In the same situation, without the Dry Body Wipes, my back would have been a whole lot more wet.

I was in 102 degree weather yesterday, and I was pretty damn comfortable compared to before I used the Dry Body Wipes.

That’s a winning back antiperspirant in my book — and I’ll be sharing the above information with my readers in an article in the next few days!

Two Issues: Applying antiperspirant on your back

For me, there were only two small issues:

The application

Since my sweating was on my back, I had to ask the Mrs. to do the application. Not a big deal mind you, but personally, I would have loved to be able to do it myself with some sort of back applicator.

Chest sweating

I did notice a slight increase in chest sweat. In an ideal world, I’d prefer that didn’t happen.

For reference, Klienerts has three different Clinical Antiperspirant Wipes:

  • Sweat Shield Clinical Antiperspirant Wipes – for sensitive skin, it contains a milder formula of aluminum hexyhydrate. 4″ x 4″ wipe.
  • Ultra Sweat Shield Clinical Antiperspirant Wipes – recommended for underarm sweat. 6″ x 4″ wipe.
  • Dry Body Clinical Wipes – Antiperspirant wipe recommended for all-over body sweat protection, including back sweat. 6″ x 4″ wipe.

I may try using the milder Sweat Shield Clinical wipes on my back. Although it contains the same amount of active ingredient as the Dry Body wipes, there is a possibility I may not experience the same compensatory chest chest sweat.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

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  1. Tug,
    I’m new to your newsletter and I find it very helpful and interesting.
    I haven’t found an article about full body sweating. Yes, I sweat head to toe.Can you PLEASE help me or point me in the right direction.

    • heya mike!

      good to hear from you buddy and thanks for stopping by my site!

      i don’t have any particular article about full-body sweating, but i can point you to some articles:

      1. best undershirts & solutions for back & chest sweat
      2. sweatproof underwear
      3. sweat management solutions — a recap of the sweat-through resistant/proof undershirts & underwear that are available, pointers to some stronger antiperspirants, and some other excessive sweating resource sites.

      since i’m not a doctor, i couldn’t tell you what is the best way to manage heavy sweating everywhere on your body, but hopefully the above resources will assist you in finding some potential answers.

      good luck and please keep me posted.


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