Benjamin Button’s 1910 Vintage Henley Undershirt Is For Sale

If you’re into Vintage Henleys, then check this out.

The original and authentic 1910 Vintage Henley Undershirt, worn by Brad Pitt, in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is now for sale.

For a mere $495, you too can own (and possibly wear) the exact Henley Undershirt donned by Brad Pitt in the movie.

..made from a cream colored fine cotton/wool knit blend.

The pull over style undershirt features a linen button placket with covered buttons, neck piping, and long sleeves with unfinished cuffs.

No sizing information or tags are included with this shirt.

Based on the measurements (27.0″ x 20.0″ x 0.5″), it looks like it’s about a size Medium


1910 Vintage Henley Undershirt

brad-pitt-wearing-vintage-henley-in-benjamin-button benjamin-button-vintage-henley-for-sale authentic-benjamin-button-vintage-henley-for-sale

3 thoughts on “Benjamin Button’s 1910 Vintage Henley Undershirt Is For Sale”

  1. Interesting shirt for sure, the cotton wool blend sounds like it might be good in winter also. Be nice if a company now would do a blend like this in this style, what do you think Tug? But they would have to drop the price a little.

    • ha, yeah — they’d definitely need to drop the price, but i’m not sure how good an undershirt like that would sell nowadays.

      times have changed my friend, and so has the way men dress.

      don’t think a button up undershirt would be good in today’s clothing style, generally speaking of course.

      • Yeah you right about that Tug, probably might only work under some kind of sweater or similar item since the front is not flat and smooth. might be neat to try it out with regular v neck undershirt underneath it though.

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