Being Bad In My BVD. The JCPenney BVD 95/5 Stretch Undershirt Review

I’m killing a couple minutes before I go hit the gym and stress test my Sutran sweat-through resistant undershirt for the 20th time, and got a little inspiration to share my initial thoughts of JCPenney’s BVD 95% cotton / 5% spandex “Cotton Stretch” undershirt.

For this one, I’m not going to go into any gory detail, so I’m gonna keep it simple with some info, the good, and the not-so-good.

Product Details:

  • Style/Nane: BVD Cotton Stretch
  • Fabric: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
  • Size/Collar: Medium, V-Neck
  • Tagless
  • Product Details: BVD has engineered an ideal blend of soft cotton and multi-stretch spandex to maximize your comfort and support. BVD Cotton Stretch moves with you and maintains shape, providing a consistent, comfortable fit for your active lifestyle

The Good

  • Fits the torso and waist really nice. Snug, but comfortable because of the spandex stretch.
  • Offers a wee amount of compression/shaping. Flattens out the chest a bit and makes you want to hold in your stomach
  • Not constricting. Moves with me pretty nicely
  • Great overall length. Definitely an undershirt that will stay tucked
  • The Price: 2-pack on sale for $9.99 (normally $18 for the 2-pack). $10.96 out the door with tax for 2 undershirt is a pretty damn good deal

The Not-So-Good

  • Fabric a little itchy right out of the package. Probably will soften up some after a couple washes
  • Sleeves are too long at 7.5″. I’d like to see them about 1″ shorter
  • Sleeve openings are too wide (or my biceps are too small). A fitted shirt should have sleeves that fit a little closer. They should shave about an inch off the sleeve opening
  • V-Neck isn’t deep enough. Might as well be a crew neck
  • The undershirt might wear a little warm. It’s comfortable wearing it inside, but I’d have to wear it all day long out in the heat to be totally certain

The Verdict

  • Definitely a good value on sale.
  • If they weren’t on sale, I think you could find another 95/5 that offers a bit more at $9 a pop.

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8 thoughts on “Being Bad In My BVD. The JCPenney BVD 95/5 Stretch Undershirt Review”

  1. Hi, I just purchased the JCP BVD Stretch Undershirt, but, it didn’t really work for me, as the Medium size was slightly large for me. I kind off like the fabric, but, was disappoined that they didn’t have a size in Small.

    • hey alex! thanks for your thoughts about the jcp bvd stretch undershirt. i’m kinda with you – my medium fits me pretty good, but it wears a little warm and the fabric is a little itchy right out of the package. too bad, because i did the folks at jcp.

      for the money, i’m more partial to my alfani 95/5 stretch undershirt. feels a little nicer out of the package, fits nice, and the sleeves aren’t as long.


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