Axe Gel Deodorant Staining & Ruining Undershirts

I ran across this complaint on and I thought everyone would be interested in hearing about it.

Based on what this woman writes, she purchased the green Axe gel deodorant for her son, and when he used it, it ruined two Hollister T-shirts and the Hanes undershirts he was wearing underneath!

Here’s her post:

I purchased my son the green Axe gel deodorant. He has used Axe previously but it has always been the solid type.

Well he used it and it has ruined 2 brand new Hollister T-shirts at $19.99 each and the 2 Hanes undershirts he had underneath (about 3 for $7). The deodorant stained both the undershirt and the T-shirts green!

I have tried everything to wash them trying to get it out to no avail.


Rules to wearing undershirts

I would like you to reimburse me for the 2 T-shirts, the undershirts and the deodorant. $42.37 for the T-shirts ($19.99 x 2 x 6% sales tax) + $4.93 for the undershirts (7/3 x 2 x 6% tax) + the cost of the deodorant $5.81 ($5.49 + 6% tax)for reimbursement total of $53.11.

Now, I’ve had undershirts develop those nasty yellow stains on them after several months of wear and tear, but I’ve never had a deodorant ruin any of my undershirts.

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Would love to hear from folks if you’ve ever experienced this and let us know what deodorant you were using.



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1 thought on “Axe Gel Deodorant Staining & Ruining Undershirts”

  1. Sadly it happened to me aswell.

    I mostly wear white undershirts so underarm spots are clearly visible, ive never had any sort of problems with any deodorant before untill i used Axe Africa.

    Now it looks like ive got sweaty armpits all day long, even hough a deodorant is supposed to keep such spots away!

    Thanks Axe, a brand i will never use again


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