How To Avoid Having Your Undershirt Visible Under Light Colored Shirts

A topic over on Reddit inspired this article, where a member recommended wearing a heather grey undershirt under light colored shirts, instead of a white one.

One member asked if they could see an example of how a grey undershirt would be less visible than a white undershirt.

I knew I had come across some pictures that demonstrated it. So I figured these pictures were worth a thousand words.

Before I get to that, however, I wanted to point out that “Undershirt Invisibility” comes in two forms:

1. Deeper/Wider Collar Openings

Undershirts with deeper and wider collar openings so the undershirt collar is not visible when you undo the top one or two buttons of your outer shirt.

Items in this category include deeper v-neck undershirts and scoop neck undershirts (like the jT from Collected Threads *plug*).

2. Neutral Colored Undershirts

Undershirts made in neutral colors.

Colors include: heather grey, light grey, tan/nude, or skin-tone.

These colors are less visible through lighter colored outer shirts.

An example of white undershirt showing through light colored shirts.
Photo Credit: White undershirt showing through a lighter colored dress shirt

Wearing Neutral Color Undershirts Under Light Colored Shirts

For clarity, we’re talking about #2 in this article.

More specifically, we’re talking about it in the context of wearing lighter colored dress or outer shirts only.

If you wear neutral or darker-colored outer shirts, you don’t have to worry about it really.

Keep in mind that this is also about personal preference.

I’m not too terribly worried about the lines of my undershirts showing through somewhat.

But then again, I don’t wear light colored long sleeve dress shirts all that often either.

If I were forced to dress up and wear a light-colored long sleeve dress shirt, I would probably care a bunch more.

THANKFULLY, I don’t have to do either.

Most days, during the day I sit comfortably in my short sleeve button up and jeans.  In the evening, my preference is cargo shorts and t-shirt.

I have pretty much every color undershirt known to man (a slight exaggeration).

If I didn’t want the outlines of my undershirt to show through, for instance, I’d likely wear a heather grey undershirt under a light colored shirts .

No Show Undershirt Examples

An example of invisible undershirt.
Albert Kreuz “invisible” undershirts.
Brown VS neck undershirt.
Sloane Men invisible undershirts
Heather Grey vs neck undershirt.
Photo Credit: Primer Magazine. Heather grey undershirt (from RibbedTee) compared to white undershirt.

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What Do You Guys Think?

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What do you think about light colored shirts and this no-show undershirt topic?

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