Undershirt Review – Cotton Sporty Crewneck from Hanro

Hi Folks, Our guest reviewer is back and is reviewing an undershirt from Switzerland based lingerie company Hanro. Just a quick FYI, this undershirt was purchased at a Neiman Marcus retail location. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the same shirt in their online store, so I provided a link (below) to the shirt on an alternate … Read more

RibbedTee Classic Fit Undershirt Review

I wanted to bring in a guest reviewer to test out the new RibbedTee undershirts and then provide his feedback here. See below for his write-up. Thanks for reading!TUG Guest Reviewer: I recently purchased a two-pack of white v-neck RibbedTee Classic Fit undershirts from ribbedtee.com. The company sent 3 identical confirmation emails within the hour … Read more