Color Your Undershirt World

by “C in Cali” Have you checked out the undershirt and underwear aisles when you last went shopping? You’ve probably noticed that something has changed there. I’m referring to the number of packaged undershirts and underwear now available in living color. Of course there are still plenty of white undershirts in all styles and lots … Read more

Reader Contribution: Why I Wear A V-Neck Undershirt

Our good friend “C” in Cali is back with his latest “Why I Wear..” article! This time he found inspiration in the benefits of wearing the ever-so-practical and increasingly popular v-neck undershirt. Let’s see what he has to say about them: Hey Tug, With this new interest in V-neck undershirts, I thought it was time … Read more

Gone Shopping: One Man’s Quest In Search of Undershirts

A few months back, a reader wrote in with a few suggestions for my blog and while he was at it, he also wrote and contributed what turned out to be a wildly popular piece on why he likes to wear wifebeaters. Well “C” in Cali is back and this time he decided to chronicle … Read more

A lot of men like wearing wife beater undershirts daily, and one reader explains why.

Reader Contribution: Why I Wear A Wife-Beater (Undershirt)

Got this email from a new reader a couple of days ago with great ideas for my site. I hope to incorporate some of them in the coming months. To illustrate one of his ideas, he included an article about his fondness of “wife beater” tank top undershirts: Hi Tug, I came across your blog, … Read more