Athletic Union Suits Now Available Online

For those inclined, here’s news of a company offering an Athletic Union Suit.

If you’re not sure what one is, check out this article.

We sell [Athletic Union Suits] all around the world now under the SuperBody Brand.

They ARE extremely high quality (our manufacturer works for Calvin Klein). It’s an amazingly rare and important piece of undershirt history in America.

Our suits are extremely sexy (i get really excited when I wear the Union Suit), and I hope your readers can appreciate them as well.

UnionAthletic is the official American distributor of SuperBody vintage-wear, and UnionAthletic is the only place to get the Athletic Union Suit.


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I’ve done all the designing, researching, and my family has a history in fashion and design.

Athletic Union Suit Product Info

  • Name: Vintage Athletic Union Suit by UnionAthletic (SuperBody)
  • Price: 89.99 USD
  • Website:

Athletic Union Suit Photos



Sweat Proof Undershirts

2 thoughts on “Athletic Union Suits Now Available Online”

  1. Response to ‘Athletic union suit’ or ‘For those inclined…’
    Dear tug,
    I was quite amused by the article on athletic union suits. As indicated by the accompanying promotion photographs, these garments are evidently intended to be a bang-up version of granddad’s vintage union suits.

    In grandfather’s day, too, union suits were sometimes available with shoulder straps or short sleeves, as well as short legs. The main reason why this particular article caught my attention is the fact that some German mail-order houses offered athletic union suits very similar to those shown in the photographs some years ago.

    These suits, too, were intended for use as underwear by men and boys. This item evidently did not receive much acceptance, however, since it disappeared from the market a few years later. For practical reasons, these garments are obviously not suited for wearing under one’s outer clothing all day long, as can be seen from the photographs.

    However, the suits might possibly prove to be useful for certain activities of short duration which are immediately followed by a change of clothes. Examples might include gymnastics, calisthenics, yoga, fitness studios, and similar applications. Perhaps it would also make sense for leisure and lounging at home.

    On the male model posing in the photograph, the union suit has a very neat and tidy appearance, although it would be desirable to avoid the wrinkles, which are quite conspicuous, especially on the white suit.

    The real question, of course, is how the suit would appear on ‘ordinary’ men and boys who do not spend most of their time in fitness studios – as opposed to a professional model. Of course, there is nothing really new or unusual about the basic idea involved here. After all, the standard ‘classical’ union suit with a buttoned rear flap and long legs has been around for a long time and is still available for those who want it, at least in the United States (not in Germany, though).

    In fact, if my occupation required me to spend long periods of time out-of-doors in the winter, I might even consider ordering such union suits in order to keep warm.

    It remains to be seen whether or not the athletic union suit will become established on the market, but I highly doubt whether it will ever become a ‘best seller’.

    It will probably remain a special-purpose product for particular tastes and perhaps for individual leisure-time activities. Nevertheless, I think that this is a good try and a novel experiment on the part of the manufacturer. Let us observe and see what happens.

    Incidentally, are these suits made of pure cotton or synthetic fibres or a combination of both? This might be of importance for some readers.
    Sincerely, ken


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