What Happened to the Alfani Stretch Crew Neck Undershirts from Macys?

I’ve gotten a few questions about the Alfani Stretch Crew Neck undershirts recently, so I thought I’d make a post out of it. Here are a couple of the inquiries:

Hi Tug, hope you don’t mind me getting in touch. You being an expert in all things undershirt and all, I was wondering if you could help me out with an undershirt related query?

I’m a huge fan of the Alfani Stretch Crew t-shirt but I can’t seem to find many places that sell them. I usually get them from Macy’s here in NYC but they only have L sizes left and no other stock.

I can’t find them anywhere else, I was wondering if you knew of anywhere that sold them? Do Alfani even do them anymore I wonder? Cheers, D

— another email —

Hey Tug,

I’m an avid reader of your website. Do you know what happened to the alfani stretch crew undershirts? They don’t seem to be available on Macy’s website anymore. Also, if Alfani has stopped making them, can you recommend a similar undershirt?



My Response:

Hey Jason,

Thanks for writing in and being an avid reader of my website. I really appreciate that!!

Actually, I recently heard the Macy’s stopped making or offering the Alfani stretch crew from another reader. you won’t be able to find Alfani anywhere else, because that is Macy’s house brand of clothing.

My first recommendation would be to pick up the phone and call all the Macy’s in the surrounding areas around where you live to see if they have any stock left. Alternatively, if you have friends and family in other areas of the country where there are Macy’s you should check those locations too and if they have stock then ask your loved ones to pick them up on your behalf and send them to you.

Alternatively, here is what I mentioned to the other reader who was looking for an alternative undershirt:

As for a suitable and equal replacement, that might be a little tricky because the Alfani stretch crew was around $7.50 each, had a cotton spandex blend (i’m guessing around 95% cotton/5% spandex), and was treated with Silpure antibacterial treatment.

Macy’s is still carrying the Alfani 100% cotton crew neck undershirt that also has been treated with Silpure, but it doesn’t have any spandex in it and that is what usually helps the undershirt fit really nicely without being too constricting.

The cotton Alfani’s are $14.98 for 3 undershirts, so they are a little less expensive, but again, it’s the spandex that really makes the fit. Most all of the other cotton/spandex or modal/spandex blend undershirts sold at department stores like Macy’s usually sell for more than $20 each.

You might want to try out the Calvin Klein 365 undershirt (2-pack for $22.14 on sale) since they have a cotton spandex/elastane blend. or, you might want to check out either the Evolve (2xist at Target Stores) or Life brand (Jockey at Walmart) undershirts to see if they offer cotton/spandex blend crew neck undershirts. I’ll have to visit Walmart and target again soon to see their latest offerings.

You may also want to check out some of the blend undershirts/t-shirts from American Apparel. their crew neck undershirts have pretty nice collars and they are pretty comfortable as well. i picked up a couple not too long ago and believe they were each under $18 each.

Another alternative could be the new J Ferrar 95/5 undershirts from JCPenny. I haven’t tried them out yet, but they look like they might be a decent choice to consider.

Hope the above information helps you find and undershirt you love!


Just heard this from another reader. It appears that Macys has brought back, or relaunched, the Alfani stretch t-shirts. From the pictures, they look different than the original ones, but they just might be a suitable alternative! Thanks to the reader who posted the information.

Update 2

Just heard from Dan, a reader who used to wear the original Alfani Crew Stretch. He just picked up a package of the new Alfani Stretch Jersey Crew Neck undershirts and confirmed the following features: 

  • Silpure Technology (an antibacterial and odor-prevention treatment)
  • shrinkage control
  • stays bright white
  • wicking ability
  • 95% cotton / 5% cotton

Also, by the pictures, it looks like this undershirt might have a higher/tighter fitting collar. Dan is trying them out now and will get back to me on how they wear and wash!

Update 3

Dan sent me a follow-up email, and this is what he had to say about the new Alfani Stretch Crew Neck undershirts from Macys.

Hi Tug.

I’ve had a chance to wear, wash and wear again, the new Alfani Stretch Crew (in white). Here are my thoughts:

  • The fit is good, though the arms are a little short (it felt as though the arms were shorter than the original Stretch Crew I have in black). Though not by much.
  • It runs nice and long so it’s not going to come untucked easily. Though not too long that you couldn’t wear it untucked. Same as the original shirts.
  • It didn’t feel quite as comfortable as the original Stretch Crew that I have in black. In fact, the overall quality didn’t feel quite as good. But that’s not to say that it’s a low quality either, not by any means.
  • After washing, it was fine, there was no shrinkage.
  • The collar is nice and resilient, just like the originals. A day of wear and no sagging.

Overall, I’m very happy that Alfani/Macy’s have bought the shirt back, I’ll be buying more for sure. Anyone that was lamenting their disappearance should go and pick up a pack and see what they think. And anyone looking for a great undershirt with a high collar that won’t sag will be very pleased.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you need anything else.


13 thoughts on “What Happened to the Alfani Stretch Crew Neck Undershirts from Macys?”

  1. Check the label. The newer Alfani crew t-shirts, that I recently purchased, do NOT hold their shape. They shrink and lose their elasticity. These are the ones that are made in Pakistan. My older ones, made in Canada, are still perfect.

    • hmmm, that’s too bad marty. the one i have is from pakistan as well, and i didn’t experience any notable crew disformity – but then again – i did not wear them over an extended period of time and washings.

      i appreciate you stopping by and letting everyone know about your experience!

  2. Well, I have had the new shirts now for almost a month and so far so good. I don’t like them as much as my old Target ones for 2 reasons:
    1) the neck band is too large, it’s an elastic flat one instead of the rolled one that I prefer
    2) the black color is a bit off

    However, the fit and comfort is very good and the weight of the shirt is just right. I use these as undershirts for v-neck sweaters and zipper pullovers.

    I’ll add more if things change but for now a definite thumbs up.

  3. The Alfani 95/5 t-shirts are posted on the Macy’s website again. I just ordered them and will let you know my reaction to them once I get them and wear them for a bit.

  4. Well here we go again. It’s been awhile since I’ve purchased these, so I decided to get a few packages today online. Once again, they’re off of Macy’s site. I couldn’t find a single Alfani undershirt with a crew collar and the 95/5 fabric combination. This really shouldn’t be so complicated…

    • update: macys is still carrying the alfani stretch undershirts – they just call them t-shirts and they are a little tricky to find on the website. use the link above and you’ll be all set :)

  5. Awesome find. I had bought like 10 packs of the original back when they were available. I was so disheartened when they no longer carried them. Today I decided to check Macys online like I ocassionally do with no luck. I checked back with this site to find a decent replacement because all of my old shirts are getting aged.

    I’m so happy someone found these, I’m surprised in the last 6 months I never came across them. Apparently I wasn’t looking in the right section. I placed an order and cannot wait until they arrive. I love high collar, tight, long fitting under shirts.

    Thanks Tug for this site!

  6. bought three packs yesterday. absolutely love the way they feel and the way the collar stays high and tight. looks great with a couple of buttons left open at the neck of my shirts.im a fan of seeing the white triangle at a guys neck.

  7. Hey guys, just stumbled on this site while doing a search for the Alfani Stretch, im glad they brought them back, I actually never tried the original ones as I just found them last month, yes the neck is pretty snuggy but they feel great, I am however having an issue finding them in my area (Miami) I get them in black only, when i first got them they only had 1 pack and the rest were V-Necks. I did not know about them having Silpure, no wonder they have a fresh feeling to them even after a long day at work. Funny that this were my substitution to the Target Merona Perfect T, they were awesome but have been discontinued for over a year now, the blend was 95% Cotton – 5% Lycra, I felt it to be softer than the Alfani Stretch.

    Thanks for all your info…

  8. not sure if this reader found the original or new alfani undershirts, but he sent in this information:

    — tug reader —
    03/25/2010 – I found the motherload today! I, too, have been searching everywhere for the Alfani Stretch undershirts and, after searching several Macy stores in Los Angeles, hit the jackpot at the Macys located at the Century City Mall off of Santa Monica Blvd.. The stretch undershirts now come in a red package and are still 95% cotton, 5% spandex blend. They come in packs of 2 for $14.98. There was plenty of inventory left over after I did my pickin’. Go and get ’em!

  9. If you have a lot of cash to blow Burberry has “body” undershirts that fit pretty snug, you can find them at nordstroms but i think the alfani are better for what you pay.


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