Ask Tug Update: Undershirts for Shorter Men (Part 2)

Here’s an email exchange with a reader where we talked about how to find shorter undershirts.  The cool thing about this exchange is that I offered up a new idea that this reader is going to try out and get back to me on.

Hi Tug,
I’m 5’8″ and I’ve had a heck of a time finding some short undershirts and I’m hoping you can help.

I read your article on the subject here:
Ask Tug: Undershirts for Shorter Men

But I’m still having issues.  I ordered some Calvin Klein Flexible Fit shirts off ebay but they were way too long (much like other Calvin Kleins I have bought lately).  I have some shorter CKs but I bought about a year ago, but now can’t find them anywhere :(

Most of the other options are too expensive for me, and the Jockey 3D innovation that is mentioned looks too long (if you click the link and read the review).

Any other options out there (that wont break the bank)?
Thanks, A


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Hi A,
Thanks for your email! I have two suggestions:

  1. Did you see this article? The Armani A/X Stretch Pima was a good length for this reader who was 5’4″ tall, however, they are $24.50 each (you may be able to find a deal on them somewhere):
    Ask Tug Update: Undershirts for Shorter Men
  2. If you’re looking for something less expensive, you should consider finding a set of undershirts that you really like from a fit point of view (other than the length), and then take them to your local dry cleaner/seamstress and have them hemmed/shortened. If you ask around, you’ll likely find a place that will do it for you around $5 a shirt, and it will likely be well worth it.

If you decide to try one of the options above, please be sure to email me back and let me know how it worked for you.

Hey Tug,

Thanks for the quick response and great ideas.  It just so happens that I bought 5 3-packs of Calvin Kleins from TJ Max which I thought were short like the last pack I had purchased…but they were not (seems you can’t tell the difference without opening).  So I’m taking your advice and I’m going to have them altered by a friend.

Love the site, thanks again!

Up until I received the email above from “A” and made that recommendation, it never occurred to recommend having your undershirts hemmed to the length that’s right for YOU! I mean really, we have no problem getting our suits or shirts altered, nor do we hesitate getting our jeans or pants hemmed or let out if they are too long or too small. So why isn’t it ok to find an undershirt style that you love and have it shortened if it’s too long for you? It is ok, and you should if you like those undershirts that much.

Keep in mind there are other options you can look at if you’re considering shortening your undershirts and you want to experiment with less expensive options. For example, at the local fabric store you’ll find several different kinds of non-sewing hemming products like Fabri-Tac, seam tape, Wright’s hem tape, and VELCRO fabric fusion, or if you’re into infomercials, you might even want to give Mighty Mendit ( a try.

Of course, nothing will look as “finished” as a properly hemmed garment. So if you find an undershirt that fits you great, but is a little too long, go ahead and take it to your local seamstress or dry cleaner and fork out the $5 to have it shortened. “You’re gonna love the way you look” (from the Men’s Warehouse commercial)

Note: At 5’8″ tall, our friend “A” is just under the U.S. average male height, so it is possible that his torso is a bit on the shorter side which makes finding undershirts more difficult.  I’m only 5’9″, but I guess I have a longer torso because most undershirts are too short for me and come untucked – so I typically wear longer undershirt.


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2 thoughts on “Ask Tug Update: Undershirts for Shorter Men (Part 2)”

  1. Hi Skip. Man, you’re a lucky guy for Mrs. Skip to come home with a Zimmerli undershirt! I have heard those are really nice undershirts, but they cost btw $50-$100 per undershirt! Whoa. Folks interested can get them at this website.

  2. Hi Tug, I thought I’d mention a brand of undershirt that I felt was pretty good…Mrs. Skip brought home some Zimmerli undershirts, apparently Swiss-made, really nice, I had never heard of them. The cotton appears to be pretty sturdy and the fit is good. They are pricey but the quality is there.



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