Ask Tug: Slimming Underwear Options

Most of the discussion about men’s shapewear here on the site has been about slimming undershirts.

The lion share of the attention has been given to companies like Spanx for Men, Equmen, and Ript Fusion – mostly because they have a lot of marketing muscle.

But this reader wrote in asking about slimming underwear, or more precisely, underwear that provided slimming effects around the waist.

Here’s his question:

Hi, I had purchased the Foam Contour brief with waistband – 2(x)ist but the problem I had was that it kept rolling down each time I wore it.

I’ve also tried the InstaSlim T-shirt, but the only part which I didn’t like was the collar.


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Could you please recommend me the best ones which offers a tight compression for only tummy area. I’ve seen the boxer shorts with waistband from GearCom and wanted your recommendation.

I’m interested in Muscle Tanks and briefs with waistband.

Thanks. “A”

Since I haven’t tried any shapewear underwear like that yet, I turned to a reader who had.

After getting his response, I compiled some other information and sent back the following reply to “A”:

Slimming Underwear

Hey A,

I’ve been researching everything here recently and wanted to share the info i have thus far.

First, I do have some information from one of my other readers who has tried some slimming underwear.

I forwarded him your message and this is what he replied with:

I have never heard of GearCom before, can’t help you there.

You mentioned Manshape, it would be a good choice. 

Their waistband is specifically designed to prevent “roll over”, even if worn all day and into the evening. 

What sold me on Manshape is that the product looks like something a guy would wear, and it is relatively easy-to-care for, requiring no special washing instructions (a requirement of my wife when she does my family’s laundry). 

Plus, the product is made here in the USA—-how cool is that?

He could also try Underworks, they have a large selection, and I have tried their products and have found them superior.  The quality is excellent, and it looks like they are doing brisk business.

2(x)ist FORM
Manshape Support Briefs
Underworks Belly Buster
Shape Enhancer® Seamless Trunk

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I also looked at the gearcom stuff.

Never heard of them before, so thanks for introducing me to their product line!

Some of it looks very similar to the Lumbarwear product(s) I tried out a while back and other stuff looks like 2xist form, Manshape, and Underworks compression bottom products.

There are high-waistband underwear products from Haband too, but I don’t know of anyone who has tried that particular product.

Lastly, carries several men’s shapewear products.

While I haven’t personally tried some of these products, there are a couple high waistband-type underwear products sold there, such as the shape enhancer seamless trunk and the body trimmer brief.

As for slimming tank tops (or undershirts) that offer compression in the waist only, the products that come to mind off the top of my head are Ript Fusion, Manshape, CG2 compression, Go softwear.

I wear my RIPT Fusion and GC2 tanks quite a bit, but the GC2 I wear more often is the chest and waist compression product, not the waist only version which is the one I provided the link to.

Hope the above information helps.

If you decide to try out any of the products above, please be sure to write me back and let me know how they worked for you and whether or not you liked them.

Update: Manshape Underwear

12/15/10 Update – I just got the following update from “A”

Hi Tug,

I just received my order my Manshape underwear from Muldoons, and I was very impressed when I tried them on.

It really did the job in hiding those tummy bulges. However, I only felt that with the 2″ waistband, it compresses the tummy area and but you could still a slight bulge below the waistband, especially when I sit down.

It doesn’t roll-down because of the stiff waistband. Overall, I’m very happy and thanks for recommending it to me.

I’ve also ordered the crew neck from RippedT, which should arrive in the next few days.

Thanks. A


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6 thoughts on “Ask Tug: Slimming Underwear Options”

  1. I would like to know which if any underwear out there for larger men that don’t have the waist band that will not roll down . I currently use Haynes but want something more fashionable

    • what size underwear do you wear scott? only reason i ask is because the underwear choices get much more limited once you get over 2xl.

      i’ll see if i can get one of my underwear experts to provide some recommendations too.

      • 40 waist, but have a bit if an overhang belly , not bad but the wider waist bands, ie, AE, roll over.
        Thanks Scott

    • ok, so somewhere between xl and 2xl — that shouldn’t be too hard.

      off the top of my head, i’d recommend checking out:
      1. jockey’s underwear selection — they have several items that either have a narrower waistband or the elastic sewn inside the fabric like their chicago nights striped trunk or their wild woods trunk (both on clearnace)
      2. the diving or shellbrook boxer briefs from ceceba north america ($18,

      i have a really old (read worn-out) pair of jockey underwear that has a 1.25″ wide waistband. but due to the sewing (attaching waistband to the body of the underwear), the exposed width is only 7/8″. the waistband on these underwear never roll which i love.

      that said, i have a lot of other underwear that have wider waistbands (1.5″+), and while they may buckle a little during daily wear, they (the waistbands) are so soft and comfortable, it’s not something i really notice. two that come to mind are the underwear from mack weldon and flint and tinder.

      i’ve asked for help from some of my colleagues that run underwear review blogs, so stay tuned — maybe one of them can provide some recommendations.


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